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  1. When someone I know tried renting this happened to them. Tenants never cleaned the place for 4 years and anything that could be broken was broken/destroyed, every wall had some sort of damage. There was two skips of junk to be disposed of in the garden alone. Started off a brand new house with a 10k kitchen.
  2. Surely they're just renting them and looking for offers in between tenancies right?
  3. Last time I remember them saying we're all in it together whilst the banking sector was seemingly rewarded. Wouldn't this time it be more likely the banks just bail in, so as to absorb any losses? Just plunder other peoples rainy day funds, like they did with low interest rates in the last crisis and so kick the can further down the road.
  4. I know nothing anyway. I want to believe in HPC though. I hope I look back on this post sitting in a nice property.
  5. I'll go the other way and suggest the market follows the opposite of this website's name. I'm looking at Hertfordshire and the prices just keep getting more berserk each day, new builds in the middle of nowhere going for 600k plus. How can we even have a recession like before with such low interest rates? The market will correct 5 maybe 10% maximum and as usual London won't feel a thing.
  6. Why does no one ever talk about taking inheritances, using those resources for social care and job opportunities for young people?
  7. I wouldn't want to live like a king in a poor country, surely its unsustainable. I think this is one of the best countries because everything is so balanced even the climate, not too hot not too cold so no requirement for air-conditioning. I'd go on holiday to other places and cherry pick the good things about them but couldn't imagine living anywhere else. As long as we don't let migration get out of control as the eu declines while Asia and Africa grow stronger, I think we'll be okay.
  8. WTF is that price! I was looking at a 3 bedroom detached with garage, solar, 20 minutes from Euston etc for 525k, not sure if that sold or was taken off the market. I made an offer on a 3 bedroom end terrace with garage, that went for 400k I think but had a 30 year old interior. High prices but seem cheap compared to elsewhere. I just want to buy something with good public transport links I can use my oyster card or somewhere transport isn't required so I can ride my bike; simplify my life because I hate car ownership or trains that have to stop 20 times before my destination.
  9. What places is it crashing? If I buy in London it has to be near one of the big parks or I’ll go mad living in a matchbox. I looked at a two bed ex council in primrose hill on for 575k and it sold before I could even make an offer. I also missed out on the derelict place I was looking at outside of London and another place further out. I don’t understand what’s going on.
  10. I’ve found a place, needs to be completely gutted and refurbished as hasn’t been for 40 years. Have one CCJ from 7 years ago that I’m not sure how to get off my record. I lurk on here to get an idea of whether I should buy now or after brexit.
  11. 15 years 😂 maybe a few years for me. I registered here because I was thinking about buying and wanted an alternative point of view. I know people that bought ten years ago and they’re sitting pretty now. My plan is to get the mortgage/house and live my life, hoping I will have something in future. The banks own all the property wouldn’t any fall be adjusted for with economic policy?
  12. I’m renting 20 minutes from Euston (London midland line) and prices are affordable. I’ve looked at house prices here and they’re crazy low compared to somewhere like Enfield which isn’t as good for commuting for me. So much investment in this area and no need for a car, however I come on this group and now I have doubt lol.
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