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  1. Well the housing market the Government and the people are between a rock and a hard place. I heard someone recently say the " Damage has been done " Quoting Help to Buy as the Damage that has pushed prices up. There is no easy way out as either way masses of people are being or going to get hurt. If prices don't crash masses are priced out of owing their own home and forced to pay extortionate rents , if prices do crash those who have taken on large debts and bought are the ones who are going to hurt. Either way the Government upsets a large amount of Voters.
  2. Now you waffle. In an earlier post you said Yet when asked why another important item was not elevated you have no reply.
  3. Tell me who's/what personal prejudices would the targeted media be pandering to in these instances. As far as I know they have all been covered quite well in the MSM as well as the other types of media.
  4. What coincidence is that ? Did you hear anything in the MSM news last week re the 3 men who were jailed for raping a 12 year old , it took 24 years for her to get justice. I only saw it on Social Media nothing on the MSM. If any news story last week should have been elevated that was the one.
  5. She was not an MP when she got the Social Housing. The real Story is how did she get it and how many others are there who have got it via Fraud or Nepotism.
  6. Claiming working age Benefits is far more complicated than just that. Have you ever signed on ? I did it once and got the biggest shock of my life.
  7. Then how long before the 7% ends up back at 12%. When I started work 1979 basic rate income tax was 33% and NI about 6%. As they cut income tax and told us how lucky we were they upped NI and told us it was not TAX. Also Vat was 8.5% increased to 15% then 17.5% now 20%.
  8. Yes But how many times the Boomers and Gen X did not collude together to pull the rug up from under those who followed them. Did your parents join some group after they were able to buy a house again after their repossession. You aim your accusations in the wrong place it has been Government policy's over the last 25 years that has led to where the young find themselves today not the fault of the Boomer or Gen X.
  9. There are many different scenario's that happened to different people as events outside of their control happened. Some good some bad. The best one I ever heard and Know it was true. Early 1988 Family repossessed from 4 bed Detached House, 3 children went to the council and were re housed. They did not give the Building Society a forwarding address. They thought that once repossessed the house belonged to the Building Society and any profit on sale was the Building Society's not theirs. As the Law Stands once the house is sold if the lender does not have a forwarding address they will open a savings account in the ex owners name and deposit any surplus money in it. The house was sold at the top of the 1988 Bubble and a large amount of money was put into an account for the owners without their knowledge. Fast Forward 5 years with the money gaining high interest compounded and houses falling in price like a rock. The ex owners became aware that they might be owed some money contacted the Building Society and found out they had all this money in an account. With house prices at rock bottom they were able to buy a similar house to the one they had repossessed with a tiny mortgage. When your parents went through that nightmare and it was a nightmare at the time did they know what the outcome was going to be years down the line ? No. I totally understand that compared to today it turned out much better for many boomers than it will turn out for those born later , however I will dig my heels in and say the Boomers or any other generation did not collectively group together to stich any other generation up.
  10. Well flip it round there is nothing you can say to some young people to stop them making ageist remarks, but that does not make all young people ageist. Just as not all older people are anti-young. Many older people myself included and colleagues who have younger adult offspring understand the plight of the young and how things have changed for them. However what does irritate us is the constant Blame heaped on us as if we collectively changed policy's to take everything away from the young. We don't make policy we just get a Vote every time the government of the day thinks it is the best time for them to have an election. A boomer who left school at 16 kicked around in dead end jobs and then had the opportunity at 21 to work his nuts off in a manufacturing business taking the permanent night shift role doing 12 hour shifts often 6 nights a week bought his first flat in East London at 22, no car , no holiday, no washing machine, second hand furniture but yes it turned out well in the end. He also had no interest in Pensions as they were boring and light years away, but he ticked the box on the form put in front of him at the pensions seminar. Was fortunate that he got good pay rises in the first few years of owing this flat on a 3x salary mortgage so was able to keep it going when interest rates went to 15% but watched a few of his friends succumb to repossession or sitting in Negative Equity for a decade. Yes that was me. I could say that the younger Generations are the first Generations to collectively group together getting Conned into Higher Education telling themselves that they must have a degree even if it is in a soft subject to then end up competing at 21/22 for basic jobs that the Boomers got at 16 with heaps of debt on their shoulders. However I won't say that , what I would say is the younger Generations made their decisions on what was in front of them at the time just as the boomers made theirs on what was in front of them. Neither did anything collectively.
  11. Back in the Late 80's when Major was Chancellor he started to reduce the married mans tax allowance. When people questioned this he said " we are looking at letting non working spouses transfer their unused tax free allowance to the working spouse " It never happened. Then again a few years ago when family allowance was capped they said the same thing. It has never happened.
  12. How do you define what the Boomers paid into the pensions system ? Successive Governments took from the company and private schemes forcing Final Salary Schemes to be closed as for the state pension the money people paid was never invested but used as it came in. It is not pensions greed of the older generations that has ruined things for the younger generations but Government Policy's. There is no such thing as a Boomer Cohort of any Generation Cohort people are just individuals who work and live within the systems that are in front of them. You speak as if the Boomers all got together and decided to grab everything from the Generations that followed.
  13. HTB is the whole reason the 40% as it is in London is why people over pay for brand new. There are so so many New Builds in London that I am surprised they are even selling with HTB. I moved from East London about 10 years ago and was back there this week I was staggered absolutely staggered at the amount of New Build. I don't know south , north and west London but I have heard they are as saturated as well. I was also in Canary Wharf where there is block after block of new build which is priced well over the HTB limit and I noticed massive signs on the blocks advertising renting instead of buying so the developers must be getting stuck with them.
  14. They then go out into the world and apply for jobs that people got at 16 with a hand full of " O" Levels.
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