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  1. Do we know how many of them are Doctors and Engineers ?
  2. The USA might lock up more people but how do you know it is a failed policy where D&D is concerned ? Their law could have stopped many others from D&D leading to accidents where people have been killed. What countries did you have in mind ? You said in an earlier comment But people get in cars knowing full well they are drunk , after being told time and time again that it is illegal with a higher chance of having an accident which can involve killing other people.
  3. It is in some parts of the USA , the Prison Time given over here now seems to be rising not just 18 months or something silly as it has been in the past.
  4. I was in hospital about 12 years ago now. One night they bought this man in to the bed next to mine drew the curtains around him and never drew them back for the few days he was there. I never saw him but saw his Mum going in and out to visit him. She could not have been more than early 40's so he was maybe 20. He screamed and screamed the whole time . Then they moved him to a side room I know that as I saw his Mum in there when I walked past. Anyway he had been next to me for a few days when his Mum visited one afternoon. I heard her explain to him that he had had an accident in his car while Drinking and Driving , she then went on to explain that he had killed two of his friends in the accident. I remember the screams that he let out and shouting that he would kill himself. How do you ever live with that ? How many lives did he destroy ?
  5. It's both why do they lump a whole generation together ? Some will save , some will spend , some have changed their habits since Covid but others won't have. These articles do like to generalise so yes more page filling copy.
  6. Yes a lot of elderly people drink to much. In a lot of cases it is to get drunk fall asleep and get rid of another boring day. My Aunt ( now dead ) woke up one morning to find the bed covered in blood. She looked at herself and she had quite a few cuts on her body and hands. She then went into the living room to find her glass cabinet with the glass shattered all over the floor. She then remembered just before going to bed the night before drunk she had been dancing in front of it lost her balance and fell into the glass door. She shrugged her shoulders cleared up the mess and went about her day as usual. Her day consisted of her and hubby having a midday dinner then sitting down to drink a bottle to a bottle and a half of Gin between them.
  7. I would dispute that theory. The East End of London was always filled with Pubs , they were on every corner. I would think it the same in many big cities. The temperance movement might have had some impact on reducing Alcohol consumption but people soon returned to their norm. A few of Jack the Rippers Victims were mentioned as Alcoholic women who had fallen from Grace going to the East End a place filled with many others the same as them. I have read a good few books about real peoples lives in Victorian times Alcoholics were mentioned in all of them. It was always very common as it is today. I don't know about the licensing laws pre 1914 but believe pubs opening times were reduced to keep people sober during world war 1 , they were never repealed after the war until late last century. However pubs being closed from mid afternoon until early evening never stopped anyone who wanted to drink from drinking.
  8. Oh yes massive amounts of TAX , we have two legal drugs in the UK Alcohol and Fags. For some reason they are doing everything in their power to stop people smoking but at the same time encouraging drinking. Apparently the cheap Cider that people use to numb themselves can be cheaper than Cola in some supermarkets. We have a very strange relationship with Alcohol why is it deemed funny for people to be piss-d out of their minds. Look in any Prison, Hospital and Mental Hospital Alcohol will be part of the reason why many people are there.
  9. Alcohol has been the choice for hundreds of years. William Hogarth painted many pictures depicting the plight of the poor numbing their pain with Alcohol back in the 18th century. The Gin houses advertised Drunk for 1 penny really Drunk for 2 it was the poor's only way to relieve themselves from their harsh existence.
  10. I know how you feel but not from seeing the same person as you , I get the feeling when Sadiq Khan pops up on my TV screen , at that point I pick up the remote and change channels.
  11. Well different to what ? The 1988 Crash well yes it is different to then. I have been saying for about 20 years now this is madness and after being part of that crash seeing the place I bought double in about 2 and half years then taking another 7 years to drop back to the price I paid. I have been dumbfounded at the scale of this boom. However 20 years ago I never dreamt we would have interest rates as low as we have had for the last 13 years , htb and the other props that have kept it going. I still believe they will be a correction at some point but I do not think it will be as bad as the late 80's crash. I would say in London and the south east prices dropped by about 40% taking into account inflation which was quite high between 1988 and 1995 in real terms it was even more. My reasons why it is different this time and why it won't crash as much are as follows. 1. The population is far higher than 1988 if people are unable to pay their mortgage and lose their home there will be enough others able to purchase it. 2.Interest rates will rise but are rising very slowly. Back in the 80's IR's were very volatile with very few fixed rates the steep rises impacted most people over night this time people will have longer to sort out their finances and get ready for the rises. 3. Back in the 80's people with children got repossessed and immediately re housed by the council ( I knew a few who could pay their mortgage but thought I am not paying here are the keys went to the council and got housed ) with council houses gone this won't happen this time people will not chuck the towel in so fast. 4. Private renting is so expensive so again as in point 3 those who have a house will do everything in their power to keep it. Apparently in the 80's crash half of repossessions were voluntary. I also knew people who did everything in their power to keep their houses which they did. The human spirit can be very strong and innovative it will be again. The alternative for those losing their home will force people to hang on longer this time. 5. Flexibility. Back in the 80's you had two choices repayment or interest only backed by an endowment which was signed to the bank , the maximum loan period was 25 years. There was no such thing as payment holidays 4 months in arrears and the bank would start repossession proceedings. Today people will have the opportunity to take payment holidays, extend the period up to 40 years , make part payments and ask for assistance which will be granted. 6. Back in the 80's the whole market crashed from the bottom to the top. Today houses are in short supply not sure how the numbers stack up compared to the 80's and with the population increase however we have not been building many houses , we have built shed loads of Flats. These flats have been sold on mass to the FTB's many on HTB they might crash out and see massive drops , but the family homes in areas near schools are in very short supply and won't be pulled down with the FTB's Flats. I MIGHT BE TOTALLY WRONG BUT I DO THINK IT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME TO THE LAST CRASH IN THE 80'S.
