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  1. I don't think they are exactly the same there are some differences and for me Labour are worse.
  2. That is the Pity we are between a Rock and a Hard Place when it comes to voting. Unless there is massive change in our Electoral System we always end up with either Labour or Tory. For me I think Labour are worse than the Tory's so the Tory's get my Vote.
  3. I am very disappointed with the 4 year freeze on the personnel allowance.
  4. No I don't think it is like that at all. Look at the last Election the Red Wall in the North of the Country Voted Tory. These were die in the wood Labour areas. The reason they voted Tory is they realised that those now in the Labour Party do not represent them. Do you really think that an unemployed or employed on minimum wage 25 year old in the North is going to Vote for a party that continually tells him/her that they have white privilege and that they should be at the back of the Queue when it comes to opportunity and jobs ?
  5. When we have had very low inflation bosses have got away without agreeing pay rises. If inflation takes off workers will fight for higher wages. Post-Covid or not. Where the house is concerned the price paid when bought is fixed so any wage inflation reduces the debt.
  6. So who is going to do a better Job ? Don't say the Greens already had that answer and don't buy it. So many people moan about the Tory's not just on here but everywhere yet fail to give a better alternative.
  7. So tell me who would a Sane person Vote For instead I have already asked the question on this thread and the answer was the Greens my insanity would stop me doing that so please give a different answer.
  8. No just a home owner with an average Mortgage. Your suggestion of Voting Green makes no sense whatsoever not just for me but the many who gave the Tory's a landslide at the last Election and would probably do the same again tomorrow.
  9. I would say yes. If you own the house outright your fine. If you own it on a mortgage the mortgage shrinks in real terms size as long as wages keep up with inflation which in times of high inflation they normally do. So again your would be fine. If the value of the house were to drop which I don't think it would over a period of time it is irrelevant as you just sit tight.
  10. If we stop voting Tory who would you advise we vote for ? Could you also give me some reasons for that choice.
  11. It is not one sided one of the biggest issues is the UK class system is still alive and kicking in the work place might not be as Blunt as it was decades ago but it is still there and creates a divide between unions and management/owners.
  12. I was answering a post who said the Tory's would reduce the minimum wage not how long it took them to realise the benefits of a higher working wage. Labour were in power for 18 years in the last 50 but did not do anything great for the workforce did they.
  13. What Colours ? I voted Brexit it is no secret that I am trying to hide. We were in the EU when Zero hours contracts came into the work place and the EU did not do anything to stop the system so forget the other countries for a moment the EU did nothing for the UK workers as you said the UK got around the working time directive.
  14. The Tory's have realised that the minimum wage is a good thing and have made sure it has risen more than inflation since they came into office. When people earn more they need less IN-Work-benefits.
  15. I used the word Precious EU as losing workers rights was a big talking point from the re-moaners over the last five years , yet the EU did nothing to stop the Zero Hours Contracts. Zero Hours Contracts were not only rolled out in the UK other EU States were infected by them as well. What exactly does a flexible labour force mean ? Flexibility for the employer creates uncertainty for the workers. Where there is a plus there is also a minus. It might be great for companies to offload workers at a whim and have them on standby but companies also need customers and when people are uncertain of their income going forward they are not going to be spending money. We all know a decent workforce needs an educated workforce and affordable housing but at what point does the flexibility start to have a negative affect?
  16. The Gig Economy and the Zero Hours Contracts which have been described as the Cancer of the workplace got around the hard won Employment Rights workers got over decades. The Labour Government , The Tory Government and the Precious EU all looked the other way as these emerged. Let's hope that this is the end of them.
  17. Have always said to people buying in Spain don't sell the house over here and blow the lot over there. Sell up here buy a small place there and a small place here. You can get some income from renting out the one here and can always come back. Don't put all the eggs in one basket. I know one couple who did this and were Grateful when they decided to come home. I know another couple who are stuck out there , they want to come home are Bored to tears but cannot sell. It must be ten years ago now I read an article in a Sunday paper about a charity started by ex-pats in Marbella for other ex-pats who had become unstuck due to issues with rising prices in Spain such as Food and Energy not keeping up with their pensions as the £ had dropped from about 1.6 euro to 1.4 so their income had dropped while prices rose. Must be far worse now as it is about 1.1. One case they mentioned in the article was a couple who were elderly and practically destitute they could not even afford the flight back to the UK and the Charity Paid for them to come back.
  18. That is not quite the point. The Agent removed property from one persons Villa to another. It is not about the original owner needing anything it is about her stuff that she owns being removed. Would you like someone to walk into your home and remove goods as they thought someone up the road was more in need ? If you had 12 people sitting around your pool and they all wanted to lay on a Sun lounger you would need 12. If you had 15 people around your pool you would need 15 if they all wanted to lay on a Sun lounger.
  19. Years ago a friend of mine who was quite comfortable had a nice Villa in Portugal. She used to let it via the agents on the development. She changed agents often as their service was terrible , more than once when she was told the place was empty she phoned her landline that was live at the property for the phone to be picked up by someone who was paying the agents a lot of money to stay there. She had 12 sun loungers around the pool , we all went out one weekend to find 6 missing. When she enquired with the agents she was told that as she had 12 and another villa up the road had none he had removed 6 of hers to put in the other villa. It ended up with a massive row when she would not accept that the agent telling her she should be satisfied with 6 and let the other villa keep the others.
  20. Even in 88 - 93 when there were millions unemployed and interest rates had gone from 9% summer 88 to 15% a year later it took a good 5 years to drop that much in London a few areas Docklands for example lost more but London as a whole 40%.
  21. Back then you did not enslave yourself for 25 years wage inflation linked to inflation meant that big mortgages got small quite fast. The first few years were hard and people made major sacrifices that paid off. I was able to buy with just one wage and many others I worked with on that night shift were mid 20's with a few children and a wife that did not need to work.
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