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  1. It is both supply shortage and cheap finance. Take either away and the problem disappears.
  2. You say this But also this Makes no sense. Everyone does nothing different but it's the Boomers fault.
  3. I don't think the current over priced housing crisis has anything to do with exploiting the worlds resources and living a luxurious lifestyle. The 3 bed semi that is 5X it's inflation linked price of the 60's has nothing to do with the limits this planet can support.
  4. I'm a tale end Boomer I bought a house at 23 did shift work for 30+ years and joined a pension scheme. I also voted every time there was a GE I voted for the same parties that millennials are voting for now. I changed no policies. It does make me laugh on this site with the constant Boomer bashing as if we all grouped together to fk the millennials we did not. Please tell me if you had been born a Boomer what would you have done differently to what my peer group did to stop the situation the millennials are in now ? If you think the Boomers collectively grouped together to fk the millennials why don't you group together to change things back ?
  5. I think if you spoke to Irish people right now a high number would tell you freedom of movement is not going to well. Not just the freedom of movement from the EU but some of the incomers from outside the EU are causing more than a few problems. The Irish Government are making the same mistakes the UK Government made too much immigration too fast. It back fired here in the UK and might do the same in Ireland.
  6. A few years back there was an interview on the TV with a man who had been bought in to one of the London Councils to sort out the failings. His job was to whip it into shape. He mentioned a young lady coming in to see him her question was how was she to take off her unused sick leave carried over from the year before ? I must admit that the private sector can suffer with some of this as well. Especially large corporations. Where I worked we did 12 hour shifts covering 24/7. So 7 shifts was equal to two weeks work. It was well know any body could take off 7 shifts per year with no one bating an eyelid. After I had been there just under a year my supervisor had a chat with me about how I was getting on and mentioned in a round about way that I had not taken any sick and it would be a good idea if I did as it made others who took their sick leave look bad. We all had to keep our end up.
  7. I have spoken with a few people who worked for housing associations. One told me he knew full well that properties were being sub let the person who it was allocated to was living elsewhere while making a profit on the rent. He ignored these situations as he did not want the hassle and extra work involved evicting people so it carried on. Another complained that the work involved with this sort of thing was too much bother and if the house was being lived in by someone so what.
  8. I have not got figures for how many woman earn more than their partners. But I know with most couples both have to work full time then between them they still have to take care of childcare, cleaning and cooking. The average family do three jobs between them not two as it used to be.
  9. The difference is now those who want the same (boring outcome as you call it) as their parents by the time they are out of their 20's cannot have it the choice has been taken away from them. It is the same thing as the Woman being told they must have a career or they will be unfulfilled , they must not get tired to the kitchen sink there is a whole world out there they can have it all. Now we have a situation where most women who have had children have no choice but to return to the workplace full time after giving birth. I have met many women from the bottom to the top of the career ladder who wish they could be at home with their children not tired to the office desk that they have swopped the kitchen sink for. This impacts on Women , Men and Children.
  10. HTB Ending is going to have a massive impact on the New Build Developers.
  11. My parents bought a house in 1962 then had an extension built in 1980. If you put the figures in an inflation calculator for what they paid it comes out at £110,000 in todays money. We are looking to sell their house for £550,000 so it has gone up exactly 5X the inflation rate. The street it is in when I was growing up was full of of average people factory workers, school teachers, sales men and basic office clerks. The people who buy there today are professional and business owners , have less children and buy when much older than when my parents bought.
  12. Who knows. In the late 80's as the boom accelerated the talk was it would stop going up but never crash due to X, Y and Z. Then it crashed fast and hard. They said it would go back up due to X, Y and Z but it did not. Then they gave up saying it would go back up and changed to it would go back up very slowly but due to inflation in real terms it would never recover to the highs of 1988. Then it went back up and regained its loses in a few short years. Ever since I have heard talk of the next crash due to X,Y and Z but so far it has carried on going up up and up. We are in a totally different climate to the Late 80's more people than ever inherit money and have family money so it is not only based on wages and interest rates as it was back then , the pre boomers and early boomers equity is now coming down the generations. We have far more foreign money that has flooded into the UK and a population that has increased dramatically since 1988. But again these examples of a different climate are just another list of X,Y and Z's. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.
  13. So the next generations vote Labour do they think Labour are going to make things any better for them ? If they won't be able to have an open discussion determining what a woman is I don't think the next generation will be getting any better standard of living under Labour.
  14. She messed up and missed opportunities now looks at other people her age who did well so she wants them destroyed.
  15. I think most of his wealth and connections are just in his head.
  16. What a good idea At least no body could accuse us of being Racist.
  17. Correct there have already been reports that the new arrivals have soon be pointed in the direction of the local council.
  18. Lol. Yes in 1905 there were more people in London and they all lived in 3 or 4 bed semis with each child having their own room. 😂NOT. Heaven sake go and research some history whole families lived in one room , one outside loo for 4 or 5 households , over crowing was immense leading to a high incident of illness and death. We have room we did it in 1905 lets go back to over crowed slum living. If you pop on youtube there are plenty of vids showing how overcrowded London and other city's were back then. It would be worth you taking a quick look to educate yourself instead of calling for it's return.
  19. Yes that is right and then when some of them arrived the people who had moaned at the Hostile Home Office to speed the process up then changed their minds and told the refugees to pop down the council. Did you not hear about that ? Always two sides to a coin. Maybe the Home Office was being cautious and for a good reason.
  20. Strangely, the refugees could be accommodated in large numbers in London, Is London not in the south east ?
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