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  1. Agreed I did hear someone say that we have now become one of the most P.C. countries in the World. That is not good as the whole concept of being P.C. cripples Free Speech which is Fundamental to Democracy.
  2. Where I lived the big issue was the roll up gate into the car park forever going wrong. We asked for it to be removed but were told no as people could get into the car park but they would not understand that other car parks there did not have any gate. The Car Park that can be a funny one. A friend of mine sells new build in London some flats buy an underground car parking space and others don't. Those that do will have an annual charge which I understand as there are the security gates, lighting, sweeping of the car park , insurance and fob access into the car park. The actual space itself does not need any maintenance but the general area does. She says she spends so long explaining to buyers that they have to pay as they have use of this area and those that don't have parking don't pay she said some people when explained the costs cannot get it into their heads that yes the actual space costs nothing to maintain but the structure around it does. She has lost potential sales over this as people are adamant they will not pay any money for owing that space and think that it should be split between everyone in the development which means others who have no parking would be paying towards it.
  3. Agreed hence my Name on Here Insane , as I am sure my parents did not Christian me that name though I will just have to check as I am well you know Insane like house prices.
  4. I had a new build flat bought it 5 years ago and sold it nearly two years ago. When I first moved there The Service Charge was £1,200 per year Ground Rent £250 per year Insurance Not sure think it was about £200 Estate Charge £250 Total £1,900 I got the the new prices sent to me by email recently they have still not removed me from the list. Service Charge is £1950 Ground Rent is fixed £250 Estate Charge £350 I did not get the insurance but lets say it did not go up the new total would be £2,750 to live in a flat with a lift and a car park gate that constantly broke down. Thank heavens I sold it and now have a small house with no service charge.
  5. I do totally agree with you. What I find absurd is this issue your not having enough children so we need immigration. With the 60's maybe we did breed to much the early Boomers were having the tale end Boomers. Now people cannot afford as many children and cannot afford them until much later in life. CRAZY.
  6. Why was it unsustainable and damaging ? That was the birth boom of the 60's I believe 1965 was the highest birth year of that era and then it started to decline very fast. My brother was born at the end of 1967 when he went to school they were closing classes instead of having 2 classes in each year they had 3 classes mixed with two years intake a drop of 25% in classes. This was not just his school it was wide spread. Fifteen years later we opened our borders to the EU and at the same time the rest of the Globe being told we needed immigration as we were not producing the 2.1 children per couple needed for replacement. So I don't really understand why increasing our population by high birth rates is unsustainable and damaging yet we are told we need immigration to increase our population.
  7. Agreed. There is not just one market that is the same across the country. Some places in London that preformed very differently while rising could preform very differently when falling. This is not exact but what I can recall from memory. In the 80's Docklands was a Government backed Regeneration Zone. The prices were crazy and went up more in the 80's than the rest of the Market up to about 1987. Then it started to fall when London and the rest of the Country was having it's beat the Miras Boom that turned to bust in 1988 Docklands had already started falling very hard. I would say Docklands fell more than many other places. They say the falls across the country were 19% I would put the figure in London and the South East at more like 40% with Docklands beating even this I bought a flat in Surrey Quays in 1993 for £50,000 in 1988 it had sold for £150,000. While at the same time I remember reading about someone who sold a Flat In Islington for slightly more than they had paid in 1988. Also when things did start to recover in the mid 90's Docklands was one of the first places to rise and it rose fast. It is not one smooth market it is a mixed bag.
  8. Very True When I was growing up 3 or 4 children per family was the norm. There was the few only child families but also the few that had 5 or even 6. Today most people go for the maximum of 2 very rare to see 3. Mums did not work full time as Dads could earn enough to pay for the family on one wage.
  9. Agreed. Also you get the women so dressed up who then complain that men won't approach them. Do they really think that men don't have feelings and realise men won't approach them if they think they will get rejected.
  10. The recent Documentary on this was good as well. The Winner made a very valid point about the Feminists wanting Freedom and choice and then telling other woman what they should and should not do.
  11. Very good Female friend of mine prior to the internet tried Date Line. I remember her saying she had met this or that guy in the Pub after work as she did not want to admit she was on Date Line. I thought she is very good at meeting guys in Pubs and then one day she let it slip she had met them via Date Line. After many Dates that failed for various reasons she made a decision to give it all up and had become resigned to the fact that in her mid 30's with a good job and her own house that was going to be her lot. Very soon after she stopped trying she went to the Pub after work on a Friday night bumped into a man by chance they dated for a few years (he matched her financially) they married , have 3 teenage children and are still happy after over 25 years.
  12. I have met a fair few women who wished they could have stayed at home even if it was just until the youngest went to school but they could not due to the cost of the Roof over the head. They all said they had been coned into the Career by being told they could have it all. But have realised no one gets it all. One of these women was a National News Paper Editor back (she did have a house husband) in the day when papers were much bigger than they are now and another a solicitor. All said that having to work full time impacted on them their husbands and their children. I remember the Solicitor saying " those women who burnt their bras in the 60's did not really do us any favours did they".