  12. There are many reputable companies who will not trade in goods made with child/slave Labour and do a lot to ensue where the goods have been made and by who. Boris is looking at deals with India they do not have to include numbers on how many Indians we let into the UK we should have immigration based on need and skills not on I will scratch your back if you scratch mine.
  13. So as I said in anther post above Demark has got a lot of things fairly right.
  14. That has nothing to do with what I am asking or saying. I want to know why you think Demark is Bland and lost on a Cultural Perspective ? I think there have been far more than 5 children killed by strangers in the last 50 years. However I agree that the numbers are very low. I see the extra security issue as not about stopping children being killed by strangers as the incident's of this have remained quite low and level but there is plenty of other crime that has escalated bringing in the need for far more security not just in schools but in all other areas of our lives. Looking at Denmark they seem to have got a lot of things right they have also been able to keep the relative safety that we took for granted in the 70's but have now lost. Woke seems to have lost itself up it's own backside making many people unable to have or give an opinion in case they upset some strand of Wokisim it really has become a joke now but not a funny joke. ?
  15. What do you mean by Danish Society is very bland ? What do you mean by lost from a cultural perspective. I have a few bits and pieces , vases and jugs designed and made in Denmark that I think are very modern , a bit Ikea type stuff but a lot better quality. The last thing I would describe them as is Bland. When I was at school in the 70's the gates were left open all day, the doors into the buildings the same. My junior school playground was used by a few people as a short cut there were never any problems. Today I go past the same school the fences are now 8 foot high the gates are turnstile access only with a security pass. Recently watching a documentary on Denmark not only did the family living in Copenhagen have a decent standard of living they dropped their children off at school where it was safe enough to leave the gates and doors open as it was here back in the 70's. Maybe safety goes hand in hand with bland.
  16. Well when people retire they will have less outgoings no travel to work, no paying into a pension. They will also be drawing a pension maybe a company one on top of the state one. The capital will lose value over a period of time however whatever it earns can be a top up to what is coming in. No one lives for ever as people get really old their expenses in many cases will reduce further as they won't want to holiday as often if at all go out for meals so much or bother updating their homes. I think most people like to have a nest egg even if it is losing value in real terms it gives a degree of comfort.
  17. Nothing to do with it. They don't get put up in Hotels they are placed in camps and deported if and when their claim is declined. Take a look on youtube it is all there for you to see. The general consciences is the Danes have learnt from the mistakes of their neighbour Sweden who is not having a good time trying to integrate people who have arrived in the country and expect to do as they please, again plenty on youtube to see.
  18. They value their population but they don't increase it at the rate the UK does. They also have a very different approach to illegal immigration , maybe that is why the boat people don't rock up there like they do here.
  19. So we have non stop immigration as we have created this never ending increasing circle more people coming in more needed. 10 + million people have arrived in the last 20 years but still we need more. There seems to be a massive disconnect somewhere a population of 70 Million is not enough. I wonder how countries like Demark survive they have a far smaller population but a much better standard of living and from what I can gather a better quality of life. How many more people do we need to achieve the standard of service byron78 wants ?
  20. The above is maybe a result of the below. Judging by the amount of vacancies I would think quite a few , rising wages as well.
  21. Umm because people voted for it in a democracy , quite simple really. I blame the Governments of this country past and present for the Brexit vote , they laid the foundations for peoples negative attitude to the EU when given the vote by Cameron who thought we would vote remain it back fired on him we voted leave. The EU was used as a whipping boy by UK Governments it was a catch all for anything wrong well they cried Wolf once to often. Maybe the UK leaving was a wake up call for the EU , maybe they need to change to stop others leaving and the whole EU falling apart , maybe one day the UK might re join but I think the whole thing has been a massive learning curve for many.
  22. So we say no. I am sure India will still sell us cheap wear and chuck T-shirts.
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