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  1. Saving for deposit - Threat of negative rates - won’t people jump in? Flipping hate this property market.
  2. I’ve seen properties double in value and never ever heard anyone offer to share that rise with the greater community. Say gov steps in, bails out, property goes up when sold - do they pocket the increase? Also if I buy a place with some issue that reveals itself post ownership, am I going to be bailed out by the government is well?
  3. I don’t get this pricing, is it something to do with the area?. I’ve seen way better detached properties around the 500k mark, twenty minutes from Euston by train.
  4. So the effects of the stimulus coming online won’t help the reckless this time? The last crisis I remember I lambasted friends in debt and they came out on top through massive inflation of property prices.
  5. FFS how do I safely store value for a rainy day. I don’t want to buy a load of crap I don’t need. I don’t mind holidays and going out, experiences but no interest piling up possessions to make up for economic incompetence.
  6. Thinking about making an offer on a flat again. Is money printing (or whatever it is they’re doing) likely to boost prices? I don’t want to risk my measly deposit getting even less and zero interest. Why is it so damn hard to make a property decision.
  7. Landlord once took half my deposit for cleaning when I agreed to let them off damage to electrical items, clothes, bedding etc from a roof leak which was much more. Now I take detailed evidence and make sure to claim for any damage to my stuff.
  8. I hope they fall but where I’m looking I feel like they’ll be insulated. When this thing ends it’s going to feel like I’m getting out of prison after a long stint. I’ve got so much pent up demand flowing through my veins. I mean, I’m not going to buy a place but I’ll do a lot of other stuff. Also, in the hot mic clip the guy said 0.2-0.3 fatality rate, if that’s true why the hell are we doing this? It’s made me realise what I took for granted certainly.
  9. Government seem to be prepared to do anything to prop things up, I’m scared.
  10. When someone I know tried renting this happened to them. Tenants never cleaned the place for 4 years and anything that could be broken was broken/destroyed, every wall had some sort of damage. There was two skips of junk to be disposed of in the garden alone. Started off a brand new house with a 10k kitchen.
  11. Surely they're just renting them and looking for offers in between tenancies right?
  12. Last time I remember them saying we're all in it together whilst the banking sector was seemingly rewarded. Wouldn't this time it be more likely the banks just bail in, so as to absorb any losses? Just plunder other peoples rainy day funds, like they did with low interest rates in the last crisis and so kick the can further down the road.
  13. I know nothing anyway. I want to believe in HPC though. I hope I look back on this post sitting in a nice property.
  14. I'll go the other way and suggest the market follows the opposite of this website's name. I'm looking at Hertfordshire and the prices just keep getting more berserk each day, new builds in the middle of nowhere going for 600k plus. How can we even have a recession like before with such low interest rates? The market will correct 5 maybe 10% maximum and as usual London won't feel a thing.
  15. Why does no one ever talk about taking inheritances, using those resources for social care and job opportunities for young people?
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