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  1. Compensation for blight which people are entitled too and do get at present. Do you want it scrapped and have more little people trampled on by people like Amazon. How do you know how much wealth the people in these houses have ?
  2. Thankfully we do have planning processes. Yes agreed that these people do not own the land near them. However we do have laws were they can be compensated if their property is blighted. I'm sure Amazon can pay them to move or make compensation if they stay. There is a very small new build estate near me about 15 large detached houses they are going to have a six lane motorway right outside their front doors they were all offered a decent financial package to move and they did. One couple had literally moved in a few weeks prior to the letter landing on their mat explaining what was happening.
  3. Agreed One of the worst things I think councils ever did was paving in the roads in many of these town centres. The pedestrian Oasis that they were meant to achieve have never materialised they are often ugly expanses of soulless concreate. The other problem is the re routing of the Original Roads that became pedestrianised is often a miss mash of twists and turns , linking old roads with new bits tacked on here and there. Don't get me started on some of the one way systems. There are three of these depressing retail wastelands near me Ilford, Barking and Romford out of the three I can suffer Romford but never go near the other two unless I absolutely have to. We also now have Lakeside and not as close Bluewater with free and ample parking , clean walkways and a much better overall appearance. These large out of town dedicated shopping centres offer a much better experience however the last time I went to Lakeside there were a lot of empty shops.
  4. East London Essex Borders Here Small reductions in price but decent 2/3 bed houses do sell. Where I am North Romford is properly the cheapest area in this location as any train station over ground or underground is a fair bus ride away , the only other option is Barking and Dagenham.
  5. I think we agree on a lot of things we just have different ideas of what was good/bad old Labour new Labour Tory-lite ect. I think Tax Credits was meant well , but what a mess it turned out. Apparently it was costed at £1 Billion a year and now costs £30 Billion. Due to employers changing the way they employed people for them to pay as little as possible and the low paid workers to get as much as possible in Tax Credits topping up the wages. Why pay one person a decent wage plus sick pay ,pension contributions , holiday pay ect when you can have 3 part times make sure they get 16 (now 20 hours) hours a week work and let the Tax Payer pay the rest. I have heard of many situations where people cut their working week as there was no point in working any more hours as what you earned extra you lost on TC. Great if you are in the TC group horrendous if your not but needing full time work and trying to compete with those very flexible low paid. A lot of the low paid employment is now dependent on TC like a person hooked on Heroin it is so difficult to get back off it. I believe TC was the back bone of the Zero Hours Contracts without TC firms would not have been so able to introduce them. I agreed with the minimum wage (funny how the Tory's did not at the time but do now) the only problem was it became a default wage for many as well as putting a floor on wages it also had the impact of many finding wages which had been higher dropping down to it. To be honest I really don't think that many people were that interested in Iraq or what was going on in the middle East as it did not impact them directly. I and many people I know are ex Labour voters and Iraq never comes up when we discuss why we are ex Labour. That might sound selfish but people are selfish. I think Labour blew their chances in 2010 by their attitude towards average everyday people when immigration came up we were told we were bigoted, racist, little Englanders and Lazy. Do you remember Gordon Browns hick up when he agreed and nodded his head with a woman saying there was to much immigration, when he thought the cameras were off after speaking nicely to her he called her a Bigot. Positive Discrimination in jobs ect is Discrimination if your not in the right group. Labour did to much of this kind of policy. Today I think people have had it up to the back teeth with the whole lot in Westminster , Labour , Liberal and Tory. But will vote for the best of a bad bunch. At present that is the Tory party. Labour say they lost the working class vote. But they never say what it was they did/did not do, said/did not say to the working class. It is just a chestnut they roll out with little thought. Well let's be honest they did not lose the working class vote they lost the white working class vote. They concentrated on Minorities and told the working class they had white privilege. Today they have still not learnt their lesson and so therefore are still unelectable. We are in the middle of a major Pandemic as we all know. Yet this week I have seen on the internet no less than 5 yes 5 Bame members of parliament declare that the pandemic is due to structural racism and they have declared this in the house of commons. One MP who is currently waiting a criminal court case for allegedly obtaining a council house by fraud asked that Bame people get the jab before others. Do you really think the average white working class person is going to vote for a party that harbours so many race baiting racist mps ? Until Labour can cleanse itself of such nonsense it has no chance of office.
  6. I don't think Labour are doing their job as a decent opposition either. You speak about the Blair/Brown Govt as tory-lite but I don't think that is the case they tried to run with the Hare and the Hound. I think Blair called it the 3rd way which is impossible to achieve. As you said earlier in the thread. Its not uncommon to find people with two or more completely conflicting narratives going on in their heads and never join the two together and see the irony of it That sums up the 13 years we had of Labour. They promised to stop Boom and Bust and not let the housing market get out of hand like it had in the 80's. They could have done this by raising interest rates in the late 90's early 00's , but they wanted the next election and put party before country by keeping the votes of the house owning classes. They did build new schools and hospitals but paid for it via PFI. They were very generous to the low paid with Tax Credits but that affected the same kind of people they were meant to help by wages reducing. They spoke about looking after the minorities and the poor but ignored their plight when Zero Hour contracts appeared. They watched the low paid semi skilled compete with immigrants for jobs and called them Bigots if they questioned it. They pumped Billions to the Banks after robing Mr/Mrs Averages Pension pot. No I do not see them as Tory lite more extreme to the left and extreme to the right.
