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  1. Don't be feeling sorry for me concentrate on yourself. You say you are 81 but have still not go over the child like characteristic of lying.
  2. We won't know for Decades if at all , it is a very difficult if impossible statistic to pinpoint. There will always be other factors involved. When people smoked most did not include their children in their habit when they have switched to Gluttony they have , have you seen the Fat Families about ? Watch them in the Supermarket a Trolley laden with unhealthy food to feed their addiction. I remember a few Fat Kids at school who were not very good at P.E. or Games , I also knew two very Fat Ladies , one a dinner lady at my school and the other who lived down the road. Today these people are everywhere. I see Fat Kids struggling to walk when ever I see a group of School Children , I sat in a shopping centre recently having a coffee I would Guess 1 in 4 people who walked past was over weight Yes I am a Smoker and Yes I know it is very unhealthy however I also see that society has switched one addiction for another , judging by the high volume of Obese People in the USA with us being behind them at this point we have not reached the UK Peak Obese issue/health Crisis yet but we will.
  3. More Waffle I am not going to debate with you any further as ( see my post to you above) I now know for sure you lie and make things up. Have been aware for a while but just proved it. Loads of my Type , quite insulting but from a bare faced liar like your self who makes up derogatory statements about spectators at a Football Match he never attended I will put your comment in the Garbage where it belongs.
  4. Let me give you a tip if you lie you need to remember your lies as you can get caught out later if you forget. Not long ago on here you related a episode when you were at a Millwall game and the skin heads were chanting racist abuse decked out in their Tattoos supporting Tommy Robinson , do you remember ? Well that was a lie wasn't it as if you have not been to a Football Match since the 00s when you last went TR had not been heard of. Do you get the gist ?
  5. So if you think that can you not understand people not supporting the two top people in Labour supporting BLM ?
  6. Yes but we are talking about BLM , I don't remember our footballers or politicians taking the knee or making any other suggestions of support for those who rioted on Capitol Hill ? Can you.
  7. Were you taught to not be Bothered by Rioting during that high end education you bang on about ?
  8. Their attitude towards Whites does not bother you ! Strange are you white ? You have your own eyes , you don't get to use anyone else's. The Riots in the USA along with the harassment of innocent people going about their business. Take your eyes to see some of the Vids that came out of America during their Rioting. Me Personally they have not knocked on my door but then many people and organisations have not , that does not mean I should ignore them does it , or in your mind does it ? What is that saying evil flourishes when good Men turn a blind eye ? Well something like that.
  9. Educate yourself pop on their Website and read , then listen to some of the speeches that have been made by their members , it is all in there for you, you just have to use your onw eyes.
  10. But I have and you take the time to reply to them you don't answer them but you do reply. Can you give details of my issues towards Black people ? Before replying for reference calling out racism towards Whites is not an indication of issues towards other Races. Absolutely that is one thing you have grasped , maybe we are moving forward. Yes nothing wrong with using that phrase again and again when double standards are being used again and again.
  11. No why can only an insecure person see a Double Standard ? Why not stop trying to get personnel ? not a good look. As for the Queen , she always sits on the fence, myself I have always been in support of the Monarchy until recently when she sent a Congratulations Message to the Fat ---T in North Korea , that really made me question a few things. So let me take a rain check on the Queen and what/who she supports as we are going off topic a bit here. My Point was and still is the Double Standards from people like You, Labour and the Left.
  12. By showing support for BLM a movement that is Racist towards Whites. Double Standards again but then that is quite common on the left isn't it.
  13. Due to the stop Smoking Obsession switching people to consuming huge amounts of Sugar one problem swopped for another.
  14. The longer I live the more I see this. The UK is however very good at Sugar Coating things and the people do fall for it.
  15. Like yourself who decries people for not voting Labour then admits to not doing so himself , quite ironic.
  16. No Labour lost the Voters due to their obsession with minorities while taking their core vote for Granted unitl they can understand that they won't be getting them back , quite simple really.
  17. If it never happened why the below ? Make you mind up time .
  18. No you made a statement based on it Now your telling me it is a lie , why did you make the above statement then.
  19. No you didn't You stated the above.
  20. More a case of Northerners rejecting a party who make speeches about it at Conference.
  21. Flip it around The people of Bolsover feel a Political Party who hold conferences making speeches around a fictional characters gender , are not going to fix their issues if ever in Government.
  22. Yet Labour cannot see it and will complain again at their next election defeat that we did not listen to their message.
  23. Your now becoming a keyboard stalker.
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