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  1. Totally Agree I have seen a clip of Cameron in the commons in 2008 just before the credit crunch demanding less regulation of the mortgage market. I have never said the Tory's are innocent I was just pointing out that it was Brown who said no Boom and Bust.
  2. How many wealthy people are in the Labour Party ? Quite a few and that is what makes it worse at least the Tory's don't tell people wealth is bad while being wealthy themselves.
  3. That never showed up in the 2019 Election did it.
  4. What Brown did not say was he was going to stop the Bust Part by bailing out the banks with billions of tax payers money and having a fake interest rates.
  5. As I said in 7 marginal seats 2,500 is a lot of votes. I sat up all night watching the 2019 election and some seats were won or lost on under 100 votes. Your opinion was Corbyn was the best PM we never had mine is him not being PM was the best escape we ever had. Life is full of different people with different opinions.
  6. I thought it would be something like that. Numbers Percentages and Statistics can be manipulated to prove something that is not quite the case. It was 2,227 votes in 7 seats. Not 2,227 seats across the country and the whole vote. If you are going to say the election was won or lost on just those 2,227 votes but only look at 7 seats then in 7 seats 2,227 Votes is a very high amount of votes.
  7. Right I won't hold my breath. It has absolutely nothing to do with any of that it is the rigged system that is the problem.
  8. Then surely the non boomers would have voted for her in droves as the Boomers and the big bad boggy men.
  9. Oh sorry I missed the joke !!! Where did I say the recent SDLT holiday was Labours fault ? I was just discussing SDLT and its history is that ok ? Or are you the only one allowed to do that ? When Labour upped it and bought in the 3% and 4% bands they could not have made a worse job of it . Your assets have been purchased in the north that is ok but you would not understand the impact and the madness that it impacted in the South due to the massive jumps in the cost when the bands rose Is it Ok for the soft southerners to have a gripe or is it only those in the North that can ? I have a quite an in-depth knowledge of your assets as you can tend to boast on here not really a good look is it when the site is full of younger people who were priced out being born later than you , who are you going to blame for that ?
  10. 2,500 Votes don't think so where did you get that number from ? The Tory's did so badly in 2017 due to Mrs May being weak and not backing the democratic vote on Brexit as Boris did in 2019. Corbyn did well in 2017 because May was so appalling.
  11. Was he ? Many working class people thought of him as a Communist and were worried that what little assets they did have would be taken from them. It was a policy of the 1997 Labour Government to take from the average working class and give to the poor while letting the Rich Keep Everything, many working class people thought it would happen again but be worse.
  12. Who would you describe as right wingers in the Labour Party ?
  13. The Labour Party responsible for their own demise. You say that they were beaten down badly by the establishment can you give some examples ? The Red Wall in the north turned away from Labour due to Labour deserting the white working class in favour of any minority's dependent on race, sex, sexuality and any other group who were not from the Average white Working Class Masses. You only have to listen to their MP's speak to see where their loyalties lie. The Establishment might not be the friend of the Labour Party but they are their own worst enemy.
  14. Do you mean Brown ? Brown did not introduce an extend SDLT holiday but he did whack up SD form 1% across the board to 3%,4% and beyond. This impacted on many average people in the south more than the north as a standard 3 bed semi was then about £250.000 + so those buying just above this price saw their bill triple. It caused a log jam on price around that level as no one wanted to pay just over the £250,000 and people came up with many ways to get around it like paying £249,500 for the house and £15,000 for fixtures and fittings. Brown then had to come up with another plan to close that loop hole . It is a pity he was not as good closing the loop holes for the super rich.
  15. I also bought my first home in 1986 it doubled by 1988. Then it took another 8 years to get back to the 1986 price (which in real terms was a lot less as we had had 10 years of quite high inflation ) by 1997 it was back to its 1988 price (but a lot less in real terms). A Tory Government was in power the whole time. Boom and Bust something that Brown promised to stop and never did.
  16. No we do get it. If you read the thread many on it understand that we have little choice but we can cast a vote. We have a choice at an election we all know they do not look after us however we have a choice bad or worse. I stated that they are both bad but one worse than the other and was answering a poster who asked me why I thought that Labour were worse.
