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  1. If you were to look a bit closer at London you would see that it has some of the poorest and most deprived areas in the country. We have the biggest population of any area in the country and the highest gap between rich and poor. The Vanity projects you speak about do nothing to help the low paid who never go near them or benefit from them. If anything they can make it worse for the poor. Thirty years ago if you were on the lower end you might be able to live in East London as it was cheap , the infrastructure spend on Transport there has improved the area but many of the poorer people have been pushed out as those more able to afford it have moved in to the Gentrified areas. A few years ago a Newspaper took a nurse a teacher and a solicitor , one of each in Newcastle , Leeds and London and then analysed their standards of living those in London had a much lower standard of living than those in Newcastle and Leeds. The streets of London are not paved with Gold for everyone.
  2. Nope I said 90% was negative 10% positive , where did I say no one was listening , if no one was listening they would not have had an opinion on the EU. I never mentioned anything about a status quo I mentioned positive and negative. The pro EU people had a voice in the media just as much as the against during the run up to the Vote and since, they also had a voice before the vote during the 45+ years we were in the EU however they chose not to use it. Since we joined the Common Market which morphed into the EU Lazy Politicians , Media who did not want to be in the EU and those that might have wanted to be in the EU but never thought we would ever get a vote on it and others used the EU as a Whipping Boy. Far easier to shrug one's shoulders and blame the EU than to look at oneself and put something right that is wrong.
  3. I am one of those Brexiters. My reasons were many and varied like most people's whether they voted remain or leave. One thing I do not understand is that we joined the Common Market in the early 70's I was about 10 at the time. Since then I must have heard 90% negative comments about the Common Market which morphed into the EU from the Politicians , Media and others and 10% positive. The EU was used as a whipping boy and got the blame for so much. Then all of a sudden when the Vote was announced all these pro EU people voiced their opinions of how great the EU was , where were they prior to the Vote being announced ? After all the negatives about the EU we were meant to think positive and vote to stay in , well you reap what you sow maybe if the EU had not been a scapegoat for everything that was wrong with the UK for 45+ years we might not have Voted Leave.
  4. I am quite amazed by the amount of Pro EU people in this country , especially the politicians and their PR people. If you cast your mind back pre 2015 GE when Cameron promised a vote on EU membership before the Vote was on the table the EU got the Blame for everything. Do you remember moaning about something and the answer always was " well it is the EU.s fault/policy's/blame ect. " I never recall anyone saying something like " well that is a good thing and the reason for that is we are in the wonderful EU or give credit to the EU for that ect " When it suited them the EU was the scapegoat for everything that was wrong and a very convenient place to lay blame. Then all of a sudden so many Politicians and their people were telling us what a wonderful organisation the EU was and how much it benefited us. Problem is True News Fake News whatever if you keep telling people something some of it will sink in , you reap what you sow and those who used it as the whipping boy and then tried to sell it as something great should blame themselves for the Brexit outcome.
  5. Very True. I went down like a ton of Bricks September 2019 literally overnight. I did not realise how much stress was building up and it smashed me I was also physically ill which was undetected for some time. Was the physical illness bought on by the stress or did the physical illness add to the stress ? Or was it just a coincidence that I had both at the same time? Who Knows. Took a while to get over and then one day woke up back to normal it was like switching on and off a light bulb with me. We are all very different how we deal and cope with stuff , things that bother me would be like water off a ducks back to someone else and Visa Versa.
  6. Front Bench Labour MP, maybe look her up and you might understand why it won't be Labour 2024
  7. As I said the polls are irrelevant we have Covid and everyone is cheesed off , easy to blame the Government and say they would vote Labour, but the polls at this time during a five year term are just people letting off steam. Most People are not quite sure what Momentum actually means , who is in it, where it fits in Labour ect. I don't' really understand exactly what the purpose is. I hasten to add my thoughts. Hard Left within the Labour Party am I right ? The working class vote is Labours Core Vote and quite frankly If your white, working class, especially male and straight over the last 10- 20 years Labour have treated you like dirt, hence the Red Wall that got smashed up north. I constantly see Bame Labour MP's in parliament Race Baiting, Abbott, Lammy, Butler, Shah and others until Labour get a Grip on this they won't get the White Working Class Vote back. You say they suspended JC if Stammer had had any Guts and wanted to send a message to both Race Baiting Bame Labour MP's and the white working class he should have sacked Dawn Butler ( I have never seen this women say anything but race bait) back in the summer when she tried to set the police up and cried Racism. Instead of sacking her she was allowed to get her face and mouth on every MSM outlet crying wolf until her lies were uncovered. While that kind of behaviour goes unaddressed Labour have no chance.
  8. I Googled raising income tax and it said putting the basic rate up 1% would raise £4 Billion a year. Googled virus cost and it said so far has cost the Government £210 Billion . So without any more costs (which is impossible) at that rate it will take 52 Years and Six months to repay at present.
  9. What I am saying is :- It does not matter who is Tory Leader or Labour Leader . Labour is in such a state that the Tory's will still be re elected , they don't need to change their leader to keep power and Labour changing theirs will not gain them power.
