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  1. Depends what you mean by Woke. It has such a broad range of meanings that can be described as extreme by some. Just because someone does not agree with all of them does not mean they are at the other extreme themselves. Have you taken a look at the 2nd Link Peanut Butter posted on page 1 of this thread ? I think that is the kind of Woke that people have a problem with.
  2. The masses of new build flats sold on HTB are going to take the biggest hit of the lot. London is awash with them they are all very similar and with rising service charges are getting more expensive to run.
  3. Umm after the last 25 years watching what Governments have done what the oppositions have offered and what has happened anyone who thinks either Labour or Tory will change anything is fooling themselves. Said it so many times on here people are so sick up to the back teeth with the whole lot of them , they vote for who they think is the least worst option. Sadly for Labour they are still the worst option for so many people until they can address that opinion in the electorates mind they have no chance of forming the next Government.
  4. Sadly that could actually happen. If a developer has paid X for the land working out how much it will cost to build then how much they expect to sell at gives them an indication of profit. Right now their build costs are increasing rapidly. If they expect to get less on completion many might not be able to afford to build. Developers borrowing from banks sell and exchange contracts on expected completions which then gives the banks confidence to lend money to get the houses to completion, it is all about cash flow. Developers that own their land bank outright will just sit on the land , those that owe against the land would be in trouble. If the bank takes the land who is going to buy it and develop it if they think the finished product will drop in price ? We will more than likely get a house price crash how big the crash will be is an unknown , whatever it is housing is still going to be in short supply. Regardless of price this supply shortage is not going away it could become worse due less development.
  5. Yes the billions of Tax Payers money that went into HTB would have been far better spent building social housing. Private housing would never have risen as much and we would have more council housing.
  6. The biggest threat to Developers is the finish of HTB. In London their buyers will have 40% less to spend just as interest rates are rising. I know a few people who sell new build in East London I asked them how many of their buyers used HTB ? One replied with nearly all the other with most just a few who don't.
  7. I think it is judging by the conversation the other day. It also fits with his statement that he is " neutral on immigration " I asked him what that meant , we had a back and forth exchange of posts , when the other poster popped in and said he was not neutral on immigration he wanted more to make sure there was a never ending supply of people to fill his hovels.
  8. So as I said we know about it we use it , always have used it so we don't need to describe it as primitive.
  9. I need to pop out to the shops I will pop in the Doctors shop and ask them to send half a dozen doctors over to my local hospital , as last time I went to A&E it was an all night wait.
  10. Someone on here said he is a BTL Landlord so he must be a bit worried that his portfolio of dog sh-t might come down in value. Would he then be able to re mortgage at a decent rate ? Will his tenants be able/willing to pay enough rent to cover his costs ?
  11. So is breathing. So you can just say tribal instincts. Have you ever heard on one of the TV Documentaries when they phone for an ambulance ? The first question the operator askes is " is the patient breathing " they don't say is the patient primitive breathing. We still use that today. People have to use that instinct when out and about especially at night they have to sum up danger from other people. They won't get eaten if they make a wrong choice but they could get attacked , raped or even murdered.
  12. I could not agree with you more. It absolutely amazes me on here with these people who cannot understand that mass immigration has and is causing massive problems. Do they think the resources just come out of thin air ? They use the Race Card to try and shut people down , I have been asked if I am in the BNP yesterday an idiot I think it is on this thread asked me if I am a mate of Nick Griffin. They will argue until the Cows come home that you can get a quart in a pint glass without it spilling over the sides and if you point out that it will spill over the sides you must be racist. I have asked time and time again at what number of new arrivals do they think we would have a problem in the UK not one person has ever given a number. Coming from East London now living in Romford Essex I know many people of all Races , Creeds and Colours many of them have the same concerns with the speed and amount of immigration.
  13. Just one more thing dugsbody you described Why do you use the word primitive ? I can understand tribal and instincts but what do you mean by primitive ? Let's be honest here from day dot with all species we have an instinct to survive. Many do it in groups or tribes as there is more chance of success in a strong group supporting each other. We have also breathed air from the very beginning , but we don't describe breathing air as primitive it is a natural instinct we need to have to survive. So why are tribal instincts primitive ? Having said that you describe the guys on the bench as Without slating these guys I would say they have a drink problem , feeding their addiction is a high priority in their lists of instincts. If you ever saw these people when the money and the cheap alcohol has ran out you would see how that instinct manifests itself , it won't be in a pleasant way.
  14. You just confirmed exactly what the poster was saying , in a messed up and long winded way. Where do we just get extra Doctors from ? A Doctors Shop ? Is there a Doctors Shop on every High Street ? Where do the extra Doctors live if they are coming from abroad do they bring a house with them ? The primitive tribal instincts you describe are a survival instinct found in most if not every species on the planet. They are not just reactionary they are an awareness of lack of resources when demand outstrips supply. As the poster said increased population without increased resources is the cause. To dismiss this is ignorance.
  15. Lol. What if the tenants have not got the money to pay ?
  16. Are primitive , tribal ape instincts about survival , the instincts that every species is inherently born with. I think the below a post put up yesterday on this thread explains a lot about the issues we are facing. If you have not already read it on page 3 take a read. And the length of the NHS waiting list or difficulties in securing GP appointments of course has absolutely nothing to do with the number of people in the country - who need health services? Of course if all those arriving were highly skilled professionals such as doctors it might not be an issue. The water shortages of course in London and the south east have nothing to do with the number of people living there who need water daily to wash, drink, wash clothes, wash cars etc etc The demand for housing of course also has absolutely nothing to do with the number of people in the country needing housing? The cost of petrol, gas and electricity again has zero to do with the number of people needing petrol for their cars or gas/electricity to heat their homes. Supply and demand - who knew? Of course the solution is more borrowing/more spending - never finding ways perhaps to limit the increase in demand? Pretty much most of the world's problems are due to too many people requiring food/water/services etc - and the fact that in a century the global population has quadrupled?! If climate change is human made - the fact that there are five billion more humans than when the Queen was born might just be a factor? Almost all of the top concerns of voters are linked indirectly or directly to demand for services/goods which is linked to population.
  17. Landlords will get as much rent as they can , like any other business they are there to make money. Let's not forget we might get a house price crash however that is not going to crash the demand for housing whether bought or rented there is a massive shortage especially in the areas that people want/need to live due to work.
  18. It was the rise in interest rates which kicked off the late 80's crash.
  19. The post above yours answers that. The gap gets smaller but can/would anyone buy yours ?
  20. I had a decorator doing some work in my house a few years ago. He was downstairs I was upstairs. All of a sudden he started shouting extremely loud and swearing , I ran downstairs to see what was happening he was shouting and swearing at the radio. He did not realise I was in the house and was very embarrassed. I laughed and we then had a chat ( we were on the same way of length ) he told me how much the idiots on the Radio and TV wound him up.
  21. Oh wow. 不 That is one of those sayings that represents the person saying it not the one receiving it. By the way as you were the Grammar Police with me earlier , let me point out it is very basic English to start a sentence with a capital letter. Have a nice day Lucky Larry.不
  22. Understood. I must admit I do take a few peeks now and again. But can only listen to a lot of BBC, ITV or SKY News for a few minutes. As for Question Time I popped in a few weeks back and my telly nearly ended up in the bin.
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