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  1. What does it exactly say in your contract? Perhaps its a double charging attempt by the agent? The Landlord has picked up on this and said they will pay and it makes them look like they have done you a favor. Not sure why a agent would not charge the Landlord and prefer to charge tenant? Does not matter who pays for the report as I can work out, in this instance would it not be more important to note that you contest or accept the content of the report. Always good idea to be present at a checkout in my opinion, take it you was not, due to your suspensions around the landlord influencing the inventory clerk. Is it you contest the check in or the check out report? one must be wrong for there to be a dispute? other than subjective wear and tear?
  2. PPF had a 6billion surplus according to reports, that will now be 5 billion after Carillion, not sure what that means when a few more large organisations go the same way? BT will always have a value though as they have assets. Telecommunications equipment Revenue £24.062 billion (2017)[1] Operating income £4.135 billion (2017)[1] Profit £1.908 billion (2017)[1] Total assets US$42.946 billion (2016) even with 10billion debt and the pension deficit they are covered for now?
  3. As I understand only a judge can decide if a sec21 notice is valid or not. As a tenant there are two options, accept the notice to leave and then leave OR not accept it and stay. If the landlord wishes to gain possession when the tenant does not leave once the request to leave date has passed then there will have to be a court hearing, at this point the tenant might bring up things like Non deposit protection or No EPC. Whether the possession is granted depends on the tenants case, up till that point the s21 can be issued but it will not be until the hearing whether its ruled valid or not. Non protection of deposit would be a good reason for the judge to not grant possession, it would then have the added bonus of giving clear evidence to then pursue for a penalty. Since the obvious route would be for the Landlord to then protect the deposit late to try and get a court order again. There for you would have some good evidence the deposit rule had not been observed.
  4. no EPC means a sec21 notices validity can be contested?
  5. I read the same story, different place. Couldn't quite understand it either, but it appears the figure is the sum the insurance company would require to take the pensions on. Claim 2.6bn, but will actually get nothing? since it will be going into the PPF. Actual cost 980m, still a long way out though.
  6. which company will be next in line for a bail out?
  7. whole road in Norwich... “The properties are very recently built and represent a good long term investment, especially with interest rates as they are at the moment. http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/norfolk-property/chance-to-buy-entire-road-of-houses-in-norwich-1-5353162
  8. never are quick these things, but most likely there is plenty of watering down to do. not heard anything much about court case regarding agent fees either.
  9. of course we only hear of the winners(in the main). If I was to be investing in the "next big thing" then I would have a lot of losers in the basket a long side the odd winner. if crypto had been one of those it likely pays for all the losers, but today?
  10. Yeah I am a manual worker also, at work the younger ones where I work are now a mix of property is the only way to those who are checking crypto prices on there phone several times a day. Quite a few have trading apps(ok so nothing more that gambling).
  11. take it your talking bitcoin, so a big 6 figure tax bill(or how do you avoid it?) the house deposit discussion came up at work when some one said they didn't have any money spare to invest, but did have a small lump of cash for a house deposit in years to come.
  12. Anyone remember friends reunited? I quite like the current system, its only shit now because of the cost of housing relative to wages. if housing cost came in at 25% of single average wage then everything else would be fairly simple. you could build up a 3-12 reserve quickly in your first job, get a deposit together in a couple of year, start to fund a pension etc. pretty much everything else is tinkering around the edges?
  13. most people I know that have been in and out of crypto through work cashed out as soon as they double/trebled etc. Simply because they wanted to buy something with there "winnings".
  14. early investor are always going to be the head line winners... a very small number of individuals. best advice seemed to be put 1% of your wealth in, if it comes to be as big as the ramp then great if not you still have 99% left.(not sure if its as good today though). most of the participants now seem to be speculators rather than wanting to use it as currency, turning it back to fiat seems to defeat the object, however the early investors that have cashed out have done well. to me it appears the mother of all pyramid schemes(aside from the current accepted system)
  15. And with this I start to draw parallels with my line manager at work telling me how they are not paid much either because "their house made more than they last year" The mad gains in both incidences(agree bit coin has done immensely better), does make you wonder why its different?
  16. As in any directly government charity, all the money has to be spent. Housing association, that the other half worked for(really stupid leave looking back as they were the best payers/terms as employers you could wish for given the effort required). Was a surplus of funds each year so the staff go one off bonus, not linked to performance, it was just left over sloshing around. Lowest workers got £500, higher up it will have been 000s. They used to run competitions for tenants, incentives to pay rent on time. Prizes usually cash. The funny thing is so it was not seen a discrimination those who had the rent paid by housing benefit(direct payments) got put in the draw also, being that most of the tenants where paid like that invariably if was more often or not someone on HB that got the prize.
  17. don't know why but, I had images of naked pensioners doing life modelling for art classes when opening this thread.
  18. I thought the banks have had access to free money every since...
  19. £1m cash certainly gives you choices, 98% of the public does not have that.
  20. Any large purchase, be it house, boat, plane etc. The purchaser should use an independent service, checking the project at every stage to make sure its built to spec and the "fit for purpose" final product is delivered. The cost of this is such a small % of the build and it ensures that there will be less of a chance of underlying issues where the manufacturer has cut corners. Of course legally the retailer is liable, but by the time the issues come to light its often to late to get back the time, stress and money involved. Getting your money back and costs then it another matter.
  21. I thought I did well getting 3 trees for the garden a couple of years ago for points/vouchers buying stuff in Tesco a handful of times. End of the day its these schemes, pension, overseas expansions etc. which is they everything seems to be price £1, £2, £3, £4.50 instead of 59p, £1.68, £2.19, £4.09 at Aldi.
  22. If it was... Now 10/10%, 2025 20/30%, 2035 30/50%. It would have a chance of actually working out. Barring confiscation before retirement age, the result will be lots of small pots taken out at retirement age, spent quickly, then back to relying on the state provision.
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