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  1. I think RSF is out of order in his response to what was an honest post. I someone cannot express unbiased views and give information that could help others what is the point of the site?
  2. Just to come back to the shouts of Troll. I am not a Troll or a Bull or Bear for that matter. Like Minimind, I have been looking to buy a flat in Brighton for a while and all I can see is prices going up, which doesn’t match with what I have read on this site for the last few months, so I thought I would post my experience. As I have said I have no vested interests in this at all, I am just writing my personal experience. If people cannot write about their unbiased experience on this site without abuse I can’t see the point, you all might as well block your ears, ignore the outside world and
  3. Look at this small row of houses called Golden Lane in brighton post code BN1 2BN here is the latest Rightmove under offer and net house prices on how it has gone up. Rightmove Rightmove for postcode BN1 2BN Nethouseprices Nethouseprices for BN1 2BN where is the HPC Lucy
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