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  1. A hit list of thirty six sitting Conservative MPs branded 'sex pests' including two serving cabinet members has emerged in a secret 'spreadsheet of shame' leaked at Westminster. Tory aides have put together the dirty dossier which includes the specific details of the accusations inappropriate or even criminal behaviour at work. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5029877/Tories-dirty-dossier-REVEALED.html What's the future if the MP's are like this?
  2. The crisis engulfing Harvey Weinstein has ­intensified, after Cara Delevingne detailed how she was allegedly sexually harassed by him when she first started to work as an actor. In a post on her Instagram page on Wednesday night, the model wrote that Weinstein had tried to get her to kiss another woman, and then tried to kiss her himself when she wanted to leave. What is this guy? Why wasn't the doings of this devil reported earlier and why were celebrities mum?
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