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  1. Like the Romoaners did since we joined in the 70's ! Go back before the 2016 vote was ever mentioned the EU was used as a whipping boy for everything that was wrong. I don't remember any MP ever saying something like " well that is good and it is because we are in the EU " the EU got the blame for everything , then when the vote came for the Romoaners the EU was the best thing ever. You reap what you sow. Maybe the Pro EU MP's and media need to look at themselves and take the blame for Brexit.
  2. Well tell me who they are then I can go and look them up I cannot look up something with no name or title.
  3. What do you mean by our 479,040 unelected officials ? Civil Servants ? Different to those in the EU go and look it up.
  4. You must be the only person I have ever heard who said Covid didn't affect them. Did you not have to wear a mask ? were you able to walk into your doctors ? Did you never have to queue outside a shop until they could let you in ? Were you still free to travel ? Visit relatives ? It might be good for the Ukraine to join Europe but it was also good for the UK to leave.
  5. No body elects the 10,000 unelected officials in the EU go and look it up.
  6. No we did not elect the people who ran the EU. We elected people to represent us in the EU. Not the others. If you want to research the EU you will find that there are over 10,000 unelected officials earing over £100,000 a year who make many decisions. We did not elect them.
  7. One thing the UK has never got over is Snobbery and job Snobbery comes into that as well. We have not trained enough trade's people for decades the mantra was go to UNI load up with debt and get a management/desk job , use your brain as they said. I have come across it and can tell how people see you so differently in a suit as opposed to Jeans. I got made redundant about 15 years back with a mega pay off , it was not worth going back to work that financial year so I took about 6 months off. I can remember being asked what I did for a living replying I don't the next statement would be " oh your on benefits ? " No I would reply I don't need to work the faces that got pulled was amazing. The Brits really do judge people on their employment status.
  8. He has often made statements which I have questioned him on expecting a reply which has not been given. I think he has set himself up as this wealthy landed gent who now in later life understands the plight of the less well off. It is a fantasy.
  9. I am not sure byron78 is who he makes out to be. I saw the post this morning stating he would have to ask his accountant if he paid tax. How fking stupid is that ? I think he is trying to portray himself as so above the whole situation the knowing about one's tax affairs is only for the lower classes. But he does not quite add up , I would take what he quotes with a large pinch of salt.
  10. I think Stjames83 wants to play the Game Guess What Is In The Thread.
  11. Well there lies a big part of the problem. Affordable housing is in short supply where the work is. I don't think Brexit or staying in the EU would make a big difference if the housing has all been taken as holiday homes and Airbnbs.
  12. But has the population of London remained stable ? The Government numbers are not really a good indication of population. There have been various other measures undertaken by different organisations , the supermarkets who have a much higher population estimate than the Government. Thames water did a study in Slough measured by the amount of sewage they estimated a population 30,000 higher in just Slough than the official figures. I would think London which is a magnet for people would have had an increased population over the last few decades. Agreed. I am not quite sure that this would work. How much energy would be needed to desalinate the sea water ?
  13. I do not dispute that. However what I am saying is the population has risen not fallen since brexit yet the vacancy rate has also risen. So there is a disconnect we are not attracting people who want to pick fruit , so who are we attracting ? Also what are the people we are attracting working at ?
  14. I don't quite understand what you are saying there. In an earlier post you said " we sent them home " Which I disagree with , saying there is a disconnect as we have an increasing population but also an increasing vacancy rate. Something does not add up.
  15. No I don't think we did. The population has increased since 2016 so we have a disconnect somewhere more people but more vacant jobs. It is very strange.
  16. There will also be people working cash in hand they won't show up in the in work figures but could show up elsewhere , unemployed, pip or higher education.
  17. But you don't have to be working to earn that. People with pensions and investment income are included in those figures.
  18. We do seem to have a system where by there are two people sharing one job , with their wages made up in Tax Credits.
  19. I am right I hit a raw nerve with the word Arrogant.
  20. Yes that can be arrogant. However on this occasion after careful consideration with a look at a few of you're posts to confirm that you are arrogant is the correct opinion. I think deep down I have hit quite a raw nerve , you know I am right but don't like it. That is why you keep replying to my posts. Why can you not take in on board that I find you're posts Arrogant ? You can then stop replying.
  21. It is not a gem it is the truth , but you already know that.
  22. No opinion on the above. Arrogance is Arrogance.
  23. No Arrogant go and read some of you're post's Arrogance written all over them Arrogant.steve
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