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  1. Could you fix it by taking hpi from the top and subsidising housing for the bottom?
  2. I feel like a lot of places are coming back on the market after the frenzy. I started viewing a few places as I need to buy (but hate hpi lol.) Arranged viewing which was cancelled because place was snapped up unseen. Then they backed out because it’s next to a building site and a lot of issues in relation to general decor. Another viewing, place had subsidence and had come back on the market. I declined on this when I found out. Another viewing, the place was on the side of a hill. Another place I viewed was basically in the middle of a traffic jam, nonstop traffic 24/7.
  3. I’m only on this forum because I think profiting off others need for housing is evil. So m2 not moving, economy on government support and jobs are going down the pan. When government support (and the other thing you can’t say lol) is removed and the debt interest needs to be serviced is it likely a load of new jobs are going to come into existence to help with that? If the jobs don’t come back, is a high inflationary environment going to be of help? We want all that government support money going into physical assets to boost the economy before a rate rise surely?
  4. Another one of these privileged lawyer types that make your head spin. Can’t we get a successful person that’s run a non-property business and isn’t a landlord?
  5. Housing costs must fall for the poor or there will be mass evictions and housing is the biggest bubble of them all. A slow somehow controlled deflation of the bubble is surely needed, so many people are priced out due to property speculation.
  6. Why would you take on a mortgage at the top of the market when basic living expenses are going up? Of course they’re gonna deflate right? Say you got a place that requires a car for any sort of endeavour and you can’t live off grid, what are you gonna do? Food delivery might be cut back. Cost of fuel for example might rise substantially, then what. An end to housing speculation hopefully, HPI rejected.
  7. Fed go burrr but money isn’t moving right. Are will finally gonna get back to the title of this website being the consensus? Cost of living is rising, no room for property speculation IMO, tenants are going to need help from landlords.
  8. Been watching sepentza on YouTube for years, reminded me of our market. I wonder will the fatcats get big fat pensions and nice retirements, will be interesting to see how China’s reaction differs to ours. This whole thing right now of people buying property for safety when the writing is on the wall, absolute madness.
  9. Do these big heavy electric cars even get good miles/kWh when driven normally?
  10. I’m ashamed where I fit in, I’m not working so income isn’t great. Was looking at properties for a relative thinking my future is pretty bleak. Depressing, I don’t understand how people are doing so well in these times. I need to retrain or learn a trade or something to get me back on track.
  11. A friend of mine had to pay to get squatters out of his flat, initially coming to agreement to pay expenses but then the expenses got out of control. Surely cheaper than court action isn’t it?
  12. Repossessed home due to mortgage arrears, property registered in persons name with a registered charge for bank. Bank then takes possession, lots bureaucracy and owner goes elsewhere maybe. If the bank already owns the home, the gov can just pay the rent until the tenant can again. Could they be expecting a lot of people to be in negative equity/arrears and this news has the added benefit of stimulating short term demand? Could people sell now at the top and go into renting possibly?
  13. If education is improving why aren’t we doing better in the world? The health service never been that great, seems to get worse each year IMO. Education wasn’t great either, I remember most kids thought Pakistan was a continent. I moved around 10 schools as a child (public and private so plenty of experience) and I sat GCSEs barely being able to read.
  14. Got 0% deal on a Toyota with 10 year warranty. Sold beater and got double what I thought it was worth, used for deposit. Two years time give it back and hopefully hydrogen is a thing. Not sure about going electric right now personally, I don’t want to be sitting on massive batteries.
  15. Couldn’t socialism work if there was a public easily searchable record of every penny given and a crackdown on those who took advantage of generosity?
  16. Contracts like this might explain it - https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/notice/bbec3a9a-168a-46c5-a71d-990c2a8a8212?origin=SearchResults&p=1
  17. Totally agree, it is so bad here. I’ve looked after a relative for 20 years after a bodged surgery, complete nightmare experience. The older nurses are great though, can find veins easy for tests etc.
  18. Cut the foliage down on the right and come in from the neighbours side, I’ve seen people actually do this and maintain the in the right lol.
  19. Where does it end? So just keep bailing out groups that have lost money on investments? What about the poor facing a higher cost of living to support all this nonsense?
  20. Money is cheap so people are taking it. I think rates will have to go up and prices will fall back to great grandpa’s times when houses could be bought with a years income or rented for peanuts. Then people will be struggling paying on overpriced houses when others are buying or renting houses cheaply to live in. I’ll come back here in five years to check my prediction.
  21. I’ve enquired about a lot of places with tenants in situ. What happens when furlough ends. I viewed a house the other day, knocked on the exterior walls and it was completely hollow all round, just frickin render on boards it seemed like (caveat I know nothing about house building). Agent didn’t know anything.
  22. But to be honest I’ve always had used cars, a new car is such a worry, I hope this feeling goes away after the honeymoon period.
  23. I got double what I thought my banger was worth which I used on a 0% finance deal on a car with a 10 year warranty lol. Not electric, I’d only have a Tesla because of the charging network but they’re out of my price range.
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