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  1. Can't see it. For the few on the margins who might sell if repayments become difficult, there are plenty willing & able to buy Crucially property is still seen as a hedge against inflation Where else will many put money in a highly inflationary environment?
  2. Any company other than the top 2 or 3 are at risk of going under. That's a no from me
  3. You ask a very good question and the answer is what many on here don't want to believe - A house price crash would be extremely damaging to the economy - the consequent pain for the ordinary person would likely vastly outweigh any "benefit" that lower house prices might bring A sustained, below inflation rise or plateau in house prices is probably the best thing for the economy China is seemingly trying to engineer an artificial lowering/cooling of the house price market - CCP have been very vocal opponents of house price speculation or even investment - Will be interesting to see how it pans out
  4. It's control. Plain & simple. It always is with CCP. The Chinese government can't control the UK housing market & so fear individuals or institutions having too much power or the ability to act independently of the Chinese government. Won't impact house prices - there will always be someone else with money ready to step in
  5. Check out MSE forums - lots of very good guidance there Overall, very straightforward & accessible to virtually anyone with an internet connection Really hope it's what most of the crashists on here are doing - trying to time any market is too high risk for me personally, trying to time the housing market with everything you've got is insane
  6. The inflation methodology is clearly outlined & all the data its based upon is freely available - but lets base the national economic outlook on the cost of your kid's softplay & your mates caravan.
  7. Just putting this out there but maybe there isn't a conspiracy lurking in every figure or every piece of data you read Inflation has fallen by 0.5%. Just as virtually every economist in the country said it would
  8. There is no such thing as "normal" interest rates. They are what the wider economy needs them to be at any given time - believing otherwise has done immeasurable damage to many people's long-term financial well-being
  9. You realise inflation erodes government debt? What has "nearly run out"? You don't actually think there is a pot of money sitting somewhere do you? What does that even mean? No one apart from perhaps the most ardent Brexiters think that a self-sufficient economy is desirable let alone attainable. We have seen the impact of even very transient international supply chain issues on the global economy. USA & China both realise that their economies are inextricably linked & so political differences will always play second fiddle to the mutual economic interdependence. Now that is a real concern
  10. As ever, anecdotes are unlikely to be helpful & clearly subject to bias Will be some time before data emerges
  11. You say you are a cautious person but this is an incredibly high risk strategy. You are literally betting the house on the possibility of a property price crash
  12. An interest rate rise to 2% will not crash the housing market to any significant extent. Relatively few people on the margins will struggle with repayments (assuming they haven't a fixed rate mortgage)
  13. "Lack of consumption"? 90% of posts on this forum recently have been about runaway inflation
  14. Not particularly, we live in a globalised economy. The inflation projections across the developed world would be expected to be similar
  15. Inflation is the great hope to deal with house price inflation? Be careful what you wish for If people see the value of cash being significantly eroded, those who are in possession of lots of it (& there are many) will seek to put it elsewhere
  16. You what?? Petrol currently at 126 p/litre (UK average) - up from a low of approx 100p/litre in the earliest stages of the pandemic 2020 https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/oil-and-petroleum-products-weekly-statistics
  17. Excess inflation is bad for the economy on virtually every level - you won't enjoy high inflation or its consequences
  18. After industrial output return & global supply chains reconnect, what is fundamentally different with the global economy compared to the pre-pandemic situation?
  19. The credit card analogy needs to be put to bed That isn't how the government borrows
  20. Do you consider there might be an element of observation & recall bias in these anecdotes?
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