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  1. Yes i think the old saying applies to the rover engine ones. The new ones seem pretty good, i even debated having one at one point.
  2. Yes, no doubt if I was down London things would be nowhere near as rosey. I've been able to London wages in West Yorkshire for the last 6 years. Exactly that reason.
  3. This year I really have took a good long look at things for the first time in about 7 years. I had become far too absorbed in capitalism. Family is everything. When my now 2 year old daughter came on the scene it changed everything for me. I think I was destined to be your 10 house BTL baller with a daft range rover etc.... I set myself the task of becoming mortgage free in 5 years time (i was then 24 and very ambitious + not neccesarily the nicest guy during that time). I managed it and currently live mortgage free in a 3 bedroom house in a great part of west yorkshire. Baby nu
  4. Its a wonderful house, owners husband has passed away. Survey came back great no issues. She just wants a hassle free sale. I'd be looking maybe 450-460k if it went up with an EA. I think she dislikes EA's as much as me. I will be going for it for sure!
  5. Thanks for the reply @Simhadri By no means do i trust anything in the media as they all have agendas but so much conflicting info out there these days. In contrast to HPC we have 56% increase by 2027: http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/847628/House-prices-UK-increase-average-cost-2027
  6. I've read a few posts on the forum and i'm a follower of everything house prices and mortgages. The long and short of it is: I'm now 30. I purchased my first house in a middle of road sort of area 6 years ago for £150,000. It is a fairly standard 3 bed semi corner plot with parking for 3 cars and a great south facing garden. The inside of the house is very average, no character but we've put our mark on it over the years, put in a new kitchen and decorated all the rooms. We had considered extending, our friends across the road have done this. I did fairly well to get the house i
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