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  1. 13) There is little choice join in or you will lose out has been banged into their heads. 14) I'll put my name down on the council instead has been removed. 15) Those joining at the bottom today have only ever seen prices rise they think this will go on forever. 16) They believe it when Boomers tell them it was always as hard but you will win in the end if you make the sacrifice now. 17) People believe to build enough houses the Green Belt will be lost to concreate and therefore agree with the NIMBY's 18) They don't believe it is a rigged market. 19) Fear is a bigger motivator than greed they fear missing out and being left behind so they join in. 20) Private Renting is expensive and tenancies insecure. 21) The madness you see around you seems normal as you have never seen anything any different.
  2. If May had still been PM and Osborne still in the Cabinet when the Pandemic Struck what do you think they would have done? Also given the chance what would you have done ?
  3. Before I write this yes I am a smoker and I know how bad it is. But what I have noticed over the last 40 years is as Smoking has decreased Obesity has increased. A packet of Cigarettes are now £10+, you can buy a hell of a lot of food for that money. When people smoked in most cases they did not include their children in their habit , but now they have switched to Eating non stop the children are included. When I was growing up there were two very fat ladies I knew 1 was a dinner lady at my school and the other a lady who lived a few streets away. There were also two very large teenage Girls I knew and I know one was very overweight due to an illness. So 4 fat people in my world. Today I walk to the top of my street and will see more than 4 overweight people in a few minutes. I once sat in a shopping centre having a coffee and started counting , not exact but about every 4th person was overweigh and I mean fat not slightly overweight but fat. They have been able to conclude how bad smoking is via studies over many many years but the long term studies for Obesity have not been done to such an extent yet. We will find out in time how bad it is and how many lives have been shortened for the Teenagers I see today who struggle to walk along the road at a regular pace. Please don't say I am justifying smoking I am just pointing out how one bad Habit has been changed for a different one.
  4. LOL Does not warrant an answer.
  5. I was 16 when Thatcher came to power and have followed politics since. Many times over the years I have heard Politicians say " our tax system is not fit for purpose " My answer to that is well make it fit for purpose. if I look at all the budgets over the years and changes in Tax all anyone has ever done is shuffle a bit around of change around the edges.
  6. Brown did not need to be the governor of the BoE to slash interest rates he gave the BoE the autonomy to set interest rates with a remit to keep inflation below 2% when he became chancellor in 1997. However in 2008 he took back the reigns and it was Brown who slashed interest rates not the BoE. I don't need to check this I lived in Canary Wharf at the time and was watching it on the telly live they had reporters standing outside the towers of the Banks in Canary Wharf I could see them from my window so I watched it in reality and on the telly at the same time. Brown Slashed the interest rates not the BoE.
  7. That is the whole point of the statement. The words that were used were very powerful in the context of the conversation. The Tory's were not the only choice at the ballot box (so in reality there was no case of Have To) there was a choice but die in the wood ex Labour Voter's were so concerned about what Labour had become and were so concerned about a Labour Government they felt they had no choice but had to vote Tory to stop a Labour Government. Words are very powerful. If anyone wants confirmation that they made the right choice you only have to see the discussion on ITV breakfast telly the next morning , there were six Labour Party people 3 that could be termed moderate left and 3 further left. They literally screamed at each other across the table it was unbelievable to watch and after about 8 minutes of this sceptical the anchor to the programme (I think it was Piers Morgan) said I cannot believe that you are all meant to be on the same side. For anyone saying ex Labour Voters were wrong not to vote Labour that 8 minutes proved that the choice they made was right.
  8. Well they did not feel that way did they and when people go to the ballot box it is their opinion and choice that counts not anyone else's.
  9. I know couple in their 60's who are like your Dad they came from generations of Labour Voters. In the 80's they marched with the miners and CND. At the last Election their words were " who would ever have thought that we would HAVE TO vote Tory !! " What stands out to me is the actual wording used, they did not say they had switched their vote, or decided to give the other side a chance the use of the words Have To is very powerful as it denotes that they had no choice that there was no alternative. The results of the 2019 election and places like the Red Wall turning blue do endorse that this view was taken by many ex Labour Voters.
  10. Absolutely In this thread I have said all along that both Labour and the Tory's are bad we are between a rock and a hard place I wave no flag for the Tory's but will stick by what I have said earlier that I think Labour are the worse of the two and would vote Tory again if there was an election tomorrow.
  11. No Brown was the one who cut interest rates by 3.5% to 0.5% to stop the property bubble bursting and I was talking about Brown and his no Boom and Bust what has happened since is another topic.
  12. If that is the case then in this context it does work as I was answering someone who implied it was a bad thing to have wealthy people in the tory party.
  13. Totally Agree I have seen a clip of Cameron in the commons in 2008 just before the credit crunch demanding less regulation of the mortgage market. I have never said the Tory's are innocent I was just pointing out that it was Brown who said no Boom and Bust.
  14. How many wealthy people are in the Labour Party ? Quite a few and that is what makes it worse at least the Tory's don't tell people wealth is bad while being wealthy themselves.
  15. That never showed up in the 2019 Election did it.
  16. What Brown did not say was he was going to stop the Bust Part by bailing out the banks with billions of tax payers money and having a fake interest rates.
  17. As I said in 7 marginal seats 2,500 is a lot of votes. I sat up all night watching the 2019 election and some seats were won or lost on under 100 votes. Your opinion was Corbyn was the best PM we never had mine is him not being PM was the best escape we ever had. Life is full of different people with different opinions.
  18. I thought it would be something like that. Numbers Percentages and Statistics can be manipulated to prove something that is not quite the case. It was 2,227 votes in 7 seats. Not 2,227 seats across the country and the whole vote. If you are going to say the election was won or lost on just those 2,227 votes but only look at 7 seats then in 7 seats 2,227 Votes is a very high amount of votes.
  19. Right I won't hold my breath. It has absolutely nothing to do with any of that it is the rigged system that is the problem.
  20. Then surely the non boomers would have voted for her in droves as the Boomers and the big bad boggy men.
  21. Oh sorry I missed the joke !!! Where did I say the recent SDLT holiday was Labours fault ? I was just discussing SDLT and its history is that ok ? Or are you the only one allowed to do that ? When Labour upped it and bought in the 3% and 4% bands they could not have made a worse job of it . Your assets have been purchased in the north that is ok but you would not understand the impact and the madness that it impacted in the South due to the massive jumps in the cost when the bands rose Is it Ok for the soft southerners to have a gripe or is it only those in the North that can ? I have a quite an in-depth knowledge of your assets as you can tend to boast on here not really a good look is it when the site is full of younger people who were priced out being born later than you , who are you going to blame for that ?
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