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  1. yes, i was under the impression that the LPS value is a rough estimate of the property current value on the market so nothing much to compare in such a case then with the lps webiste, Thanks for the replies guys
  2. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and there is lot of information in the forum regards to property buying in NI As a first time buyer i have few q's and any inputs of the below would be really helpful and appreciated The to buy sale price value when compared to the Capital value non exempt on the lps site for most of the properties is a difference +20% what should be the range of difference between sale price and capital value non exempt price for us to make a offer ie what extent should the max difference be so that it is reasonable and can make an offer? for some prop the sale price = captal value non exempt price + 20-50% also say if you buy a new build and a while later when its updated on the lps if the value is minus 20-30% of the buying price , should that be a worry. how does this work Kindly please suggest
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