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  1. Couldn’t socialism work if there was a public easily searchable record of every penny given and a crackdown on those who took advantage of generosity?
  2. Contracts like this might explain it - https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/notice/bbec3a9a-168a-46c5-a71d-990c2a8a8212?origin=SearchResults&p=1
  3. Totally agree, it is so bad here. I’ve looked after a relative for 20 years after a bodged surgery, complete nightmare experience. The older nurses are great though, can find veins easy for tests etc.
  4. Cut the foliage down on the right and come in from the neighbours side, I’ve seen people actually do this and maintain the in the right lol.
  5. Where does it end? So just keep bailing out groups that have lost money on investments? What about the poor facing a higher cost of living to support all this nonsense?
  6. Money is cheap so people are taking it. I think rates will have to go up and prices will fall back to great grandpa’s times when houses could be bought with a years income or rented for peanuts. Then people will be struggling paying on overpriced houses when others are buying or renting houses cheaply to live in. I’ll come back here in five years to check my prediction.
  7. I’ve enquired about a lot of places with tenants in situ. What happens when furlough ends. I viewed a house the other day, knocked on the exterior walls and it was completely hollow all round, just frickin render on boards it seemed like (caveat I know nothing about house building). Agent didn’t know anything.
  8. But to be honest I’ve always had used cars, a new car is such a worry, I hope this feeling goes away after the honeymoon period.
  9. I got double what I thought my banger was worth which I used on a 0% finance deal on a car with a 10 year warranty lol. Not electric, I’d only have a Tesla because of the charging network but they’re out of my price range.
  10. Crazy times. I used to think I wanted to get into buy to let but now it seems like a potentially insecure source of income. Anymore locked downs and then what?
  11. For me the fundamentals aren't there to risk buying a place, the future doesn’t look all that great to base a decision on pent up demand.
  12. I feel like the only way out of this mess is to heavily reduce the monthly housing costs thereby increase disposable income and give people desire to work again. Hopefully they will let the bubble burst and start again, accounting for housing costs in inflation.
  13. I’ve seen a lot doing shared ownership presumably to make them more attractive in the first instance.
  14. Simple, some crypto will come out with a wallet that replaces the savings account, end any possibility of negative rates.
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