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  1. Replication and load balancing is easy these days. Even deployment to over 100 servers is pretty easy, the real magic of Google is in the algorithm.
  2. Or one person a short amount of time to implement a password reset. It's virtually impossible to speak to anyone at Facebook or Google.
  3. That's why I said 30 people. If it was just the photos and some basic stuff it would be one person in a week. It isn't doing anything that impressive, the historical data has some value but it's just because it's a known brand. Same with zoopla it scrapes and saves some useful data but nothing groundbreaking.
  4. I never get why zoopla or right move are worth much at all. I could build the same size in a month with a team of 30. I guess it's the well known name, but still.
  5. A thread on scumsnet was posative about citizens income, but of course "there would have to be something extra like tax credits so people with children get more"?
  6. I'm not so sure. There are loads in my small town. Sure rentals might keep them ticking over if they cut back massively. But eventually if owner occupiers increase rental demand will fall off a cliff.
  7. All this talk of Amazon expanding to groceries but yet no talk of abolishing the Sunday trading laws to allow shops to complete. It's a right annoyance if you are used to Scottish shops and being able to do a decent shop on a Sunday after a busy weekend and traveling back.
  8. I'm surprised there are still so many left. Even the traditional ones fees are slashed compared to what they used to be. It's one buisness that really doesn't need a physical presence anymore.
  9. That's my point he don't understand that it's on him not them for proof. Well this has gone on for 3 years and their haven't audited or anything as far as I'm aware. Hes taking it as his expenses have been accepted, when I assume it's just an automated system and no one has ever looked at them, yet.
  10. Hmrc aren't even going after the low hanging fruit. I know someone that doesn't pay any tax on BTL as every year they submit expenses saying they paid a builder thousands in cash for work. Then says it's up to HMRC to proove he didn't. Even been reported as it's been going on for years, hmrc haven't done anything and he's still really smug.
  11. If Wandsworth has been dropping 15% why is zoopla just showing flat prices? I know a BTL scum that has remortgaged this year for more than they bought two years ago around there.
  12. Is this actually filtering down to the 250k council studio flats? Even a drop down to 200k is only just back to levels a few years ago
  13. I'm entitled to a 75% discount, but haven't received it for 3 months now as council tax office can't do basic sums and spend ages getting back to me. Then I at most can ask for it to be backdated for a month. What can they do if you just stop paying?
  14. I think they started expanding a while ago, every town or city with a posh part has one now. Agreed the cost isn't related to how good it is, just saying it's only a tad more expensive than many pubs. That said I don't really enjoy eating out and even the fancy places will cut corners where they can to make more money.
  15. Problem is lots of the youth want house prices to keep rising, they want to own somewhere then have a magic money making machine that earns more than they do each year.
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