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  1. Oh did you not say vote Labour Ohh I am misunderstood. So tell me who should I vote ? As we get either Labour or Tory don't we. No you are now tell me who should I vote ? Maybe my name is more of a match for the poster I am answering
  2. No it is not you called me a fool when you have been fooled yourself. Now that is daft very very daft when you have just called me daft. We all know they all lie Tory, Labour, Liberal the whole lot of them ! Do you really think any of them are any different ? If so you are more than daft soft lad. So someone choosing to vote either or knows they are going to be lied to ! Are you keeping up ? I don't want the Labour Shower is that so difficult to understand. You Labour fan boys still have not given me one policy or shred of evidence that Labour would do anything for Jo Average UK voter but all you can tell me is don't vote Tory they lie yet admit Labour lie as well. Let me be blunt as well. As I said go and look at your Labour MP's. Have you looked up how many of them have been convicted of crime while they were still Labour MP's ? Answer NO ! thought not you write on here telling me why I should not vote tory yet refuse to look at the reasons why I won't Labour. Blunt, Police, Jail, MP's , Tory, Labour, Lies, More Lies , Am I Bovered ? While we are on the Police why is a woman who tried to stich up the Police crying racism while on every news outlet she could get her ugly face until she was found out LYING still in the Labour Party ? Answer because the Labour leader has not got the guts to sack her for what she tried. You want me to vote Labour NO THANKS.
  3. How many Labour MP's have been convicted of crimes recently ? Maybe take a look at who is and has been in the party. Can you guarantee me I won't be lied to and taken for a fool like you if I voted Labour ?
  4. Lol You mean a stuck record a broken one gives you nothing. Maybe you could lift the needle on Labours stuck record and we can hear some positive words that would gain them some crosses at the next GE. Or maybe your right it is a broken record that Labour have that is why we don't hear anything from them.
  5. But it is not silly it is fact. Our political choices are dire Labour, Tory Liberals the whole lot are horrendous. I am no Tory fan boy I am like most people who at the next election will vote for what they think is the least worst choice , nothing at this point leads me to believe Labour are the least worst.
  6. The Electorate. Well that will happen at the next GE if the public what to kick them out. The great thing about an election is that you can kick a Government out. The worst thing is to do that you have to vote another one in. Chances are the public might stick with what they already have when they look at the alternative.
  7. Is that supposed to be an answer explaining how Labour are getting their act together ?
  8. Plenty did and still will. As I said when are Labour going to get their act together ?
  9. They have no need to condemn anything. It is all part and parcel of having a Government with no credible opposition. Can you tell me when Labour might consider getting their act together ?
  10. That's Lancashire not everywhere , Essex don't do it and many more don't that is why you see these service charges on Freehold houses.
  11. I would think it is the huge rise in immigration for the last 25 years driving it.
  12. That makes sense. The councils do not adopt the roads and pavements on new developments any longer . You don't get a discount on your council tax so more like a stealth tax by the back door. Therefore all buyers have to pay a small charge each year for the upkeep of the roads and pavements. The real story should be not about the managing agent but the fact the councils are not giving the service that council tax payers are paying for. So they have to pay twice.
  13. Could it be anything to do with people taking a punt on NI due to how things will play out with Brexit. I don't follow it much but is it not a case nothing has been settled with the border ect yet ? Maybe people thing that whatever deal is reached NI will be a winner ?
  14. People with children do get help. As for social housing it is a case of If they can get it. Many people who are getting help/support rent privately then get HB. A life of constantly being means tested also worrying that if their landlord decides to end the tenancy they have to find a new landlord who will accept those on HB. As well as reasonable rents the other advantage of council housing was long term tenancy's.
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