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  1. 0.1% of estimated cases, or hospitalised.? The 2-3% is people who die with signs on the virus tested, not the cause of death. Note the media are now trying to combine deaths in Italy and France And Spain combined to give a bigger figure. Why do they not use Germany's figures as a balance?
  2. I do understand, I had the Aussie flu strain over 2 years back, horrific is not the word, when I was finally hospitalised with breathing difficulties, other complications meant it was months till I got back to a good level of fitness. Hearing plenty of cases where individuals are seeing a few days of fever then back to normal, the testing does seem to have a very thin criteria as in a flu virus present. Why are we not seeing the figures compared to other bad seasonal flu years, which in recent years has been recorded with 28,000+ deaths in a year. Given the higher level of testing the numbers are bound to be bigger, but why do they not report the facts, plus they are always reporting totals on a daily basis as if to give the new shock figures. Be nice to see some balanced reporting from experts who are sceptical.
  3. The pandemic has now turned into a scam that they have to play out. There is loads of questions to be answered, but if this virus was a problem, the essential workers would not be allowed in and out of work, they would be housed in makeshift accommodation next to the hospitals. No worse than a flu as I understand it and we are no where near the numbers for a bad year so far.
  4. At a glance, this is a scheme employees won't be able to understand why it is not actually worth the promise to many small businesses on the knife edge anyway(not to mention the employers that will not take a hit). The the employers that actually need it to just survive won't be able(have the access or the desire to finance up) to bridge the gap should it be a refunded through PAYE system.
  5. its being reported that the Bank Of England "has lots of tools available", is this a joke? Drop interest rates, can't be done. Only option its print, the choice left is who do you give it to.
  6. this is to stop the people kicking off, in this county we will give it to the bankers and big business. Many small businesses in this county will pocket the handouts and go bust all the same.
  7. according to the dailymail, the sort buying with helptobuy don't even have £235 to hand. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-7990659/Help-Buy-bungle-left-thousands-homeowners-arrears.html should interest rates rise the effects will almost be instant.
  8. And which sort of gambling is "this sort" not acceptable?
  9. Without quoting specific posts on this thread. Employer NI is a hidden tax, paid for by the employee. My employer pays both my pay deductions as well as the "employer NI" tax. Given the employer NI does not exist with out the employee being there (correct me if i'm wrong), furthermore the associated cost comes from the productivity of the employee it can only be classed as being paid by the employee. How it can be argued that the employer is paying it seems crazy to me.
  10. I think the calculation is 14/100 * 484k 3.45 million not 35 million.
  11. 0% rise, but over 14% for taking on additional responsibility. However holiday, pension provision etc are the bare min. Working for a small employer is high risk and the reward does not represent this. Hopefully the "brexit pause" will end and "performance" related pay will make up the difference.
  12. not really, i'm not multiplying a couple of hours on a self employed basis up to a full time employed job. Its exactly what it is, work for a good busy takeaway and you can create a couple of hundred quid a week extra income instead of going out and spending the same on a night out.
  13. Minimum wage at 19 is £6.15 an hour and that's after a hard shift doing (apprentice probably) tree surgery. Maybe having a beauty queen in tow is good for tips. I would say you are vastly underestimating the hourly rate for delivering takeaways. These are not employed job generally, only a few peak hours per day. Paid in cash plus tips only needing a couple of orders an hour that say "keep the change" and that will beat the NMW rate.
  14. The card providers hold the balance sheet. Who claims the rights to the numbers is all that matters.
  15. Sure, but those that hold debt would only see the balance reduced rather than a credit given elsewhere. Did hear of cases where PPI claims got applied to debts with the fees then still payable to third party solicitors.
  16. In the unlikely event this actually materialised, those holding debt with MasterCard would just see the amount owed reduced. More chance of brexit happening
  17. I thought this was killed off last year https://www.nortonrosefulbright.com/en-gb/knowledge/publications/eb80b7db/14-billion-consumer-class-action-against-mastercard-falls-at-the-first-hurdle compensation awarded, even though no actual loss suffered?
  18. don't you have to get permission from the 20-40% equity share to rent it out?
  19. Following million pound penthouses being sold to bloggers. Now this, hardly worthy of of an article. https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/business/for-sale-house-in-norwich-s-golden-triangle-transformed-1-5896687 https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-79481957.html speechless
  20. The amount of bargaining power you have depends on 1. The financial position of the landlord 2. The value of the property 3. Who the landlord(if not the landlord themselves) employees to serve notices etc Either Give notice move asap, save yourself all the hassle and get settled some where else. If you can't afford to move and don't get stressed out by this sort of thing, stay put and hang it out. Don't move out when requested (sec 21) then the landlord will feel the pain of sale not proceeding because you fail to go. Will take ages for them to get an eviction notice(keep paying the rent). Then you can negotiate a deal for leaving. I did the later option when I was in a rental the landlord was selling, when I found a place to move to I managed to negotiate a sum of money, uncontested return of deposit and some additional terms that were financially beneficial to myself.
  21. Interesting analogy. Tesco don't pay for the beans out of their pocket at any point, the beans are manufactured, financed by the manufacturer, tesco puts them in the shop, customer pays, tesco banks the money, pays the manufacturer some 3 months later. Tesco needs to sell them of course. Empty properties can be refinanced to the limit of what ever figures are made up... no sale need occur to create new numbers.
  22. 100% you mean. So you make no purchases through the business that are not for the use of the business.
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