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  1. The story has been covered elsewhere. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5321703/Woman-reveals-bought-home-20.html Was mentioned in this thread
  2. +1 if anything earned income should be tax free, unearned income should be taxed.
  3. what else are they to do?... with the tax of 55% once they have the 1m pension pot. sure its not a easy job, but there are many more physically demanding jobs where there is no pension so to speak and your working till state pension age at least.
  4. if you look at the local running list of incidents in my regional area most of the call outs are false alarms secondly minor incidents like a cat stuck up a tree. issue is when there actually is a need you do need the resources, rest of the time its standby costs.
  5. Kettle crisps are cutting the wage bill, new contracts, not getting rid just yet, but reports of upto 6k drop in wages.
  6. a few of the bigger sales not in the land registry, must be limited company purchases. mean while just up the road in north walsham, bargains! http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/property/article-5311791/Sarah-Beeny-picks-265k-bungalow-bargain-month.html
  7. lots coming on the market at all levels within 5 miles as expected this time of year... is it going to be flooded come the spring? At the high end... Just seen a very desirable nice property on the Avenues is on. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-50502609.html (+1/2million or £50k a year) go lawn envy here. just up the road, definately done to a high spec, no doubt about it(spent quite a long period of time doing it up).http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-52203807.html next door http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-63413020.html Any way I can only dream that I would every be able to afford the lifestyle etc. Kite flyers, developers and motivated sellers all very individual properties. One that has been on for an age is the one of the corner of beech road junction, property bee(can anyone help?) Don't want to entertain the bottom end, makes me depressed.
  8. Local Authority built housing rented to local working people, gives an alternative option to taking on massive debts. Housing benefit capped at 1 [email protected] wage per adult perm month.
  9. I know of people who have brought on the salhouse road development, had quite a few issues and the report back was generally the build quality is shit. There is the grey shed developed one on the avenue which was asking 750k, but have now reduced 50k. On other roads there are asking prices of 800k, yes these have been done up but is the case of upto+ 100k a year. I have liked living in the area, on current wages buying is not attainable or even renting now is massively outside my comfort zone. Smaller properties are just so limited if try are not holiday let's or second homes.
  10. All round broadland there are nice houses, the values are of course completely detached from local incomes(not that its locals at all that live there/lots of second and holiday homes). Houses on the avenue, charles close, staithway and beech road have... you would expect a premium. What amazes me is the new build houses on tiny plots, crammed in and then somehow achieving the prices they do as using the before mention areas as the marker post.
  11. If they suspect that errors have crept in innocently, they can go back four years, and claim unpaid taxwith interest plus penalties. If they think you have been careless with your returns, they can go back six years. But if they believe you have been deliberately false, they can go back 20 years.
  12. Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get the dailymail version to find out how much her house flat is worth now
  13. who would like mortgage at 4x their single income, with your salary doubling over the next 10 years? and the chances of that happening? is there a chance?
  14. single property landlord at work was telling me there is not tax to pay on their rental income because it comes in below the 7500 rent a room limit. Must be 1000s of LL out there that are claiming to live in the residence.
  15. how are they out of pocket, they have had the exclusive use of the property for the period... the equivalent rent should therefore be taken into consideration?
  16. Can someone please explain to me... compensation can be claimed for actual loss. where are the losses said to come from?
  17. whats case law are they using? is there a claims system set up like PPI? What has the FSCS said? Does scarily sound all to plausible that the banking system has given the green light and therefore bail out distressed mortgage holders and keep the plates spinning.
  18. while the younger generation see the boomers lifestyle they will still aspire to own home at any cost, well that is the way I hear the talk about "must save up for a house" and all that. Could it be there has to be a whole generation growing old and poor and die with out leaving any wealth before there is a change?
  19. I read this earlier, different report but same story. I know its cambs, but 175k for a leasehold coach house?
  20. -30% here in Norfolk is only going to be back to 2014/15 at best.. some where between 50-70% require to get on par with local wages
  21. Few people at work have partners that work at Aviva, hear taking early retirement and cashing in is the done thing. The sums banded about as you would expect concerning defined benefit scheme sound like lottery sized wins. Can't see that 45m would be sorting out all that much of a hole.
  22. I blame housing benefit in the main for my housing costs, I have to compete with a single mum of 3 who gets up to £950 a month to rent in the local area where I live...
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