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  1. Lol there is plenty go and look it up it is all out there. My Opinion is they have been Racist towards Whites End Of. I think until Labour address the situation and puts a stop to it No leader is going to get Labour Voted into Government. Regardless whether it is considered illegal under current laws, how the law is applied , or how the Police and Courts act. We are talking about Labour and their inability to form a decent opposition with the idea of one day forming a Government 🤣Not what I consider the legal stance on the subject.
  2. A list of MP's who have been Racist towards whites. What do you want explained ?
  3. Ha Ha Ha so your trying to say unless Labour put into place a written policy they don't have Racism ? Is that what your trying to infer ? I am not aware of any written policy but policy does not have to be written to be real does it , so yes certain MP's Racism towards Whites not being stopped is a Policy of Labour. Does that answer your question.
  4. Lol What mental affliction do you think I have ? Answer " I - Worked- you - out " called you out and you don't like it.
  5. It is not just about the Leader it is the people in the Party , the MP's who would be in Government if Labour were to get into power. I don't have anyone in mind , it needs to be someone with the strength to clean up the Party , I don't think there is anyone who can do that as these people have such a strong hold over Labour. I have received quite a number of reply's to my posts on this topic basically arguing my point that there is Racism from a certain amount of Labour MP's towards White People. The Gist is I am the problem , I have the issue , it is me who needs to change. What I think , feel , hear and watch I should just ignore. That kind of thinking I feel is in the Labour Party as well as on this website from some posters. Instead of looking at the point they want to bring down the point and dismiss it. People can think and feel whatever they want , but when a certain element in the Labour Party get away with this double standard of calling out Racism at every opportunity real or imagined yet ignoring it when it is directed at Whites Labour do not need a New Leader they need to take a long hard look at themselves otherwise their total of 4 election defeats on the trot will be added too.
  6. Do you not think Racism towards Whites would disadvantage them ?
  7. So are you saying individual racism is ok ? When individuals are Racist in the Labour Party the Party Policy is to ignore it ? The Evidence is there if you need to confirm that for yourself don't expect others to do it for you , you are on the internet after all.
  8. So are you holding up Double Standards , you accuse the country of being systemically and institutional racist but hey its ok if it is pointed at Whites by the Labour Party.
  9. But you being an unaware person had never head of her.
  10. Who are you to decide who poses what questions ?
  11. You never had one did you. If a person had had a 500k-1M education that would be due to Money Privilege not privilege due to their skin colour. The only way you could put it down to their skin colour being the Privilege would be if everyone who had the same skin colour as them had the same advantage in education and no one of a different skin colour did. If you had had a massive amount of money spent on your education you would probably understand that already.
  12. Oh here you are I thought you would be at Football this afternoon, you could have been watching West Ham V Chelsea sometime in May 2027 you normally travel to the matches in your time machine don't you.
  13. No As well as being unaware your own words , you do also get quite muddled. Let me explain things for you. You stated that 30% - 40% of people Voted Labour , which would included many white people and asked me why I though they did that if Labour hosted Anti - White MP's . My answer was that maybe they are Unaware of Labour like you are, not that they voted Labour like you. Is that clear enough for you. I have never made any statement on who you vote for, am not interested who you vote for but I would think it a bit strange if you did vote Labour as you know so little about them. But then you do post some strange stuff don't you , I find it strange your on here mentioning Labour and not knowing who Naz Shah is being that she is quite high profile in the Labour Party. A Bit like speaking up for Disney and then stating that you have never heard of Micky Mouse.
  14. Did not jump to any conclusion , you asked a question that I do not have an answer for as I have never spoken to all these people you mentioned. However It did make me think why they being white would they vote Labour a party that harbours anti white MP's. I said maybe they are as unaware as you. That is not a conclusion. Do you know what a conclusion is ?
  15. Just google their names don't put a heading in , quite complicated for you 😀
  16. Your not unaware are you your very unaware. You expect Google to list them putting a title Race Baiting. You need to listen to the clips of what they say and the words written about them , is that maybe a bit difficult for you. My opinion of them is that they often Race Bait - why do you think
  17. Wow your not aware of anything so you ask me to give you some examples have you ever heard of Google ? Put Diana Abbott, Dawn Butler, David Lammy , Emily Thornbury in its search bar oh don't forget Naz Shah. Enough information there to keep you going for a long time. Do you ? It was 32 % at the last election from 47 million Votes. As a White Person I would not vote Labour until they remove the Anti - White MPs from their ranks, when a Black or Asian person confirms what I think I understand where they are coming from. Why would I know the thought processes of 32% of the Electorate from 47 Million Votes ? What I do know is quite a few clued up Ethnic people who I have met do not like the Racism towards White people in the Labour Party and do not want those people representing them. Could it be that there are many White Voters who like you are very unaware of the party they vote for ?
  18. Your Keyboard Stalking again ,not a good look is it.
  19. Yes I already know your level of reply. Very Poor !
  20. No you did not show my your reply ?
  21. As I stated yesterday when I asked you to why do You , Labour and the left allow them ? You never did answer did you.
  22. And People make false and stupid claims about all sorts of things don't they.
  23. Waffle No your are tying to race bait making a very poor job of it as usual.
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