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  1. You have done it again. You keep confirming the Double Standard in the Labour Party and Labour movement , also within yourself. How are you not able to see this costs Labour Elections ?
  2. Lol Thank you Thank you Thank you for that statement as it just totally underlines and confirms what I have stated. If you want to see bitter and twisted over race look in the Labour Party. Yet If I bring up my not liking the race baiting towards whites from the Labour Party you try and turn the problem around to me. This is the Whole Issue that Labour cannot see. They look for Racism at every turn but if the racism is towards whites it gets ignored and if anyone brings it up who is white then they are the Racist ! CHOCICE. Until Labour can see that they have not got a chance.
  3. Did I say your were ? I said your attitude towards people is the same attitude found in the Labour Party that alienates their core vote. Very simple if you can read what is put in front of you. Really 81 , tells us he had an expensive education and gets muddled up reading a few short sentences. To be Honest I think you are just like the majority of Jo Average ( the people you refer to as Proles) I wont use that word I will say Jo Average . Your upper class, rich background is mostly in your head isn't it ? I didn't I said your attitude towards average people was the same attitude found in the Labour Party that keeps them out of Government. Quite simple if you read what is put in front of you.
  4. Where did I say " poor people were a minority " ? Regardless of the amount of stupid Black , White or Asian people when 85% of the country is white Race Baiting MP's against whites is not going to win votes.
  5. You don't have to be a Flag Shagger to be insulted by the Race Baiting MP's in Labour. Your statement is a perfect example of the attitude prevailing in the Labour Party and Movement that alienates Labours core vote, the problem for Labour is like you they are totally ignorant of the damage they do to their party.
  6. Constantly speaking up for Minorities while ignoring the plight of those who do not fit into a Minorite group. 85% of the country is white so the Race Baiting MP's in Labour are going to alienate a massive group of people. I work with Black and Asian people who have said " how could a white person vote Labour ? "
  7. It really does not matter does it , Boris could take a dump on the steps of Downing Street the Morning of the Election if they called one next week and he would still win. Older former Labour Voters remember the last Labour Governments looking after the very rich and the poor those in the middle paid which includes the Older former Labour Voters who worked. After the Labour shin - dig in Brighton last week I am still at a loss trying to work out the message Labour tell me I am not hearing from them , you know the message they tell us we missed each time they lose an election, the message that is meant to bring back the Older Former Labour Voters.
  8. I do agree . The problem is the way MP's end up in the commons is not via ability or skill in so many cases. No I would want an un-skilled pilot flying a plane , however have you seen some of these people especially the younger ones. They got there by being put up for election in their party's safe seats for reasons only those in the party know and therefore then ended up in the commons. Skill, Ability and Experience have nothing to do with it. I do agree that in the scheme of things the pay is low compared to high powered jobs outside but if we upped the pay to lets say £500,000 a year would we end up with any better or just the same shower. Could we then bring in a test to show a level of competence ? There are also many MP's who are already very wealthy making it power , fame and ego that attract them to this position , it is unique in this manner. There is then the ongoing openings that occur during and after office it is very little to do with the actual pay for the role. Maybe that is why Politics is in the Gutter right now.
  9. Don't forget the excellent expenses then there are payments for being on the TV, Radio or Writing an article in a Newspaper , nice work if you can get it , I believe the holiday entitlement is also far more than the average 20-25 days plus bank holidays that jo average gets.
  10. Thank you so much for sharing your situation with us at Housepricecrash. I do however believe that your current predicament is not about finances but Life Style Choice's and Aspiration's. I mean really skiing in Europe this season is so last year. Everyone and Anyone in the know is taking to the slopes in Aspen. You really need to read more life style Publications , there is a new Title this year Up My Ski Slope everything is explained in there and at only £300 a month with a yearly subscription it is a must for anyone in your lets say difficult circumstances. Revelations like this are best left to the Physiatrists Couch. I am sure they will be able to help , deep long term Therapy is the only way forward. Just remember you are the Victim in all this , it is not your fault that this Toxic Family environment where they did not even charge you mates/family rates for labour on top of the materials cost's has led you here. Remember it is not your fault that by Marriage you have ended up being the joint owner of a property that can only be described as an in-fill. Please never share this in any other circles it is one of the last Taboos. I am sure that once you can own your feelings surrounding this issue you will be able to overcome this, as I believe this is a major block in you being able to move forward and progress on your journey. Have you ever thought of selling all assets and buying lottery Tickets ? Fridays Jackpot is a whopping £172 million , and it COULD BE YOU !!!! If all else fails never give up I once had a very dear friend who said to me " Mr H----Y if we have nothing else left we have our standards darling " She never explained how we could keep our standards up with no money but lets not talk about money it can be well lets say a bit....common/mucky.
  11. You said the BBC you did not say just the BBC News. So why did Labour try and stop it after the Vote ? So why the statement you first made re the BBC ?
  12. Your post confirms why a National Broadcaster paid for with tax must be impartial.
  13. Really have you spoken to all and got their opinions to confirm the opposite side was completely wrong and that they could all see it ?
  14. They are not meant to get it right or wrong ( Which would depend on the viewers )they are meant to get it impartial.
  15. You must watch a different BBC to the rest of us. Question Time 4 Remoners 1 Brexiterter oh tell a lie sometimes 2 Brexit and only 3 Remoners. Been like that since 2015 up till I stopped watching in 2018 as I was so sick of the Bias Towards Remain. I don't watch BBC news or any other BBC current affairs programmes now as they are all bias. Would you now like to give us some examples where they failed to argue the case of Remoan ?
  16. Never say Never they said they would never crash in 1988. When they were at the bottom in 94/95 they said they would never rise again after trying to talk up the market for years. Just after they admitted defeat in 1994/95 saying they would never rise ....... look where we are now.
  17. I did shift work very well paid between 22 and 43 when I took VR. Many of us took VR as we had had enough of the Shift work. Where I worked there were a high number of people who retired (some quite young) who then soon after died shift work takes years of your life.
  18. One place I worked at they shut half of it down those that did not get made redundant had to stay. There was a guy there who won £1.3 million on the lottery , that was in 2000 so you could double it now , he would not agree to stay letting someone else go and then leave once the redundancies had happened , he wanted his redundancy and got it . A few years later the rest of the place closed so everyone got it whether they wanted it or not. Between the first half and the second half closing another guy there won £2.8 Million on the lottery. He spoke to HR saying he was not leaving but could he come off Shift work they said no to coming off shift work and then explained to him the following. Interest rates were still above 5% then , if he bought a house for £800,000 and banked the rest he would get about £100,000 a year interest therefore everything he earned would be taxed at 40%. HR talked him into leavening a few years prior to the whole place closing down.
  19. Regardless of what these people have I can understand them not wanting to leave and missing a big pay out it is human nature. I have worked for two companies that gave big pay outs and collected twice, one of them even enhanced the pension. When I worked at the first one a Brewery back in the late 80's people had been waiting for years two gave up and gave in their weeks notice the day they were leaving the announcement was made that the whole place was shutting down they missed a huge amount of money.
  20. So how do we stop them and change the situation of them pulling the strings in the Background ?
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