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  1. You need to look at other EU countries who have benefits systems that don't leave people homeless and destitute. Or you could carry on spouting Daily Mail crap.
  2. Except that they didn't. Yes they gave the criminal banksters and tech monoplists impunity to let rip. However they went back to form and implimented 1930's style austerity thus crashing the economy and ushering in the worst wages performance for hundreds of years.
  3. Yes. Employment down - EU Nationals leaving and not coming either. Unemployment down - The same manipulated weasel figures proved to be a complete lie by the worst wage performance in hundreds of years.
  4. It wouldn't have failed if Gideon hadn't snuffed out the recovery in 2010. We would have seen rates rise long before now. However I do think that the senior banksters involved should have been given a stark choice by the last Labour Govt; Penury or Prison - You decide.
  5. Today, R4 7 - 9. His weird manical voice woke me up! Don't ask me when it was though - I soon dropped off again when they stared with the endless groping analysis.
  6. The problem in the US, like the U.K., is geographical. Too many empty houses in Detroit and not enough houses in San Francisco. I don't recall houses being pulled down outside the U.S. in normal circumstances. Maybe one or two banks demolished some unfinished and unsellable developments in Ireland and Spain. The problem is still a market supply failure.
  7. Cheap, dirty or even free money from home and abroad, whilst not to be welcomed, would not cause our present housing crisis if there was adequate supply.
  8. Yup. I heard it. Didn't expect to hear sentiment like that on Radio 4 let alone anywhere else on U.K. MSM. Of course it's de riguer on 'The Keiser Report' and Peston, somehow managed to sound more manic than Max which wouldn't have helped his case. Maybe that is the new ploy from the PTB. Get people to say what is actually going on but ensure that no-one believes tham by making them sound as dribbling swivel-eyed luntaic as possible.
  9. A point probably lost on some of the more rabid hard right wingers on here.
  10. The only way it could happen is if they pump benefits 10% and raise the tax threshold 10%. Otherwise, what is left of the economy will implode into inflationary depression. There could also be serious unrest - scenes here like those seen in Catalan could tip civil society over the edge.
  11. Too many snob posher Brits live there. Even in the middle of nowhere. Prefer Bulgaria. Still haven't come across an English snob.
  12. In other News, Halifax have been handed responsibility for producing the monthly 'employment' figures.
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