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  1. Tax credits were far more generous than what came before them. Yes along came Labour and the cost/amount of in work benefits exploded.
  2. Companies would give a zero hours contract but make sure the people got 16 hours a week so they got their tax credit money. Have you some proof ? Proof ? They have all been disasters.
  3. The Zero hours contracts came in way before Cameron , they came about with Browns Tax Credits making up the wages. Great if you had two kids you only needed to work the 16 hours a week and everything else was topped up and paid for by the Government. Awful if you were low skilled and needed full time work.
  4. No I can't sorry. I only know I can get this as a cousin in the same position with the same Grandmother has done it and told me I can do it if I wish. I might consider it but then again at 60 next year where would I go to ?
  5. It depends on the country. My Grandmother was born in Ireland so I can get an Irish passport which then opens up the whole of the EU.
  6. Really ! Would you like to describe that hostile environment and give some examples compared to other countries who you say don't have it ? If we are so hostile why do people keep coming ?
  7. Well you would have to speak to everyone and ask them if they saw a mess or not.
  8. Where would that be ? I don't see any party that has any chance at the next election sorting out the mess in the UK.
  9. No disagree. Infrastructure takes time and money we do not have the resources to just increase it continually to constantly increase the population. Immigration works when it is done slowly with the people arriving settling first before more arrive. I grew up on the borders of East London and Essex. It has had massive immigration over the last 50 years. When done to fast it creates problems for those already in a place and those arriving. Many Ethnic people I know say there has been too much in the last 20 years and ask the same questions and make the same statements that people who have been here for generations make and say. As you were the one who mentioned Racism in an earlier post let me tell you the worst Racism I have seen in my life time is that between Ethnic minorities against other Ethnic minorities.
  10. Correct we have a problem with people not contributing but drawing. It is an immigration problem people arrive here draw but do not contribute regardless of their race. The lady in question cannot speak English and is on HB so is not supporting herself is she. Quite simple. " If not then why is she here ? " The question that the person showing her the flat does not know the answer to. However if she can support herself that does not make her automatically welcome we don't need to enlarge our population. We have a crisis in so many areas right now why not work with the current population instead of increasing it ?
  11. The card don't work anymore it's is worn out if you have got one speak to your issuer. They will won't issue a new one just tell you to cut it up and bin it. 😂
  12. Are you sure about that people with children might be those without won't be.
  13. It is amazing yet if people complain they are told they are the problem for not embracing immigration they must be Racist. We pay billions in taxes to fund our social structure I wonder how much of it is spent on people who have just walked into the country ?
  14. Yes Utley Shit. I have seen documentaries on this type of scheme. Keeps the numbers down on the dole queue but teaches nothing.
  15. Yes I know the NHS budget is huge but that does not make the HB cost small.
  16. It can depend on who you are for the country being the best in the world , it is a bit of a lottery some win others lose.
  17. Yet the one and only time I signed on after working and paying in for 33 years they would not give me basic unemployment benefit which was £71 pw back then.
  18. So the lady cannot speak any English but has a right to be here and get £1,000 a month HB plus other benefits. Do you know her reasons for being here ?
  19. What is the cheapest priced property that you have ?
  20. Everyone gets into the UK. Anyone questioning the situation is pointed out as Racist.
  21. Yes I will take full responsibility for my Vote ! But I won't take any responsibility for why I voted that way that lies with the Politicians. There were many reasons people voted out and being accused of " right wing politics " when points on immigration were raised was just one of them. You seem to have the same mind set as those politicians.
  22. You need to get positive with Brexit as it is here and is reality. No point in ruminating over the past. Don't blame those who voted leave blame those in Parliament and the media who sowed the seeds for Breixt. But even blaming them is negative you need to move on.
  23. Like the Romoaners did since we joined in the 70's ! Go back before the 2016 vote was ever mentioned the EU was used as a whipping boy for everything that was wrong. I don't remember any MP ever saying something like " well that is good and it is because we are in the EU " the EU got the blame for everything , then when the vote came for the Romoaners the EU was the best thing ever. You reap what you sow. Maybe the Pro EU MP's and media need to look at themselves and take the blame for Brexit.
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