  7. I think to a degree we did have some of that here in the past but quite limited. I have seen the identical houses in Suburbia however if you take a closer look there are some differences in some streets. I was told that back in the 30's they built the houses to order once someone had reserved a plot you then chose from a limited choice of styles. That is why there is a mix of house types in the streets and purchases could make some changes. There was a house opposite me growing up 3 bed semi and it was 2 foot wider than the one it was joined on to . The story was when the pair were built the original buyer opted to pay extra for this change. If you look at expensive areas in the UK where there are detached houses there you will see many individual houses. At present in the UK with the volume house builders there is a take it or leave it attitude as that is all your getting. A reduction in planning laws would surely lead to more competition and higher standards with more choice.
  8. 23 and 26 Bumped into many people who have offspring in their 30's and 40's still at home or who have moved back home. I did it once in my 40's for a while I was embarrassed at first but then realised it had become the norm.
  9. Agreed Plus the developers would have to compete to build what people will buy , standards will rise. At present if you do not want box built type A house from one developer if you go to another developer he will only offer you the same.
  10. Well they will always change in time as the older people will die. However what I see from my time growing up in that location and today is the under occupation of so much housing. I would bet most of the people who live around where my Dad is have got Index Linked Final Salary Pensions , even if they had mediocre jobs when working. As these people paid under £10,000 for their houses ( Dad paid £3,750 in 1962) they are quite comfortable in the scheme of things so there is no need to sell and trade down.
  11. I grew up in a 3 bed semi. Mum , Dad and 4 children. Next door 3 children , over the road 3 houses opposite all had 2 children. So those five houses gave shelter to 23 people. Ten years ago when all the off spring had left home it was down to 10. Today four of those houses have one 80+ year old living in them as all the partners died. The fifth house is empty as both people in there died and has been empty for about 18 months (not sure why it has not been sold by who ever it was who inherited it). I think this is quite common in Suburbia over the years when visiting my Dad he often talks about seeing Mr X or Mrs Y people who had families in the location when I was growing up who now live alone in the family house.
  12. Well the pro EU people should have tackled the media but they did not as it suited them to bash the EU to hide their own failings.
  13. But your talking about Custom House and the modern flats around the dock area they two totally different things. As I said traveling on the DLR through the Royal Docks towards London the DLR is a massive divide , to the left Royal Docks to the Right Custom House , the people in Custom House won't see the river and the docks but one of the worst areas in East London. If you do want river or dock side in the Royal Docks your going to pay way more than Custom House and Barking. As for Cross Rail it goes out to Essex as well plenty of better places than Custom House.
  14. Well there is nowhere in London that has a direct link to everywhere , you mention in a few posts a direct link to Liverpool Street , well you could live somewhere on the Central Line that would be a direct link to Liverpool street but if you wanted to go to Blackfriars, Canary Wharf, Westminster, Tower Bridge you would have to change that is what people do all the time in London. Buying a place to live is not all about getting home after a night out in fact for most people I think it would be way down the list. The place you give as a comparison in Custom House might be just 3 stops from Liverpool Street but have you ever taken a look around Custom House ? It is dire absolutely dire. This apartment is not brand new as you say of course it has no River Views as it is a few miles from the River but it will have views and the added attraction of being in probably one of the worst parts of East London. There were a few shocking murders there recently well there always is (I know happens all over London) but there were many articles about Custom House. There is a great divide either side of the DLR. If your traveling towards London on this stretch of the DLR anything on the left is classed as the Royal Docks and Ok anything on the right is known as Horrendous. Barking is a dump and Barking Riverside is a new build quite stark development that you say has nothing in the surrounding areas that adds value. True but the only thing Custom House will have to add value is the Cross Rail Stop. If Cross Rail and a night out is your big draw why go to Custom House you could go further out on Cross Rail ( yes a few more stops ) but not be living in the centre of Custom House. I have lived on Barking Riverside it was not great but served a purpose you could get a nearly new 2 bed similar to the one in Custom House for under £300,000 and have £100,000 left in your Bank for Uber rides home no need to think about trains and changing lines. Ignoring nights out and getting home I would far rather live on Barking Riverside than Custom House. This is not made up about 10 years ago I was driving along the A13 and there was a massive Traffic Jam I pulled off to go around the Royal Docks area and got a bit lost ending up in Custom House . it was the middle of the day Bright Sunshine I had a friend with me , he is a large guy well over 6 foot tall and well built. He was so unnerved he locked the car doors from the inside, don't take my word for it go and have a look.
  15. Agreed But like wise you cannot always believe everything people say especially when were talking about a generalisation like this.
