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  1. very poor article... you don't create that sort of debt being closed and not trading.

    how can HMRC be chasing?, really the story is the business did not allocate the Corporation, VAT, PAYE liabilities when trading. Now when it has to be paid from future income, it is a problem.

    The issue was there before corona virus came along.


  2. 5% mortgages should not make a difference.

    If I put down 5% of the average house price in my immediate local area, £25,600 and the loan fell into the category of max. 4.5 earnings after regular expenditure, then I would need to be earning in excess of £111,888 a year.

    This is in an area where the average wage is around 30k.

    So looking at the cheapest 2 bed terrace in the nearest city, circa £170k, £8,500 deposit you would need an income of over 36k, let me tell you there ain't many of those job round here.

    Couples in well paid jobs can enter the market, but the numbers that can enter the market should dry up pretty quickly.


    What can it hurt to be wrong for a few more years?

  3. 32 minutes ago, MonsieurCopperCrutch said:

    Unbelievable. What time of day was it?

    Yeah, heard same round here, rock up at the local surgery and you will get offered it, regardless of age etc.

    Guess the financial incentives are quite good, just get them in and out.


  4. 18 hours ago, sammersmith said:

    I'm actually seeing the opposite i'm afraid. Bloke in the office was chuffed his over (massively inflated) asking price offer was accepted. There's also another property i saw that owners been trying to shift since 2018 with no takers. Went SSTC today. 

    Stamp Duty extension seems to have given the market another short-lived turbo boost. I'm personally steering well clear till September.   

    Yeah the STC are everywhere, many won't be completing.

  5. On 10/02/2021 at 20:37, Nomadd said:

    10/2/2022 - reminder has been added to my Google calender.

    I will be getting back to you. :)

    It has started, hearing about sales collapsing in every day conversations.

    Complete guesses...

    Stock market will go in the next few weeks.

    Cryptos will go at the same time.

    Gold price will be under 1500.


  6. Quote

    According to the analysis, moving onto a lender’s SVR could increase annual mortgage repayments by more than £2,500 when compared to borrowers who lock into an average two-year fixed rate product. 

    if £50 a week is a problem, then the problem is not the SVR.

  7. 2 hours ago, jiltedjen said:

    I think he was saying 2x single contract, not 2x bond of 13 contracts 

    this will be really interesting though, looking forward to see how it pans out. 

    If he’s tight he may be trying to arrange his affairs to claim he has no money and can only pay £1 a month. 

    I don’t know why you agreed to wait his family emergencies, screw the *******, I can’t imagine being lenient on him will be sending a strong message. 

    this thread also shows the potentially massive pitfalls of being a landlord also. 

    surely if you get a judgment you just go for a charging order on the asset.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Orb said:

    She was a pretty, young, white, middle class, English marketing manager living in London. Not a 48 year old meth addicted Vietnamese prostitute living in Bolton. The matrix glitches if the former is harmed. 

    as with a lot of protests, sorry I mean vigils, there is only a few trouble makers, often paid/funded... the rest are just bystanders and on lookers not pushing to the front causing no conflict.

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