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  1. At 28p is it worth a punt? Not big money maybe 5k?
  2. If you call them makes you look desperate. Let them call you!
  3. How can the market crash when people no longer have to pay there mortgage?
  4. Is it time to stop paying the rent? Landlord cannot start paperwork until March. Take 6 months before they can start paperwork then probably another 9 months from there. About a year rent free I save 10k!! whats the worst that can happen?
  5. The firm I work for fired all contractors when lock down started. Only the one’s that are on fixed term remain. They plan on restarting projects next year but that may change depending on financials.
  6. Those areas are not as nice as Hornchurch, Upminster and Gidea park
  7. Don’t go to Hornchurch it’s one of the places I am hoping to buy and I do not want the competition!
  8. This is a massive kick in the teeth ? BTL will be Back in force prices will rise more people will be locked out of the market.
  9. Buy the house on a ten year fix. Let your lad pick the colour of his wallpaper. Every year that goes past is a year you never get back. Plus your lad only gets one childhood!
  10. That was a big bunch of nothing. I guess low transactions make the crash difficult to see.
  11. So what would happen if I took out a 150k loan to do up my house. Got the cash in my account will they tax it? (just thinking out loud I don’t have 150k or a house)
  12. I am renting at the moment simply because I cannot afford to buy. During my mid to late 20’s I rented because I wanted to. I did not know what area or city I wanted to spend my life in. I also remember renting being much cheaper than a mortgage at this time. During this time I did not feel landlords were taking advantage of me they were simply providing a service.
  13. If prices crashed 60% I would finally be able to afford my own home with mortgage. Forget BTL. I just wanted to know if some of the more wealthy people on this site would get in on a big dip.
  14. I rent because I can’t afford to buy. I am 40 this month and have never owned my own home. I don’t consider BTL to be exploiting people. I know it can be an emotional subject on this site.
  15. After the crash would you be tempted to get into BTL? Let’s say prices fall 60% would you be tempted? Do it as a limited company or some other model?
  16. As someone who rents this is not really an option. I respect people who have the guts to do this. If I did own a house I would just sit out any crash.
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