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  1. They're right on apartments in BT9 - people asking for double for very little difference. Similar story with the above 300 comment, people are just overpricing the postcode: https://www.propertypal.com/49-richmond-park-stranmillis-park-belfast/480028
  2. Yup, following it at the moment seems as if it's pretty much on the whim of whichever estate agent brings certain properties to market. Few bits gone up recently in BT7 that're in line with the prices I was seeing at the beginning of the year (170-90 as opposed to into the 200s). Anyone got any idea what effect, if any, interest rates going up would do? Less this current one than the two mooted for 2018.
  3. probably slightly hyperbolic. not a stretch to say its been put on at significantly more than it would've been a year ago now. from what I can see, seems like it'd be worth expanding the search to Knockbreda/Rosetta (or that end of mount merrion anyway) - decent semis with gardens that don't seem to be getting bid through the roof and only a bit further out.
  4. so perspective from another couple of months of looking around this area - starting to see a bit of the anecdotal stuff about interest reflected in the estate agents pricing (albeit it's absolutely trickling through, there's nothing coming on at all): https://www.propertypal.com/28-st-johns-avenue-belfast/476681 350k for that seems absolutely absurd. that's basically an extra 130k on what you were seeing similar stuff listed for 8 months ago.
  5. Out of interest, how can that have happened so many times already? Something coming up on surveys etc?
  6. yeah, i've been wondering about this. seems counterintuitive & offputting for prospective buyers to be calling finding out things are 30 grand more than asking price - hardly gonna tempt them is it. in terms of lack of options at the moment, completely - I wonder with stamp duty going up (when I first looked there was twice the amount previous to that) along with maybe some brexit stuff people are holding out.
  7. Yeah, i'm aware of that a bit more (assume particularly around lisbrun road) - seems general reluctance on buyers behalf keeps that the way it is too. That's interesting. I do love the aesthetic of those N/S parade houses coming from london but it does seem a bit stupid to spend that much and end up without any useable outdoor space. which areas would you be looking at?
  8. I suppose that's where the gentrification label differs from london - belfast, you wouldn't localise it to one street - it'd be the area. Haven't north/south parade always been nice? yeah 230 seems nuts, if it's at 210 though I really don't see it jumping up that much further again (obviously not including the inevitable cost of renovation here). plus whichever maniac bid that has to get the mortgage signed off - seen a few houses round there come back on having probably been bid up further than they should have. question on stranmillis - looking at it, the housing stock seems great and as you say if BT7 is around those prices it's a better postcode, but whenever i've walked through there you seem to be ages walk away from any shops/pubs/restaurants etc - am I just missing a road or something?
  9. I'm pretty sure there's a small bubble in that area from speaking to my family. Seems like the buyers are people aged 32< and so weren't old enough to have been caught in the last crash and want to be walking distance from decent pubs etc. Even at the 200's if you buy into the buzz a bit (having lived in Peckham and watched it gentrified in exactly the same manner I can see it) it's still do-able on a joint income without too much of a stretch. If you're willing to go to castlereagh there's a lot more value and properties sat for sale for months but not as up and coming an area obviously.
  10. assuming from your post history (sorry for the snoop but seems like you're broadly in the same market as me) you pulled out of the annadale square property then? how many other places have you seen going that much over asking price? seems like you can pretty much totally disregard propertypal starting prices then, sigh.
  11. wow, that's incredible. yeah I did think it has a few advantages in terms of the size of the garden etc but looked like you'd need to plough money into it to get it in good shape. are all semis getting bid up like that in BT7?
  12. Hi there, Canvassing for a couple of opinions here - great info on this forum btw. I'm moving to Belfast sometime between January-August 18 from London, having been self-employed for a number of years and building up a big, useless deposit (95% of family are living in NI) over here & being able to work remotely/ & (ridiculously) commute via plane when necessary for less than living in other UK cities (grew up in the suburbs and have no intention of locking into a £400pm railfare for the rest of my working days). We're looking for a 3 bed semi in BT7 or the top of BT6 (just below Ormeau Rd). So my first question relates to timing - there seemed to be a large amount of decent property up around April/May on the main sites, which since has dried up pretty completely - can anyone shed any light on this? Also, it seems as if demand in that area is decent so these fluctuations in supply have a disproportionate effect on price. Something like this - https://www.propertypal.com/131-deramore-avenue-ormeau-road-belfast/471618 - is up at basically the same price as a load of decent stuff from 6 months ago. Is it worth trying to time this for when a few more come back on or would it be better to just jump on asap? I'm not taking out a big mortgage and therefore the initial price is more of a concern to me than long term interests rate forecasts etc. Any advice on what sort of property I should be targeting on offers? Something like i've linked I wouldn't actually mind (it seems about 20 grand overpriced to me) as a lot of my family are in trades and I don't have an imperative to move immediately if work needs done and it seems like a way of extracting a bit more value. Any ideas or advice appreciated.
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