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  1. Also beware of any potential recession in couple of years time. Better to have some cushion.
  2. https://www.realhomes.com/news/will-house-prices-rise-after-brexit-yes-especially-if-you-live-up-north https://propertyindustryeye.com/savills-predicts-drop-in-first-time-buyers-and-boom-in-house-prices-for-the-north/
  3. Keep working from home until Brexit uncertainty ends. Dont risk your cash now.
  4. +1 Which is why banks don't give loans to buy shares, but ready to give loans to buy houses.
  5. House prices are better predicted by medium to long term forecast than short term forecast.
  6. Leeds is emerging hub for banking fintech companies. No surprise. But places like Sunderland, Hartlepool are still low house prices. Scotland still going up by small amounts like 2% to 4% per year in main cities. BTL brigade from South are definitely buying up here in North. We'll see North going up in terms of house prices as well as young population. Frequently seeing Russians/Chinese also here.
  7. Not a great idea, if it happens, you'll see the young population exodus. Nobody wants to work all their life for a match box. People are moving to 3rd world countries also and some of them ending up as music teachers, english teachers, yoga teachers. Not sure if its a smart move with another bubble. In the end banks will benefit the most than a citizen.
  8. I think the view on HPC is mostly whether living standards and economy have fallen (taking into house price inflation also into consideration). I think they're right, living standards are falling for sure. Not sure how this pans out further into future as we may see massive QE on its way in next couple of years even if we leave EU with/without a deal.
  9. Gen X shafted. Millenials will put off having a family. Poor and middle class can't afford to have children in future. Only the rich, super rich, filthy rich will have more babies. We'll see the so called elite expanding as a percentage of total population. This is a kind of eugenics.
  10. Same thing was happening just before great depression. Good luck, if it happens like that, all will be ******ed. Alternative is Japanese style slow decay which is lesser pain but long travel. They will automate everything and 80% will be poor and 20% will be rich. No middle class left.
  11. Nah happily married for 9 years. Its from what my friends have gone through. Terrible situation to be in.
  12. Hope he won't end up losing much bigger pie in divorce. Today's family courts are completely against men. Most of marriages ending up in divorce few years later. No matter how much she smiles to convince him that she will stay with him till end, it's never gonna happen. He would have been far better off trusting an estate agent in central london, atleast that would have got him a flat in decent locality. Modern woman is not that kind when it comes to money.
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