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  1. Maybe, yeah. I'm just sensing the way the wind is blowing at the moment and it really feels like there's enough momentum for the next couple of months to show more rises.
  2. No, pretty much all of them have gone either SSTC or sold.
  3. I hear you, but there has just been a re-shuffle due to the HBOS merger and she's safe. She works in debt recovery as well, an area which is going to be pretty busy for at least the next 5 years, I reckon. There are always risks in these situations (and I'm very risk-averse), but I think this is too good an opportunity to pass up. I can't handle another 6-12 months of watching the market tick up by 1-2% a month. Most of the properties I've been watching have put their prices up by 10 or 20k ffs.
  4. I know, but we can get a bigger place than the flat that we're currently renting, with a garden, and get settled. There's more than just ££ to decisions like this.
  5. Well, the terms of the mortgage say it tracks the boe rate for the lifetime of the mortgage so I don't think they can pull the rug out from under us. Or could they?
  6. Sadly not, it's a tracker. And I've just found out it's not entirely free as it's a taxable benefit (I think ~£300 a month). But still, pretty sweet.
  7. In short, we found out last week that my other half can get a preferential mortgage through her work (banking) and we can get a mortgage at 3.5x her salary alone at 0.5%. I work for myself and earn about £33k per year but as it's only been for 12 months my salary doesn't count. With the mortgage we can stretch to a 3 bed in an ok-ish area, with the repayments being easily manageable, even if they doubled. We'll overpay every spare penny we've got to reduce the capital. It's looking like interest rates are going to remain low for a while, and by the time they go up we will (hopefully) have made a sizeable dent in the balance so it won't hurt. We've been watching and waiting for ~4 years and though I believe this is only a temporary pause in the overall price slide, I'm in my mid 30s and we want to start a family.
  8. I don't think it's a tendancy that's limited to bears or any other type of person - in my experience, everyone exhibits confirmation bias in some way. Humans seem to excel at it.
  9. Have you looked at the selling price data? see here Feb 2008 Feb 2009 Change Detached £443,132 £350,313 -21% Semi £271,983 £354,688 +30% Terraced £257,814 £214,833 -17% Flat £175,657 £149,167 -15% All £266,071 £306,000 +15%
  10. Nonsense like this does this site no favours. Please desist.
  11. p.s. I can't believe that this form censors that address. It's not like it's swearing or pornographic - rather petty, I think.
  12. might I suggest w w w [dot] global houseprice crash [dot] com without the spaces?
  13. Course I have... but it's quite easy to filter the wheat from the chaff after a while. Just because there's a lot of noise it doesn't mean there isn't stuff worth listening to. I went over to the 'other side' for a while but it's so boring and quiet that I gave up. This place is a bit like speaker's corner in Hyde park - plenty of fruitcakes, lots of ranting more than enough sense to make it worthwhile.
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