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  1. I’ve seen a lot doing shared ownership presumably to make them more attractive in the first instance.
  2. Simple, some crypto will come out with a wallet that replaces the savings account, end any possibility of negative rates.
  3. Nothing doing, suspect a member of the public has to make an accusation then its looked into. London theres so many, extended up properties not a car parking place in sight.
  4. Just pent up demand but money printer go burrrr right lol is money even moving.
  5. I feel like the floodgates would open if they allowed this. Anyone who’s property value decreased through no fault of their own would seek compensation surely?
  6. 32 years left and 11k service charge, is this some sort of error?
  7. Is this just for electric cars? Petrol cars already pay it right, the more you drive the more you pay in duty?
  8. Rich people lose a few bob and it’s MSM news. There’s people losing jobs even becoming homeless, maybe some developing mental illnesses etc. I’ve had nasty neighbours that have changed the course of my life yet I’m not crying to anyone.
  9. Is it normal for this forum to be invaded by estate agents 😂? I come here for bear food. IMO government support ends a managed decline or worse starts, gradually upping rates.
  10. Lol you realise I’m dealing with estate agents right? Not sure they will have this kind of info to hand without applying to the management company. The last I viewed was a two bed and the service charge was £6000 per annum. Ideally, I don’t want to pay more than 1k.
  11. I feel like people are going to get locked into a depreciating asset.
  12. I’m not a gold bug, just curious, maybe looking to buy. How do you store it, any decent amount is surely a security concern? Are apps like bullionvault a safe option?
  13. I wonder if all the companies set up to take advantage of the schemes lead to a economic revival and help boost property. Honestly I don’t understand how anyone could be bullish on property when the economic future doesn’t look too great. Only reason I’d buy now is to lock in long term rates, if I had cash I’d wait it out.
  14. Need a place to live, went to see a tiny 2 bedroom flat up at crazy price with cladding issue. Agent said cash purchase because of cladding also seller is willing to place an amount with solicitor to pay for cladding. If seller is willing to foot the bill for cladding why can’t I get a mortgage?
  15. Homelessness seems to be increasing in London, something needs to be done to help them. I’ve noticed loads of tents on bike rides, people sleeping outside those old flat blocks for heat, under bridges, in parks when gates are closed, outside supermarkets that open long hours etc.
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