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  1. PXP ICO in progress Currently priced at $0.15 Price will jump to $0.2 from 1st May. Use https://auth.pointpay.io/sign-up?ref=15927965171 to buy more tokens with bonus too. This is native token of crypt bank, exchange and wallet pointpay.io This could get as big as Binance in future. BNB ICO price was $0.1 in 2017 and now it is $500 Good luck.
  2. https://pointpay.io PXP token ICO. Could go big in this bull run
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeZR3b2fOpM&t=328s
  4. Corbyn tolerated hatred from some splinter groups of Labour against Jews. Jews also have human rights. It is valid decision to suspend Jezza so that he can go to pub and fishing in his retirement instead of being a fly disturbing a room.
  5. I have white colleagues who are still struggling to gather a deposit. Not sure what white privilege are you talking about. UK has poor people from all races and ethnicities.
  6. Oh yeah, why not have 2007 share prices from stock market in 2020 so that people can buy shares in 2020 for 2007 prices. Say Tesla is $1835 now, but please make it $40 so that many progressive people will buy those shares at $40. Eh ? like that ?
  7. Unfortunately that's not how most people think. For them, if they can't plan, save, invest, they want others who do so to fail. It gives them immense psychic sadistic pleasure to see somebody else to fail. They call that mindset PROGRESSIVE Fortunately UK voters know very well this mindset and dump such parties in every election until those parties eat their humble pie.
  8. What if you don't get your money back ? You take it positively and move on ? Everybody can't risk their savings for some start up which may or may not succeed. Same applies in houses, there are people who lost money.
  9. New Labour is better than Commie Labour and Tories.
  10. Dear Corbyn My wife went to Tory because she thinks I'm a commie and I keep denying it. And I keep waiting next 20 years for a crash as per our commie red book.? Lol
  11. Dear Corbyn My wife went to Tory because she thinks I'm a commie and I keep denying it. And I keep waiting next 20 years for a crash as per our commie red book.? Lol
  12. Then mind your own business instead of behaving like a jealous brat praying for other people's failure. Your tax of 20p can be paid to your fellow commies in shelter. Seems your line of work is being on dole.
  13. Dear Corbyn My wife went to a Tory as she can't wait for magical crash for 20 years as my money gone in shares and rents. How can I apply for a place in Shelter ? Regards, Commie
  14. They're have all their holes filled already. They can't take it anymore. ?
  15. Dear Corbyn, I was praying for a mega crash for 20 years and my hair and beard turned grey like you but no crash happened. I ended up paying 100% property value in rent payments in last 20 years. Now I can't even control my jealousy about other people who saved and bought a house and avoided 20 years of rising rent payments. I only hope all others who saved and invested to fail because in such a low life, there is nothing else I could do. With Best Regards, Your comrade.
  16. Not more than a communist's drivel with a sense of entitlement without moving @$$ and expecting people who save and invest to fund his life while ******s around.
  17. Haha my tenants are not on benefits and they've been working while people like you on furlough dreaming about fantasies. Instead of worrying about me, make sure you don't end up on dole. Move your backside and go to work. BTW, once economy bounces back, I'm sure you'll lose your trousers also when you struggle to gather a deposit to buy a shoe box or you'll continue to pay rent for another 20 years moaning on this forum. ?
  18. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/12411219/stamp-duty-cut-hikes-average-property-prices/ If you don't buy, somebody else will buy. We're entering a phase where UK property is truly a global asset. People from 80 countries are buying property in UK. It's going to get tough as more and more people from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Middle East are buying UK property. You can laugh now, but you will realise that with every year passing by and you'll get old and continue to pay rent which will keep rising. You can't wait 20 years for some crash to happen because your life, relationship, career, family won't wait that long for your idealogical dream to happen with a magical crash. Take it from me, I waited for crash, then all my friends bought 5-8 years before I did and most of them have 40% LTV on their homes now. I was stubborn and waited and then realised UK property is not just for British people, it's global investment destination. I've seen people from other countries outbidding me in places like Brentwood, Bishop Stortford, Canterbury. You can't compete with global investors. Some of them are buying a full block of apartment flats in a single sale and refurbishing and renting them out. These are institutional investors with massive funds. If you don't buy, they will buy. Paying rent for all your life and moving from house to house for many years won't be good if you've family and children won't like it either. UK property ALWAYS went up in value over medium to long term. Long term average growth in capital value is 2%-5% per year and rental yields 3% to 7% depending on where you're buying or renting out. The FDI into will continue to grow despite Brexit because people from many countries accept it is more safe to put their money in UK than in their own countries. Good luck.
  19. Allow work from home in as many jobs as possible. This will encourage people to buy homes in villages and settle there instead of paying a fortune to rent a shoebox in London. This will help rural economy significantly and rural communities will have local jobs. Reduce VAT to 15%. Cut benefits where ever they're misused. This will release some people into workforce and they should be encouraged unless they've serious disability. Give incentives to companies who want to design and manufacture their products in UK . Enforce new land value tax of 0.5% per year. This will release some parcels of land which are lying dormant and not put to use for agriculture. UK should deport illegal migrants instead of putting them in 5 star hotels. Follow Australian model and put illegals into distant island. That'll discourage new illegals from coming here hiding under a truck. Reduce inheritance tax and capital gains tax to flat 15%. This will cause huge number of transactions and will fetch lot of money for government instead of oldies sitting tight on their detached homes. Give incentives and FREE homes to British innovators and scientists who settled abroad and working in foreign companies. We need their brilliance for UK tech and science research. If they've Phd, offer them tax incentives as well. One good innovator can create hundreds of new jobs. They're like diamonds. Don't lose them. Encourage single mums to go to work and recruit single mums into childcare jobs so some single mums can look after children while other single mums can go to work in other jobs. Currently it's a messy benefits system. Give Hong Kong tech talent some opportunities to join major UK tech brands. Need new blood, new ways of approach in our tech and science. Allow them to settle in UK as long as they're not CCP pawns not pretending to be victims of CCP. UK agriculture and food exports should explore new markets like Asian cities where people are ready to pay more money for organic and good quality food. UK retail brands should focus more on emerging asian economies and middle class whose purchasing power is on upwards trajectory. Will be great if UK can focus more to have free trade agreements with countries like Canada. Check if UK can export North Sea Oil to energy hungry economies in rest of the world. UK businesses should partner with and tap into Israeli tech companies. This will be good value addition. Check with those countries with whom UK has double tax treaties to enforce some tax on offshore shell companies who are hiding billions of wealth in UK property. UK should focus on exporting more high end products to South America. Government should make it compulsory for those on benefits deemed to be physically and mentally fit enough to register in skills training in those careers where there is skills shortage (including nursing, elderly care, child care, pharmacists, plumbers, agriculture, cleaning and any other profession where not enough local people are joining)
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