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  1. He is a multi Millionaire his wife has even more while her parents are Billionaires. Why would he want a £150,000 year job ? It just does not make any sense unless it was to be in a position making policy to help people like himself make/keep even more money.
  2. We are all different all with different want and needs. The flats you describe built a while back are very different to what has been built recently. I think the problems are going to be with the new build high density developments. Which are smaller in size , have a kitchen in the living room, a lack of parking , high service charges and could have cladding.
  3. London is awash with new build flats. They are all very similar a huge amount of the ones under £600k have been bought with HTB. When HTB finishes in December the developers will not be able to achieve the prices they have been achieving , surely this will have a major knock on effect for the nearly new second hand market.
  4. Service Charges Ground Rent Council Tax Contents Insurance Phone Bills Water Bills It is very expensive just to run the place that is without paying for it to begin with.
  5. Whoever ends up paying is one thing but why buildings have to be over a certain hight to qualify is madness.
  6. I don't understand why blocks below a certain hight are not covered by Government Help. If a block has unsafe cladding it has unsafe cladding what ever it's height.
  7. Yes you could take up to 40% on a property priced up to £600,000. So anyone who went to the max after the interest free five years would have to start paying the interest on the £240,000 HTB loan.
  8. I keep telling you there is a housing shortage in the UK . Quite simple.
  9. We would still have a shortage. Quantified what cases ? What ?
  10. Wow you have given me a number 600k second homes minus 100k homeless. Leaves 500k 20k Asylum Seekers in Hotel's or Ex army Bases that leaves 480k What are the numbers for Sofa Surfing ? Overcrowding ? Sub Standard Housing ? Living in Vans ? Living in Sheds ? Living in B&B's ? Living in Mobil Homes ? WE HAVE A HOUSING SHORTAGE.
  11. I don't dispute there is property hoarding , but we have a shortage of property so simple. I was there I was there 20 years prior to that as well we have a shortage now as we did in 2002 and 1982. Put your head in the sand it is up to you. We have a shortage that is not going to go away any time soon.
  12. You need to provide evidence to support that everyone is adequately housed. You have failed to do that so far. You need to look at my posts above I said we had a shortage 20 + years ago. I am not saying it is something that is new.
  13. Numbers for which the 20+ year waiting list in London there's one number. No no actual numbers for how many living in Vans, Sofa Surfing or in B&B's however these are things we never head of in the past. Nor any numbers for those living in over crowded housing or sub standard housing but are you saying these situations don't exist ? So why have we the examples that I mentioned ? I'm not discounting misallocation but saying we have a shortage quite simple. Evidence is everywhere just take a look.
  14. Pots and kettles. You failed to answer even one of the points I mentioned.
  15. Yes it is disgusting. But are all of Tony's 10 houses and 27 flats empty ? We have a house hording problem but we also have a shortage.
  16. I read the first few bits it's piff. We have a housing shortage. Why are asylum seekers being put up in Hotel's and ex army camps if we have enough housing ? Why are there 20+ year waiting lists in London if we have enough ? Why are there people living in dwellings not fit for human habitation ? Why not move them to the surplus housing ? Why are people living in over crowed conditions ? Have you got any numbers for sofa surfing ? Have you got any numbers for those in B&B accommodation ? Have you got any numbers for those living in Vans ? The last 3 are all examples of what is called the hidden homeless. WE HAVE A HOUSING SHORTAGE.
  17. Yes we do. Prices might crash but there will still be plenty of people not adequately housed.
  18. No you miss what I am asking. You say they inspected 13 thousand properties. I am asking if they were newly built or converted count as newly built ?
  19. New build as Newley built ? Or new build as in Newley converted ?
  20. Tiny window to be able to determine anything really. Which survey shows the micro apartments and sub divided units ?
  21. What has the number of people per property got to do with it ? The councils in London have waiting lists of 20+ years in the 80's there was no list Newley married couples went to the council to be allocated a dwelling. WE HAVE A PROPERTY SHORTAGE !
  22. Graph needs to show total extra space created to determine how much more living space we have. I do understand but even with proper allocation we still have a shortage.
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