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  1. He picked me up recently I wrote Your instead of You're. Maybe they did not do numbers at the Russell Group University he went to.
  2. No But her along with Lammy and Butler is he reason many White people wont' vote Labour Whites are no different to Blacks they don't like it. While Labour harbour this double standard they won't get elected. Quite simple if you think about it.
  3. I would call it Obsession or Addiction. This project has destroyed his life and his family in the same way an Addiction to Alcohol , Gambling or Spending money can.
  4. You have just proved my point. Any hint of Racism and the Labour Party with their cohorts jump on it and want people destroyed. Yet when it is Racism towards if a white person just points it out people like try and turn the race card on them just for mentioning it. Double Standards. You called me Nigel I will call you David Diana Dawn.
  5. The 35 and 40 year mortgages have been around long before 2010 why are you just blaming the Tory's for unaffordable housing ? Mass immigration is something I am against but then again that started under Blair. The Magic Money Tree was that the same tree that paid people £35,000 a year if they worked 16 hours a week in a minimum wage job made up with Tax Credits. Let's be honest The Tory's are bad it is just that Labour are worse. There are many reasons I won't vote Labour right now but to name a few David Lammy , Dawn Butler, Diana Abbott I listen to these people and it
  6. I would have thought "indigenous feckless" would not bother to vote. Maybe the Blue Collar Manual and lower end White Collar Working Class who would have been Labours core vote are now the key Tory support group myself and many of my peer group are among them and I can understand why.
  7. Who Knows I just look about me at the moment and think the whole thing is as my name on here states is INSANE. I was telling a guy at work about buying this place a few years ago who was in his mid 30's and he was like " Oh Ok understood " Then one day going through my old paper work I came across the advert and took it into work to show him. He was shocked and admitted that when I had first told
  8. I have done it more luck than judgement. This was the advert in I think it was (October of 1993) the 1st floor of this block had been built as offices that never got let so they changed the floor into flats. I did not actually buy one of these but at that time bought a 1 bed on the third floor repossessed and never lived in for £50,000 and the paper work from the original sale was £150,000. The figures given in this advert are not made up the crossed out figures were how much people originally paid in 1988. My neighbour paid £160,000.
  9. That is painful and there will be many more stories like this over the coming years.
  10. I wonder how many other people are in situations like this or other situations where there is no way out apart form Bankruptcy ? If you ever go on the Moneysavingexpert Bankruptcy forums and take a read there are people on there who went bankrupt and say it was the best thing they ever did and 5 or 10 years afterwards it is but a distant memory. The situation with the Indian guy you know is not going to resolve itself just by sitting it out especially if he has no tenant and a massive cladding bill to pay.
  11. Absolute Madness !!! I think going forward one day HTB will be looked upon as worse than right to buy in the list of why we have such a housing crisis in the UK, the whole thing beggars belief.
  12. We don't know how low it will go but at what point would you jump in ? Some of the old council blocks although not pretty to look at stood the test of time and have stood up well to the wear and tear of many people living in them. A lot of this cheap new build will fall apart and will be demolished in a few decades. Those left will be the slums' The lower the price goes the lower the standards will drop. Would you want to pay any price to live next door to a crack den ? As for your idea of an air bnb how many others will be doing/thinking the same. What service charges will you be liabl
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