  16. I have had two conversations with people who worked for housing associations and were involved with the affordable rental properties. One moaned about all the extra work involved if they get a report , the other said he ignored reports due to the extra aggravation and work.
  17. I heard it every time people asked about the immigration from the EU. Plus on other issues as well.
  18. Why do you put a whole generation of people in a box that all voted the same ? People of all generations voted Leave and Remain. Would you like to see things get worse and say " I told you so " or would you rather see the teething problems ironed out ? I worked in manufacturing for years when there was a new project or product there were always teething problems, I can remember people often saying we need to scrap this system, policy, product, process as it is never going to work , but it did.
  19. Yes East Ham , West Ham , Barking , Ilford, Goodmays, Beckton (the new build of the 80's)are all dire but not cheap. Canning Town being on the edge of Docklands and having a Jubilee Line Station is the exception however I think the prices for the New Build There are way over the top. Leyton not bad, Leytonstone was a nice posh tree lined set of Avenues when built at the end of the 19th Century it went down in the latter part of the 20th century , cheap and nasty but now returning to its former glory, maybe as it is a bit further out and greener. I knew people who grew up in Hoxton (they say east London) but actually Hoxton is N1. Their parents were offered their council flats under Right to Buy for silly money but they declined and put all their efforts into getting out and buying in Essex. If they had bought their council flats it would have been much cheaper and easier for them they would have made more money. I spoke to a lady a few years ago. She grew up in Hoxton but went to school elsewhere , she said she lied to people at school about where she lived and would not admit coming from Hoxton. Today she boasts that her parents own their ex council house in Hoxton.
  20. No those four blocks next to the station are another development. Barking Riverside as they call it is right out the other side of the A13 behind the Thames Industrial Estate. They are building another town with new schools, doctors and retail. Problem is the residential part started about 10 years ago and many people have moved there a few new schools have emerged. As yet there has been no new Doctors Surgery built you have to go to the surgery on Thames View and it is sometimes 3 weeks to get an appointment. There is one expensive corner shop a chemist and a nail bar. For anything else it is a Car or Bus journey. Bus services not bad, due to all the extra cars it can get very congested getting on to the A13. When Barking Riverside was first Launched it was as cheap as chips and you went there for that reason. I remember seeing new built good size one beds for around £100,000 nothing new build anywhere near was at those low prices. As time has gone on they are now trying to push the prices up and for the money they want you can go elsewhere. You say Barking is more than "a bit crap " lol !!! It is ok if you wipe your feet on the way out. For the 3+ years I lived on Barking Riverside I never went to Barking Town Centre. However once when I was without a car for a few days I took a bus there and back. It was so depressing , scruffy, downtrodden and rough.
  21. East London and South East London have improved no end in the last 30 years. The Biggest infrastructure improvement was the Jubilee Line that opened in 1999. From that the Bankrupt Canary Wharf estate emerged from the ashes and is unrecognisable to what it was pre the Jubilee Line. The other massive anchor is the investment that has pilled into Stratford both public and private money has been invested to alter the Centre of Stratford from a back water you passed through on your way to Essex into somewhere people are willing to pay a lot of money to live. Many companies have now located to both these areas. Like much of London they can still be rough and scruffy in places but the old working class Eastenders are more or less gone. Both will benefit from Cross Rail. When I was growing up to live in East London and get to Essex you had made it , for those in South London it was Bexley now Essex and Bexley are cheaper than the areas people strived to move up from.
  22. I'm not looking at as " well they got what they deserved " I'm looking at it saying that it is their fault they and us got Brexit due to their negative attitude towards the EU for so many decades.
  23. I moved there as it was very affordable I paid £196,000 in 2014 and moved in in 2016 for the same size two bed in this article. If I had bought a few years before I would maybe have paid £140,000- £150.000. I was very pleased with my flat built by Bellway but the Estate Generally is out on a limb and you have to travel through some awful industrial and ex industrial decaying wasteland to get there. As for Barking it is Dire. The railway extension does have a direct link to Central London you would just get off and change at Barking (no hardship) and then you would have the underground (district line) and the over ground just two stops into Fenchurch Street. The Royal Docks is certainly not cheaper or the same price it is a lot more expensive and most of it will not be directly on Cross Rail , you would have to connect via the DLR as for the DLR that was finding it hard to cope with all the extra passengers due to development 10 years ago , there is no way it is going to cope in the future. Unless you live on top of a Cross Rail Station in the Royal Docks no way are you going to get to Liverpool St in 10 mins. In 2019 my neighbour knocked on my Door and asked if he could buy my flat for £275,000 I jumped at the chance and moved out to Romford. I hated living on Barking Riverside just one small expensive shop and a chemist. I was so Glad to leave however it did enable me to have my own front door again after having to live with a relative for 3 years due to a financial calamity. I just think it has got a bit overpriced for what it is when it was Bargain Basement Barking you got what you paid for now no frills and was not over priced in she scheme of alternatives.
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