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  1. Could you back up that claim with examples of what it is he is going to do that makes him a better proposition ? A lot of the Electorate judging by the opinion polls.
  2. Well yes but he did not say that he said Not a third of it.
  3. Wow You must have some huge mortgage or your parents live in a very cheap house if their house has to triple in value to pay off your mortgage.
  4. +1 That sadly is where we are. +1 Again.
  5. Wow who would that be ? Who would you recommend I vote ? I can see there are other options but sadly as bad as he is I cannot see anyone I would describe as better.
  6. Calm down. Where have I ever exonerated those with power since ? If you look at my posts I have spoken on a whole spectrum of topics from the past to the present. Yesterday one poster mentioned Brown and his no more boom and bust I replied agreeing with him adding in how he raided the pensions. My choice to do that .That's all now in capital letters you tell me what I SHOULD talk about what could have been changed as well. News for you I do. I don't need you like some unofficial monitor to tell me I SHOULD. Maybe you need to get on to Bojo and explain to him what he SHOULD do I am sure he will listen.
  7. I don't think anyone was doing that.
  8. I read a book a few years back about a lady's life. During the 70's she was at Uni in her early 20's on a grant making up her money by working part time in a pub. Her moan was the cost of her mortgage being so high she had only managed to buy a tiny (as she described it) two bed flat in Wimbledon without any BOMAD , she was so annoyed at having to rent out the second bedroom to make ends meet. How times have changed.
  9. But the didn't. That is not what we are talking about. We were saying what people have done , not what others could have changed back. People wanting change is discussed all the time on here. People also have the right to reflect on how we got to where we are. If you think it is ridiculous fine I don't is that OK with you or are you now monitoring who people can discuss ?
  10. Starmer cannot even tell us what a Woman is.
  11. You don't believe History gets us to today. We just wake up every morning and a new world economy starts each and every day. Give me a decision made in the last week that matches the decision to sell council houses, introduce tax credits, allow mass immigration, tax the pension dividends or giving the bank of England the authority to set the interest rate ?
  12. Why is it ridiculous ? Crazy thing to say as we have got to where we are now due to our past history both recent and further back. Well there you go maybe people still post a lot about them as their big ideological changes have had a massive impact on where we are today. You mentioned them yourself. In the case of Brown his statement about no more boom and bust was momentous considering we had just come out of a 10 year bust and recent recovery. The fact that just five years later when he forgot to act to stop the Boom is the reason they had to bail the banks out in 2009 reduce interest rates to almost Zero and print all that money. I don't think it is at all ridiculous for people on a forum about house prices which also covers the economy and politics.
  13. Oh yes what a slip. I don't disagree they have all been at the pensions. I believe Major put a tax on pensions surpluses , that led to companies taking contribution holidays. However we were talking about Brown that is why I stuck to the taxing of dividends.
  14. We are just waiting for the Bust. They also allowed uncontrolled immigration from outside the EU which was a major component of Brexit. Without so much non EU immigration the UK would have happily accepted open borders within the EU the vote would have been 52%+ Remain. Brown should never have upset the Bigoted Woman please add to Labours screw up list.
  15. I have heard that there is an over supply of these blocks in London. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon together providing whole blocks of private rental apartments at slightly higher prices , but people would pay the premium for the porter services ect that these would offer. Not enough demand for the increased supply.
  16. Labour really did come to power on the crest of a wave for the UK. House prices had risen back to the prices of the late 80's wiping out any negative equity and freeing those who had been stuck with it. Due to rising wages and lower interest rates houses were also quite affordable for the average person. We all had a stake in the future. Things looked very rosy in the garden of the UK. It was a new exciting dawn , we had learnt form the boom and bust property insanity of the late 80's we were promised it would never happen again. It was a great new beginning. The UK had a spring board to catapult itself into the new Millenia. I remember the Sunny Friday with Blair outside number 10 having photo shoots with his Blair Babes. ITS A PITY IT ALL WENT SO WRONG and we have ended up where we are today. I won't even mention how Brown plundered the pensions owned by millions of UK people.
  17. Yes The standard of both the Government and the opposition is a total and utter disaster. But sadly that is where we are. We can only vote for what is standing at any election.
  18. But how socialist ? Socialism is on the left of politics and can mean anything from centre left to complete communism , no one knows how far any Government will move left or right be it a left wing or right wing party once it gets into power. Looking at Labour and ignoring the Tory C4nts many of the people on the left are to extreme for the average left of centre , centre or right of centre Jo Public person to vote for. They might be right or wrong not voting for a socialist Labour Party but until a socialist Labour movement can address that fear Labour are not going to win an election. Sad but true.
  19. I think Labours biggest problem is not the Tory c4nts but those on the hard left is it MOMENTUM ?
  20. Generation X followed 1965 - 1980 the early Gen x People are maybe a lot better off than the tail end boomers. Many tail end boomers got burnt in the late 80's property crash and needed time to recover. The bottom of the crash was 1995 so the first Generation X people would have been 25 -30 they were able to skip the first rungs of housing ladder and go straight into the 3 bed semis. Many Generation X people have done far better than the tail end boomers. They had a much better platform to start off from.
  21. But he was unable to sort out a disunited Labour Party. Labour party members screaming at each other on Breakfast tv the morning after the 2019 defeat confirmed to the electorate that they had made the right decision the day before. A party and government is not just about it's leader it is about the others in the group. I remember during the aftermath of the last election Labour were claiming they did not get their message across that we did not hear their message. This is the bit they still do not understand until they do they will not change and get the votes we did hear their message loud and clear we rejected their message. Over the last 25 years tell me what the difference has been for those you mention above when they have had a Labour Government instead of a Tory Government ? I cannot see any differences in their financials which ever party is in number 10.
  22. A quick fad but to work in (your kind of school) telling the children they were part of the Mafia a bit far fetched. Which Comp did you go to ?
  23. Strange that a teacher working in a top school that you claim you attended would say that surely he would have told you you were above the riff raff not part of that Mafia. Or is the real truth that you attended a secondary modern or a comprehensive ?
  24. Where did you get the claim that Cameron did not build one house ?
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