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  1. far more numbers on paper than there is stock and labour. From small businesses to the largest of organisations, only difference is the size of the numbers.
  2. I liked the bit where it says... The idea was that they would stay in the flat for a few years while saving for a larger deposit. Then, when they sold the property, they could use this, plus any profit they had made through rising house prices, to afford a new home. clearly not accounting for all the possible variables.
  3. my experience is the London has already turned to downward trend, the effects are going to be massively delayed however. Those that have already cashed out have spending money that will take a long time to spend with the current pound values.
  4. only this week in conversation "the mortgage is only £1500 more a month than my current rent"
  5. You give the general public far to much credit. You never run out of mugs with such a large target audience.
  6. yeah you tell the letting agent to f-off
  7. Speaking to retired civil servant the other day, telling me how they had half a dozen properties and had just brought another. I just don't understand why one would bother if your retired at 50 with pension that is going to be 50k, why give yourself the hassle?
  8. 7 house new development in north Norfolk, 1.5m each http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/norfolk-property/seven-passivhaus-homes-for-sale-at-octagon-park-near-norwich-1-5530159
  9. around the world? a few developed European countries and a silly generalisation of the USA. Terrible article
  10. Norfolk Broads, packed out, will be until end of September. Last couple of weeks be absolute madness locally, gone quieter last couple of days.
  11. I always feel as if I have robbed Lidl and aldi etc. Just when paying as normal, compared to Sainsbury's/Tesco/Waitrose shops.
  12. A lot of the business is repeat custom, equity in previous yacht is used to fun the new one... of course there are lots of buyers who don't have them on finance. There is always a bigger more shiny version.
  13. its certainly more than 150 people, there is that many working at just one of the yards. some say that is private equity for ya. As for the sunk vessel, suppose if there is a court order for millions in damages then you can see why the sharholders would write it off.
  14. yes, well actually announcement was made yesterday afternoon, suppliers and press pretty much only on the case this morning. All I have been told is the shareholders have walked away.
  15. HTP Investments have had their financial funding stopped, quite possibly linked. Not sure which banks fund them but adds up if the banks are pulling funding all over the place(not yet found out)
  16. http://www.yachtingmonthly.com/news/oyster-yachts-gone-liquidation-2-64825
  17. local authority has first refusal to buy back the property at the same discount.
  18. City/town centres are different, sure, space is premium, has been the case for hundreds of years, terraces are of course lacking in parking and outside space. I went to look at house the other day to rent, small courtyard garden. It was on the market at a rental cost that would require 2 full time working adults. No allocated parking, few small parts of the road which of course are first come first served. Looked at it at 6/7ish in evening, choc block with cars and certainly no space for 2 more. Any way its clearly an amateur btl investor, the agent confirmed the landlord is new to the game. Its been up for quite some time and in that time they managed to make the inside less attractive by painting the whole thing magnolia and all the wood work some shit dark brown stain. Finally the rent has been dropped £10 a month in the last few days, I would have gone the max 80% of asking rent, but thankfully better options have turned up.
  19. Yup, no problem with small adequate sized dwellings, just don't cram then in so close together and utilise a bit more outdoor space
  20. rings true with a conversation at work, colleague said their partner earns more part time nursing that he does full time in skilled trade. "Nurses underpaid" is one of the biggest things that pisses me off when spouted in the media. Sure they play a key part in a team and a massive of resources to do there jobs, but they are paid well.
  21. run into buildings? I pretty much understand that is the case, big fires that are out of control its pretty much the case of let it burn/stopping the spread to surrounding properties. Once the building is deemed unsafe to enter, then they don't go in. Where lives are saved is smoked filled properties from localised fires, smoke kills and the fire service are equipped for that.
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