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  1. Lots of Telegraph links on here & every one behind a paywall - does everyone else have a Telegraph subscription?? Can't believe people pay money for that rag
  2. That's simply the market expectation for central bank rates - A number of 50 basis points at the next few BOE meetings culminating in interest rates of 2.5-3% by end of year 2022 by which stage, it is expected inflation will be falling back
  3. Leveraged investing constitutes a tiny fraction of retail investments in the UK & it really isn't how the vast majority of people "save" for a house deposit if that's the point you're trying to make
  4. Why is this so "obvious"? If equities are so unattractive, many people will move their money elsewhere
  5. In denial about what? If they didn't recognise inflation as an issue, they wouldn't be raising rates. Markets have priced in a 2% interest rate by the end of 2022.
  6. There will be a spectrum of people across society who would be affected by a house price crash Many who bought a house they could afford & actually wanted to live in will have minimal real impact. Important to recognise how much of our economy is based around the housing sector - many working within that sector will have their jobs at risk - not just the sales aspect but builders, suppliers, tilers, electricians, plumbers, kitchens, bathrooms, white goods, gardens etc All will be directly impacted not to mention the proven link between consumer confidence/spending & rising or stable house prices - yet again, a potential significant impact across the entire retail sector That's a lot of pain for the relatively small proportion of people speculating on house price rises
  7. Bread isn't going to £10 a loaf & if it did, I would hit those on lower incomes (e.g. renters) disproportionately 75% of mortgages in the UK are on a fixed rate mortgage (90% of new mortgages since 2019) Rents on the other hand. . . Careful what you wish for
  8. Why bring religion into it? It hasn't been about religion for nearly half a century
  9. QT has nothing to do with money printing (neither does QE but that's a different discussion) QT is the selling of government (& to a much lesser extend, corporate) bonds by the BOE
  10. I lived in N.Ireland during the crash & fortunately managed to dodge it through chance & circumstance more than anything but I did genuinely recognise the bubble. It was insanity. Nothing going on today remotely feels like that. I eventually bought about 18 months after the bottom so can't claim to have timed it perfectly House price crashes can & do happen (even in the UK) - trying to time them however leaves most people out of pocket.
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