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  1. Half a million pounds, but it is "in sight of the river". Good family home https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/55749659?search_identifier=aa1ac952ac3062a4fb149311e3931dfc
  2. people have continued to die at a constant rate, there has not been a dramatic increase. repossessions will take some time to increase. the masses have not been made redundant yet. The economic slowdown has started and the crash is inevitable. I'm going 40% down in 12 months from today.
  3. 100 days work a year @850 a day = 85k no need to register for VAT
  4. i've not followed this thread all the way through, but you do need to check the rules regarding the protection of the deposit. The way it is worded, landlords are only responsible for deposits received, if you did not pay the deposit to the current landlord then the legislation is worded as such that the new landlord is not responsible, essentially you can sue them for 3 times the deposit.
  5. Sorry, for clarification I don't support hand outs at the top or the lower end of the system. But I do think its the case in the US that should the little man not get a slice, then there would be riots. In this country we sit by and watch as the limited company owner gets a 50k deposit interest free from the government to buy a HMO, if it goes wrong nothing lost for the director. Meanwhile the government has to support those who lost their home, writes off the 50k, then bails out the mortgage lender.
  6. furlough, for no reason... just delays the same outcome SESS, for no reason... they got given money and could keep on working Grants, for no reason... just gives to much to micro business and pocket money for business owners State backed Loans, for no reason as the zombie companies last a bit longer, the ones that can afford it don't need it. Directly I've seen none of this funny money, just carried on working meanwhile observing 50k loans for businesses open a few months, 10k grants for one person avon businesses, furloughed workers getting 80% and accruing holiday for no work and bitching and money they are not getting paid as much as before, self employed getting 80% of their declared income and then carrying on working.... I want to stop here as its just sickening. The little private schemes ****** me off as well, like the coop giving 10% off for NHS workers, that is the biggest ****** you to the average working person in the area I live. You literally get a highly paid NHS professional with a securest of jobs earning multiples of the average stand in the queue in the supermarket and get 10% off their basket of luxury goods as a "thank you" as the NHS card is presented, then leave the shop and get in their top of the range high car and drive half a mile back to the estate of 20x local wage new build housing estate. Next in the queue some person who used to work in the pub has to pay full price at the same shop even though they no longer have a job. My blood boils
  7. are you not aware of all the free money already given out?
  8. this, its just a harvest year. Deaths will have been brought forward. Expect the numbers in subsequent years to drop of as the fittest survive a bit longer. Can some one tell us the stats for seasonal flu this 20/21 year? I also question why the media is using the stats for the last 4 years when is comes to hospital admissions, they won't put in the seasons figures for 5 years ago. I struggle to believe how 50% more deaths a day would be noticeable across such a large system that deals with 1600 deaths a day anyway. With all the planning a resources that have been added in the build up it amazes me.
  9. Yes, a sort of "set-aside" scheme for empty rentals.
  10. pretty much the case of if you held the right mix of assets at the beginning of last year, houses have got much cheaper. Its no wonder asking prices have increased massively when there are people with lottery winners all over the place with money to buy. Of course not everyone will sell, but you can't blame them for trying.
  11. 20k bitcoin in 48hours possible? Shame you can't bet on it anymore.
  12. Happens all the time, all the experiences I've had end up with the local authority just not giving evidence to the investigating body until it gets swept under the carpet.
  13. Everyone should remember the times on tv she would say "if you had not done the improvements, you would have made more money". With the hapless 'contestants' believing they were making money developing, it always portrayed as falling on deaf ears.
  14. but what if next year it turns out they actually "saved" 100k+ because prices drop?
  15. "trust in the system", not really the issue, buying a 3rd of something and renting 2/3rds and thinking it was a good idea is the problem. Not everyone in life can be a winner and it really is the case lost of these people need to be burnt for things to correct.
  16. That is the failure of not being in the system, opposed to it not delivering.
  17. This employer is taking the piss, the money is paid in less than 7 days after the claim is submitted
  18. As I understand it the accountant suggests, that a different business that might be better to lease space to another entity, thus reducing the rate-able value. Another business then is registered to pay rates, but gets small business rate relief.
  19. If they are registered to pay rates and claim small business relief, essentially paying nothing, then qualify for 10k. I could give a couple of examples that I know of that got 10k, one running part time business from home(catalogue rep). Another has a lock up and an is essentially just storage. Both instances council got in touch and said claim your 10k just by filling in a form. Its a give away, there are winners and loses.
  20. Nearly every employment contract I have had stated you are not to moonlight, or at least inform employer. Of course the government scheme allows you to work other employment, can't penalise those who have more than one employment should a individual only get furlough for one of their jobs. The scheme is easily abused, but realistically if your abusing to gain rather than survive the stupidity is on the employer, if you can trade at the moment, business is great as the competition has shut up shop in many sectors. The whole thing is a scam still, the issues are all knee jerk reactions by governments and not due to the supposed virus itself. Insurance companies are taking the line, if you claiming pandemic disruption due to virus you have to have the specific disease on the policy, failing that its stated the business disruption is due to government policy.
  21. That's right it only the nurses who need housing and those poor care workers, last time I looked nurses pay and conditions looked far better than average incomes in many parts of the country.
  22. and then there comes the twist that its a rebate against PAYE, leaving a short fall in cash flow, it would be not popular of course and would be changed due to pressure. That aside, a system delivered by HMRC, I doubt that it will be on time, work as intended, delays and interim payments are they most likely route from here. As soon as the UK government announced these measures I was "we need to plan to survive", not just rely on these handouts. Small to medium businesses are borrowing half a million upwards, of course its mad not to take the interest free period. At the same time they are giving one person businesses 10k grants as there home is registered for rates plus 80% of previous self assessments and they can keep on working. No moral hazards, the employee remains the worst deal still. This is truly give away on tax credit levels, how are we ever going to get away from reliance on the welfare state, its hard not to agree with the conspiracy theorist's on this one.
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