  10. With Labour the only opposition it really does not matter who the Tory party have at the Helm . Likewise it does not matter who Labour have as leader. Labour are not going to get elected until they sort themselves out but that does not look like it is happening any time soon.
  11. No there won't be. Labour are winning in the polls right now but people are only giving their opinion. If they went to vote tomorrow or next year or in 4 years Labour will not get elected. I myself and I know many others young and old die in the wood Labour ( look at the red wall up north) who cannot vote for a party that has been taken over by Anti -White , Anti British Values , Anti Woking Class woke idiots. For any chance of successes Labour needs to look at itself and change but the extreme left have taken a very strong hold of Labour and it is going to be very difficult to reverse that trend.
  12. Companies got around the working time directive, ask those who work in City Banks and other financial institutions. In fact some Companies got around most worker protection especially in the lower end jobs where workers needed more protection than workers in large wealthy companies by bringing in the Zero Hours Contracts. What did the precious EU do ? Answer Nothing. If the EU wants to survive it should learn from Brexit and change from it's one size fits all for every member state. But the problem is the 10,000 plus unelected behind the scenes people all on £100,000 + a year + expenses are far too arrogant to look at why we left. I don't think we will ever re join the question you should be asking and the EU should be asking is who will leave next ? And will the EU survive ?
  13. When Stamp duty first came in it was for Luxury Houses only those over £15,000 when the average house price was £8,000. It was also just 1% across the board. Due to the starting rate not being increased in line with inflation fiscal drag led to most people having to pay it. Then Gordon Brown started putting the rates up and the Tory's have had their hands in house buyers pockets too.
  14. I could not think of anything worse than having a B&B. I watch four in a bed sometimes and see how fussy people are on there. These are obviously the owners picking holes in the competitions venues but I bet they pull them up on issues that they have been pulled up on by the general public in their own B&B's. The days of no en-suite and putting up with Mrs Nickols swirly carpet and non matching bed spreads are long gone the public demands much higher standards now and can be a right pain when they don't get what they think they should.
  15. Agreed , have heard it said many times if you move away and out as they call it if your within the M25 if you want to see your old friends and family you have to travel back to where you came from to see them. They very rarely come out to see you.
  16. Yes , who were then replaced by the Windrush Generation form the Caribbean who were invited to fill the Vacant jobs.
  17. Correct It is impossible to count how many have left if they were never counted on the way in.
  18. While there are people in London who have borrowed 40% and will be in a financial mess, there are others who bought 4 or 5 years ago outside London borrowing 20% where the cash amount back to the Government has gone up quite a lot. The profit made by the Government will off set any loses taken by HTB in London , the only losers will be those HTB buyers who are repossessed or sell at a loss.
  19. What a depressing flat. How do they market them looking so awful. You could spend just a few £ to make it look less depressing. In fact you would not need to spend anything to throw out the plant sitting in the window on photo 4. The dying plant just sums the whole place up. Really who took these photos where is their brain.
  20. Build to Rent or Private Rental Service as some developers call it is going to be over subscribed , too many big players have jumped into it. They are not cheap to rent and the clientele they want to attract are young professionals earning well but not enough to buy. Those people after a few years will be able to afford to buy when they move up in their career. The model however works on them be willing to rent forever while earing their big salary's that is not going to happen. One big player is a USA company who have bought a London based developer recently ( won't give names) who are now going to only BTR. They believe that they can encourage the young to never buy as is the case with many in the USA . I think the sentiment is very different in the UK and this company are in for a shock. But they can always sell the flats off if they cannot rent them out.
  21. Hi Thank you for your post I think it is going to be an ongoing nightmare for those in London who took out an extra £240,000 Loan from the Government interest free for 5 years and now are going to have to start paying it back. The figures are so huge. I can tell you so many stories of people who did HTB and those that are ok while those in London with the 40% are going to be stuck or Bankrupt. I live in Essex and yes I saw the New Build Houses rise more than 20% in the first few months of HTB. Those who bought houses for around £250,000 taking £50,000 on HTB at the start have done well. They won't need to move if it was a 3 bed which was the prices I was seeing for New Build 3 beds back then. They are now around £400,000 so the £50,000 they borrowed is now going to be £80,000 but that is payable and they can sit tight. Pity they could not have bought without HTB as they are going to pay an extra £30,000 back at todays prices. London this is another story. One Woman I worked with and her husband put down £30,000 and paid £20,000 stamp duty buying a quite large and nice 2 bed apartment in Mill Hill for £600,000. They start paying the extra 40% in June this year. At work we tried to talk her out of it but she would not listen. I remember doing the figures and showing them to her taking into account buying costs, selling costs I worked out that to break even they needed to sell at about £670,000 , as you say they cannot sell to another buyer on HTB. She would not listen and said property would always go up. I tried to explain that there was no extra room for it to. I asked her did she think the Government would extend HTB to £800,000 in the next few years and allow it on second hand property. As that was the only way her property would increase in value. I don't work with her anymore but I know that the industry both her and her husband are in have been hit hard by Covid. They both had maybe just above average jobs. But neither are going to walk into work and become high paid Directors. By the way she is now 41 and her husband about 50 apart form a Lottery Win I can never see them escaping their financial mess.
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