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  1. It's Price she knows deep down it is price but won't accept it , that is why she states a number of times in the Video that it is not price. I sold my £525,000 Docklands Flat right in the middle of the Financial Crisis January 2009 and Completed that March. I listed at £525,000 then dropped it within 2 weeks to £495,000 then to get shot I told the agent to get anything with a 4 at the front. He came back in a few days with 2 bids £400,000 Cash and £408,000 from a couple getting a mortgage I went with the Cash Buyer who then pulled out but as he pulled out the Bid with the mortgage was raised to £420,000. The sale went through fast I cleared the debt and had a small amount left to put down on a much cheaper flat in Essex. With hindsight it was a massive mistake however at the time with out a job and not in good health the overriding factor was to clear the £340,000 debt which I did.
  2. Correct there are plenty of things that can be taxed and are already, all tax will have an impact on the product , service or item that get's taxed. The massive problem with Labour is you don't know what it is they will tax until they get elected. Last time round they taxed the dividends earned in pensions. Nice one that as no one noticed overnight as it was not a direct hit on the pocket immediately. The outcome :- Most companies closed their final salary pension schemes and replaced with less secure Money Purchase Schemes. I would never trust Labour again.
  3. Totally agree but we had it collectively. No one was forced to sell off a personnel asset.
  4. It is very different as the sell off would be forcing individuals to sell what they legally own. When the Councils were forced to sell their housing stock (yes your correct it was taxpayer owned) but that collective ownership is really just a myth no taxpayer apart from the tenants had any rights ,liabilities or personal profit/loss in what they are told they collectively own. No individual tax payer had any authority over the assets sold it is different when you legal own something. This is another level and if it did happen what next ? Forcing people to scrap high performance cars sell them to the breakers yard when they are still road worthy ? Sell their pension rights for less than they are worth ? Sell their wedding rings at a Discount to the Jeweller in the high street ? Very scary road to go down.
  5. I don't agree with the current housing situation and the way people have been able to extract rent from others however this would cause economic turmoil. It is just another reason not to vote Labour !! If they could take what is legally one persons property and force them to sell it at a discount to the market rate what else are they capable of even those who would benefit under this scheme should be frightened of a Labour Government as they might benefit in one way but lose in another. The Council House Right To Buy is a big part of the problems we now have in the housing market this would be the cause of major problems in the whole economy.
  6. I was talking about the people consuming either Food or Fags not the side effects for other people. How peoples habits impact on those around them is important but a whole different topic.
  7. As Smoking has decreased Obesity has increased. We have swopped one bad habit for another. When I was growing up many adults smoked and it was accepted. I knew 3 very fat ladies in my area and two fat teenage girls. Today you see less people smoking but if you step outside onto the streets you cannot turn your head without seeing Obesity.
  8. As much as I believe that the Establishment look after themselves at the expense of the remaining population and the City of London again looks after the chosen few , what worries me is Corbyn will not effectively challenge them to get a more even balance but destroy them. By destroying them the rest of us will be worse not better off. Venezuela springs to mind.
  9. Have you listened to Corbyn, Macdonald , Abbott, Lammy, Thornberry and many others that are in Labour ? If you listen to these people that will answer your question.
  10. Or another way to look at it is I am not going to risk the whole country by voting Labour. Voting Labour thinking the young will be better off is Not Kind but Stupid.
  11. I have also made it clear I would vote Tory. Not because I think they would be good but they would be better for everyone young and old due to not causing the Carnage both Economically and Socially that the Labour government would cause.
  12. Correct I don't trust the Tories either however out of the Two the Tories scare me less than Labour.
  13. From what I see and hear from Corbyn and those that surround him those 3 words will not make me put my X next to any Labour Candidate at any election.
  14. When Labour were elected in 1997 the housing market had just recovered from the massive slump of the late 80's early 90's. The £100,000 house that had dropped to £60,000 or £70,000 was back to £100,000 negative equity that had blighted many was now wiped out. Due to much lower interest rates than the late 80's and wages that had risen quite well the £100,000 house was now affordable. Gordon Brown promised that Labour would never let the housing market get out of control again and there would be no more boom and bust. Fast Forward 10 years and after letting the housing market get completely out of control that was the Boom LABOUR Government Sprayed Billions of other peoples money plus fake money at the Bankers and Landowners to stop the Bust. Never trust what Labour say. The only way the Labour Government will ever stop the Rigged Housing market and be in Government while there is a crash is if there is a complete and utter economic crash. Thinking about it that is exactly why many people will never vote Labour again.
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