  17. No Sorry they were the Labour Party of the day the people I look at when I cast my vote now. Pseudo tories does not cut it. Forget Labels we have a voting system where we get either a Labour Government or a Tory Government the Name is irrelevant lets give them a number instead Labour are now number 1 and the Tories number 2. The poster asked me why I would vote for number 2 and why I though number 1 was worse and I gave my reasons.
  18. You quoted my statement but did not answer my question in the statement which was How do we Change this ?
  19. To arrive at my opinion I look at what each achieved and did during their times in Government and what they do and say while in and out of Government. When I look at the last Labour Government who came to power on a massive fan-fair in 1997 they hailed in a new era , change, fairness ,opportunity I remember Blair talking about the third way. Well the reality for Mr/Mrs/Miss Average was very different. The country had just about recovered from the late 80's/90s boom and bust recession , those who had been stuck in Negative Equity for years saw that burden disappear the house that was £100,000 in 88 and had dropped to £70,000 was now back to £100,000 but affordable for the average person as interest rates had dropped and wages had risen to make the average house affordable for the average person. You have to have been there and lived it been part of it to know how difficult it had been for many average people. The future looked bright. Gordon Brown promised no return to boom and bust and promised the Labour Government would never let house prices get out of hand again. The reality was 13 years of house price boom fuelled by interest rates being to low, supply not being increased , high multiples of earnings allowed for borrowing and liar loans that all led to the bubble in house prices of 2008 he did not have the Guts to let the bubble burst instead he spent billions of tax payers money propping up the failed banks. The impact of the Labour policies are still with us today an economy reliant on and at the mercy of keeping house prices and assets so high it has made life very difficult for the average person. The Tories have gone down the same path even worse but Labour were the foundation of the mess we are in and saying they are for the average person should have made better use of the Excellent position they and the country were in in 1997. Labour sat watched and did nothing when employers introduced Zero Hours Contracts while they were in Power. Labour Taxed the Dividends in Pension Schemes taking £7 Billion each year from company and private pensions this led to the destruction of final salary pensions. Labour increased the pension age to 67. Labour were far to Generous with Tax Credits they took form the low paid full time workers and made many part time workers who fitted the tax credit allowances very comfortable in comparison. In 2004 Labour opened the doors to workers from the 10 new EU countries ( we were one of only three countries who did this) that led to mass immigration all workers from those nations came to just the three EU States who allowed them in. Leading to falling wages for the average and competition for housing and services. At the same time they had a very lose policy on immigration from outside the EU. People who questioned this were and still are labelled as Little Englanders , Bigoted, Racist and if all else fails are told these masses of immigrants are needed as Brits are Lazy ( for more information find some clips on the internet of many Labour Politicians voicing these sentiments). People who wanted to remain in the EU should not blame those that voted Brexit they should blame the Politicians who should have managed immigration better , we could have absorbed the EU immigration if we had not had mass immigration from outside of the EU at the same time as open borders within the EU. We might not have got Brexit. Yes immigration was a big part of Brexit and that is OK to say. As a white male I look at the Labour Party and see an anti white bias against me and other white people. When a Torie MP described Diana Abbot as a coloured woman recently instead of a Black woman MP's in the Labour Party were calling for her to be sacked , cancelled and destroyed yet they do nothing about their own Racist MP's such as Abbott, Lammy, Shah, Butler and Begum who have all stood in the commons in recent weeks stating more ethnic people are Covid Positive due to Structural Racism, this in the middle of a pandemic they can still not stop playing the race cards. We can all be Victims of Racism but I'm told by these types of people being white it can not happen to me. IT HAS. The PC culture has gone far to far in the UK however I see the Torie's having a chance of slowly turning it around I see it getting much worse under Labour who cannot even sort out their own anti-Semitism. The Tories are Bad But I see Labour as worse.
  20. Yes but how , how do we do this. I remember someone saying " The great thing about a General Election is that you can kick a Government out the worst thing is at the same time you have to elect another " How do we Change this ?
  21. No I don't have to enjoy it we are given a choice of bad or worse I look at the Tory's as bad but Labour worse. Very simple what is the alternative ?
  22. I don't think they are exactly the same there are some differences and for me Labour are worse.
  23. That is the Pity we are between a Rock and a Hard Place when it comes to voting. Unless there is massive change in our Electoral System we always end up with either Labour or Tory. For me I think Labour are worse than the Tory's so the Tory's get my Vote.
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