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  1. I'm down in Hertfordshire AL5 and its gone totally mad here... There are so few houses on the market and loads of buyers. One house has just been put on the market in an ok road but nothing special and it has 19 viewings booked for this Saturday!! I think it was SIPPS and IR cut that got people buying again but now it has got momentum the fact that SIPPS now isn't happening is irrelevent in most peoples mind. I think we could be looking at some horrific figures from Rightmove etc.. for January in the region of 8-10%
  2. The whole thing is enough to make you cry.... The question is.. how much longer can he get away with it? sometimes I think this madness could carry on for years and years The problem about pensions is that most people don't care less about saving as long as their house keeps going up they will be fine. I think that eventually the markets will snap and force up interest rates but its like watching and waiting for a volcano to errupt.
  3. I think this just goes to show again how powerfull the VIs are... There is so much money to be made by VIs in a rising house market they will always present any figures in a positive light. Its a shame the market is not more even with it being just as easy to make lots of money on a falling market then the reporting would be a lot more balanced. Bring on house price derivatives....
  4. What are people making of this story? http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-1206666,00.html mortgage lending has always been a good leading indicator of the market so this is not good news for bears. These amounts will have been agreed before the SIPPs bubble burst so its possible that the next few months will show amounts dropping again. But then again its begining to look like a surge in prices is going to be upon us after christmas.
  5. Justice, you just need to adapt your skills to meet the market demands.. How about this java role at up to £750pd ? thats about £170k per year http://www.jobserve.com/W7DC746D6D5FA7754.job
  6. no its there just look under House Prices in the financial section. I've just closed my long position with a healthy profit and will go short
  7. This is the best news ever!!!! The recent bounce we saw our way has at least been 50% down to the prospect of SIPPS and probably 50% down to rates falling. This news will have a BIG impact on sentiment!
  8. Figures don't surprise me here in south hertfordshire. There are no decent houses for sale and as soon as something comes up there is so much interest the houses are selling in days and in several cases for more then asking.
  9. Steve which area are you talking about? Its exactly what I have been seeing for the last couple of months in south Hertfordshire. Its not a buyers market round here anymore.
  10. Think you need to check your facts... its actually the young/middle aged that are likely to be most at risk if it follows the same pattern as last time. Bird flu is the single biggest threat to the world economy........ forget house prices, interest rates etc.. If as scientist are convinced it mutates to a human transferable virus the panic will cause economic collapse. Think about it, who is going to want to use public transport or sit in an office when the person next to you could be caring a fatal virus that you could catch as easily as a cold? People will just not want to go to work bu
  11. When people start dying of the human version of bird flu
  12. http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-13460724,00.html
  13. Spreads for Q2 London are 32 points apart. Prices for Q2 London are down 17 points today £100 per point = £250k approx exposure
  14. Well noticed!! Just to add to this that the on IG Index prices for houses prices next year fell on the halifax news. So the 'market' (if you can call traders on IG that) were not impressed with the Halifax figures and were expecting a bigger rise.
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