  13. Yes I think your right the woman should have let the shop lifter go with the goods after he slapped her. As you say if he had previous for shop lifting and slapping women he might get in trouble. She should have thought about that shop lifters rights. Has it crossed your mind that if the shop lifter did not shop lift and slap women there would have been no need to call the Police.
  14. Just a small point. The thread title is "Anger is mounting" and there is arguably as much anger at the police presence and actions at a vigil for a young woman seemingly murdered by a serving policeman as there is for the murder. Agreed but a lot in it is about Violence towards women. The poster I answered said he would rather be a shop lifter and slap a women than be the women phoning the Police who exaggerated the situation to get them to act . Is that ok ?
  15. Wow Interesting that you don't like people doing 'bird' as you call it yet you have described this incident and made statements about it which are different to what actual happened and you were not there. To stop people doing 'bird' unfairly the Police and Courts need to get to the truth ' That really is the whole point it is not the women in the shop who got slapped the shop lifter me anyone else standing by and the odd poster on the internet will all have their own opinion and take on the incident that is why we need the Police the CPS and the Courts to handle situations like this in a fair and true manner. But as is the case so often now they don't that is why the staff exaggerated for the Police to come and do their job. Interesting that this thread is about Violence towards women and when told about a woman being slapped you dismissed the incident of a women being physical attacked and downgraded the attack to pushing past instead of the actual incident which was a woman being slapped. Maybe there is a link with Violence towards woman and men downgrading it.
  16. No it is Shameful that the Police would not turn up if only shoplifting and a slap was involved. That is why the shop staff exaggerated the Violence. That is where the shame comes in. Do you really think that a woman working in a shop who confronts a shop lifter gets slapped and then gets no Police support should just take it on the chin ? They made no false Statement they lied to get them there the statement comes later. I do know that the Police will not drag someone off to Prison and remand them there before the case goes in front of Magistrates at this point things can be looked into in more detail.
  17. You live in the same borough as me I got the same letter the other day but can save £18.93 which is 1.5% if I pay the whole year in full by the 1st of April.
  18. Total Disgrace. We are led to believe that we live in a just, fair and safe to a degree society until we call on the support of the system that is meant to help and protect us then we find out the truth. I was hit by a car that drove of just before Christmas I caught up with the driver who I think was either on drugs or drunk reported it to the Police and can only describe the way I was treated by the Police who did not want to know as that of Total Contempt.
  19. Agreed but what does get overlooked is the extent violence is perpetrated on Men by other Men. Many men are not Violent but get labelled as Men and put in the group that are violent to Women just because they are Men. It is as if Men being Violent to Woman is very bad but while Men being violent to Men is not as bad. Yes I know Men getting Raped by Men is far less likely than a Man Raping a Woman but Men are far more likely to attack another Man Violently than they are a Woman. A couple I knew who had a Pub for many years said that if they ever (which was rare in their establishment) had a fight kick off in their Pub the Woman would go in and part the two fighting as neither was likely to hit her her , but if her husband went in they were likely to start hitting him. They had spoken to other Pub Landlords who said the same. I saw this at work a while back Two Big Men were going to face off it got very close and this little women in her 50's separated them she walking in-between them shouted at the top of her voice sending one into the kitchen and the other into the back office. I think if I had walked in-between them they would have knocked me out of the way before carrying on.
  20. Well yes we all know that. However the more crime that is ignored and the higher up the scale it is ignored the more crime will be committed. Apparently the Police do not get involved with shop lifting if the goods stolen is less than £200 , I am not sure if that is policy or urban myth but have heard it on a number of occasions. Last week driving home from work two police cars flew past me with their blue lights on , when I got to the high street at the top of my road they were both outside Savers health and beauty shop. The following day I went in there and was talking to the woman behind the counter saying " I saw you had the Police in last night" She replied " Yes shop lifters , we had to push the blue button when they hit one of the women who works here and exaggerate the extent of the attack when we were on the phone to the Police to get them to respond , if we had just said shoplifters had slapped an employee they won't respond" .
  21. But they did clean it up at one point by having a Zero Tolerance approach if they have dropped that approach then it will return to what it was.
  22. More and More Crime is being ignored we are going in the opposite direction to New York , when they cleaned up the Crime in New York they went for a Zero Tolerance approach if we go in the opposite direction we will get the opposite outcome.
  23. It must have a toilet and sink in it , so in other words do you want to buy a large W.C. for £150,000 ? How much is the Council Tax and Service Charge ?
  24. I think much more needs to be done to protect all people from the mindless and vicious violence that has penetrated our society over the last few decades. When they cleaned up New York they went for Zero Tolerance and it worked. Over here we are going in the opposite direction more and more crime is being ignored and not tackled by the Police so we will get the opposite outcome to that of New York which is more Violence.
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