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  1. Well it is just over 100 foot long. When I moved in it was £1,000 just to get all the overgrown plants, trees and shrubs cleared. Then my part of the fences was £2,000. A new patio , path and a run of concrete at the bottom was £4,000. To shingle and lay a lawn was £2,500 , then about another £1,000 to buy a lawn mower a few pots and some plants. On top of that the water bill went up by £15 a month to keep the new lawn green in this summer , I cut it myself but if I wanted to get someone in that would be £20+ each time.
  2. Yes we are all different and as well as wanting different things to other people we also want and need different things at different times in our lives. I lived in Zone 2 In a modern flat for years. I did not want a garden and even having to pay a service charge had an upside no worry about roofs , gutters and putting out the bins in time for the binmen. Now I have moved out to Essex and have the standard terrace house on Average Avenue. I don't miss paying the service charge but have to maintain the structure myself as for the Garden I enjoy it but no one ever told me how much work and cost it involves.
  3. I spoke to a Nigerian Lady a few years back asking her if China was buying up Nigeria , she laughed and replied NO they are not buying up Nigeria they are buying up the whole of Africa.
  4. Really I did not know there were other readers I thought it was just you , thank you for telling me. You have counted my posts on this thread LOL and your not obsessed LOL how many times have you posted ? I won't be counting. Maybe spend less time answering me and do the research I told you about. Much better use of your time.
  5. Nope it is so easy to find what I have told you to look for if you are unable to find anything , then what I explain would be woefully wasted on you wouldn't it.
  6. Whether you signed anything or not the contract was there , it was given verbally many times over the years still is. Who did not get paid the state pension from those who paid the correct NI ? People are getting their state pension as per the contract today , people will still get it in the future it is not something they are given it is their entitlement for paying in all those years. Why should people hope for the best and expect the worst ?
  7. Well you have started to look , carry on. It is all there.
  8. Only wish it were true, but the reality is there is no entitlement......nothing is guaranteed until collected, that will be quite a few years into the future......who knows where we will be then There is an entitlement the contract is pay your NI for x amount of years and you receive your state pension. Whether you get it or not is another matter , but you are entitled under the current contract.
  9. I mentioned it as it really is the pinnacle of the Labour Party , don't you agree ? Examples What did you find ?
  10. No. But if that is what you think that is ok, don't vote for me if I ever stand for election. 🤣 You know there has been quite a bit on the internet re Claudia Webbe , not so much on the MSM considering the Gravity of the situation I would just like to share with you one little snippet I saw written on an internet forum I this morning. " The worrying thing is, she represents everything that is good about the Labour Party. " I felt that that was so succulently put I had to share it with you. 🤣 Then they wonder why Labour have lost their Core Vote. Just choose a few ever so simple.
  11. No you read so much wrong and create so much work for others. I explained to the poster what a double standard was as he did not know. Yes I gave him an example of one. But with the race baiting there is so much to show it is best for the people wanting to see examples to pop on Google , you seem obsessed with examples but won't go and look where you have been told to on many occasions. Strange.
  12. This is the conundrum of life. We don't know how long we have got. I have heard many accounts of people who died just before or just after retirement , but many accounts of people living into the 80's and 90's. It is a tragic waste when someone works all their life saves then dies without enjoying the money and time. However who wants to live a long life in Poverty ? So we have to plan and save for retirement. I have some good pensions income ( worked for a firm who had an excellent pension scheme ) some of it is Final Salary while the rest is money purchase. I took the final salary at 55 , I could have waited and got more later but it is the equation of how much do I get now for how long compared to how much more later but for less years. With the Money Purchase I have taken just one lump in the last 3 years but know I can dip into it if needed. I still work but just part time and it is a great feeling knowing that I can walk at any time without facing financial ruin. I am so glad I never have to return to the slog of full time employment.
  13. I don't have double standards, that is why you cannot find any to link me with. Very simple. But maybe you have trouble understand what a double standard is let me give you an example :- A Very Honest lady according to Diana Abbott was on a Government Cross Party committee to fight Knife Crime. The same Lady was found Guilty yesterday of Harassment , including threating to throw Acid into another ladies face. That is a prime Example of Double Standards.
  14. I did there was no one Race Baiting on this Thread. 🤣
  15. Why are certain groups seen as a priority ?
  16. No it is simple very simply go and watch the vids of these people I have mentioned. As a White Person listening to them I don't like the content , I see it as Race Baiting. While I see and hear Labour doing nothing to stop this I won't Vote for Labour , another person ( you perhaps ) might not see a problem with it . We all have different opinions. Mine is that while this carries on many White people won't vote Labour, my opinion on many White people not voting Labour due to this stems from conversations I have with other White people and posts I have read on the internet from White people not likening it. I they/we see a double standard when it comes to way words are used by certain Labour MP's. It is very simple in fact.
  17. Again it depends , however his words coming from Labour who have demanded people be cancelled for a few words out of place should be very careful how they speak.
  18. Well the intention was good and is right. Yes they should exist. How they have been drafted could have been better , the problem is speech is a difficult thing to pin down as it constantly evolves and changes, also different people have different ideas of what is ok and what is not. People also have different views on what something means. We use words and numbers all the time. Numbers never change 2 + 2 Will always be 4 , but words are not a given. Another problem is the muddling up free and hate speech , people using their right to free speech have been accused wrongly of hate speech. I don't agree on that , but again it depends on who, what, how , why and context.
  19. You need to read the posts on the thread it is all in there for you.
  20. Just like Racism towards Blacks and Asians would have an impact on them Racism towards Whites would impact Whites. Really quite simple. Now a question for you :- Do you think Racism impacts people ?
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