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  1. Very True. People can only make decisions on their actual circumstances now , they don't know what is going to happen in the future they do know what has happened in the past so the past and present will have a massive impact on their decisions now but they will try and guess the future. Many people including myself have made big knee jerk decisions that were a mistake in due course and would have been better off doing nothing. Bankruptcy is a way out of a dire financial situation and is far eaiser now then in the past , however it still can have repercussions in the future. It is easy for people to give advice and tell others what to do but they are not the ones living with the decisions going forward.
  2. + 1 The poster accuses others of posting Drivel but does the same.
  3. Yes speaking to someone the other day who said they were given a council flat from Tower Hamlets Council in the 80's. I asked how long they were on the list for ? The reply there was no list we did not have to wait. They were also in the early 20s. I have relatives who got the same back in the 60's and 70's both working no children. Today even people with children who work would not be put on the list there is so little council housing left unless you have certain difficulties they tell you to go and rent privately if you cannot afford to buy.
  4. I bet the service charges are about 8-10 Thousand on top.
  5. The sad fact is we have now got too many shops the internet , out of town retail parks along with big Malls like Lakeside and Bluewater have hit the high streets. Many are now wastelands of boarded up buildings and low grade shops. Personally I hate the way many councils have pedestrianised many high streets they just become an empty desert of nothingness with a crappy not planed properly road system around the outside to take the traffic that has been banned from the main streets. Obviously the Town Centres were never planed from scratch they have grown and changed over the decades but some of the planning !! You do really have to wonder how they came up with it. I have just come back from a few hours in Romford better than Ilford but not that much better.
  6. Come to the Edges of East London and Essex. The town centres are as grim as you can get. Ilford was a posh London Suburb many years ago mention the place now and people almost recoil. Yes just down the road there is Wanstead an excellent place to live. Everywhere has got it's good and bad bits.
  7. Would we put up with farmers producing food people buying it destroying a huge amount of it to keep the price of what is left higher than it should be ? NO so why are we allowing it with housing.
  8. Blackness ! What is Blackness exactly ? Do you mean Black ? If so Black is a Race. No we are not all Africans essentially. Michael Jackson might have had Vitiligo but he also had surgery and chemical treatments to try and look white. He was Black might have had light brown skin but he was black just like my brother had darker white skin than me my brother was White. Why don't you give up trying to tell people that there are not people of differing Races in this World there is nothing wrong with having different Races in the World.
  9. Michael Jackson was born Black during his life he was Black and he Died Black. He might have had numerous procedures using chemicals to change the skin colour on his face but if you took a sample of his DNA it would have tested as that of a Black Man. You cannot change your race.
  10. No what you have written is whatever these ********** ! were meant to mean . Are you telling me your not born of a Race ? That you cannot chose a religion ?
  11. Yes Whites can use it towards other Whites like Blacks can use the N word towards other Blacks that does not make it right or ok.
  12. Gammon is only used towards Whites and has only been used in the modern day in a Derogatory fashion it is Racist towards Whites.
  13. No two different things you are born of a Race that you cannot change. Muslim is a religion.
  14. The problem is the word if allowed to flourish might be used towards a certain element of White people now but can soon become extended towards all Whites as users see fit and how they can get away with it.
  15. There are black people who do use the N word towards other black people it can mean Mate or Idiot , however they will take massive offensive if used towards them by people who are non black as they then see it as Racist. Therefore it should not be used by black or any other race of people. There are so many words to describe gay people the word gay itself meant bright and happy not so long ago , I don't know what you mean by gay people taking ownership of the word fag or faggot as I have never met a gay person who described themselves as a fag or who was ok with the word. We are not in 1870 now how the word Gammon was meant back then and people taking ownership of it in a Dickens novel is not how people should be told to accept the word today it is used towards Whites with a derogatory meaning.
  16. Why is it only used to refer to White people then.
  17. The use of the word has changed like many words can change. You need to look at the context where it is used to see that it is now Racist.
  18. So was your original post but hey ho I am sitting here waiting for something decent to pop up on the telly.
  19. Yes It is not poor people it is used for various reasons in a derogatory way to describe Whites.
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