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  1. She died before before it all became evident why it was such a bad idea to repeal the 1930's depression financial acts and regulation. However, the intellectuals she took her policy queues from - Greenspan, Friedman and Rand - who were lifelong friends (Rand and Greenspan were lovers at one time) and were the neo-liberal economic policy formulators, were able to face the consequences (Greenspan, at least). Despite the chief architect, saying under oath, his ideas and policy were wrong and didn't work, the US and UK decided to double down on the same policies for another decade. "I was wro
  2. Yeah, I did a search and pages of reports saying everything is great, prices still rising. And still much, much higher than Toronto. So I conclude from impartial , all-knowing google that Toronto is just an aberration? Because that is what google says and I never question authority or statistics. I'm just the guy who works here.
  3. What's happening in Vancouver? When I lived in the States, I used to travel up there now and again and even then (few years ago), it was absolutely mental. Chelsea Kensington prices for a wooden shack on the edge of downtown. It seemed like ground zero for worldwide house price bubbles but I heard it went up a gear or two since. So really interested to know what that market is doing, if anyone lives out that way.
  4. Which is one of the chief reasons the high street, chain restaurants and now coffee shops are hitting trouble, after gorging on Central Bank term funding and zirp for a decade via their parent venture capital/hedge fund owners. That only goes to prop up inefficient, offshore and financial behemoths devoid of any innovation or competitive edge. Honestly, when Teresa and her cohorts go on another rant about capitalism and Corbyn/Venezuela (like clockwork every month), I want to scream "THIS IS NOT CAPITALISM YOU STUPID LYING BITCH! It's cronyism, crony-capitalism, corporate-socialism, state
  5. I really don't think it's any more difficult than the main Central Banks worldwide (private companies), who are majority owned/controlled by financial funds and the old 'merchant' banks, who all simultaneously became 'independent' in 1997-2000, after decades of propaganda, then enacted a plan of debt servitude. In the end game, they will buy up all the most valued land, buildings and infrastructure for pennies in the dollar. The blueprint for depressed, QE economy was established by Japan after their huge real estate bubble and collapse during the eightees. The experiment confirmed to the
  6. One of my nieghbours has, alongside his house, a hobbit house that is obviously a converted double garage into a bungalow, extended into the back garden. His wife pretty much nagged him into getting it done so the daughter and her daughter's husband could move in and get their kids into the local school. I don't know how they got planning permission as it looks as ugly as hell and is very obviously a garage with a bit of tudor cladding on it. Amazing a family of four live there but it's kind of like an extended family living arrangement. When I am up in London, I've actually noticed this isn't
  7. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2017/08/quantitative-easing-has-made-houses-hopelessly-unaffordable/
  8. Reminds me of that Buffoon who started all this mess....
  9. The other figure I would love to see is based on the anecdotal 'wealthy parents buying kids houses in their names, on HTB'. Especially around university towns where student landlords have become unusually common. Nothing wrong with helping your kids in life but the perceived use of Osborne's HTB was that it would offer a hand up to those without the bank of mum and dad. Instead, anecdotally, it has become a favourite tax benefit to families who could get on perfectly well without it (whilst pushing up the prices further for those they claimed they were targeting).
  10. Could be worth posting the certificate details (expand the arrow, copy paste the exception error details). Quite often it is a time/date issue between the server/client. Either your device time has an error or one of the NTS servers at the ISP has a corrupted cache or recent changes in NTS related updates/scripts. Can be a host of things but 7/10 it that, often an issue on the device relating to network time or configuration or a hacking breach. Hacking on your device is easily confirmed (usually) by just running a virus scan while you are running Chrome. The free ad version of Avast is
  11. I always thought is was because the banks are still instantly insolvent if the pre-bubble housing valuations were exposed. i.e., house price falls resisted to prop up bank balance sheets to international investors.
  12. I like the comment : "Tell me, friend: where you pissing? In this flat. Where's the piss bit. Where them shits go. Where you do toilet. I don’t need a bathroom all the time, but I like to go maybe six, seven times a day. Where am I… what am I doing, here? Do I have to go down the road and hit the McDonald’s bathroom? Do I need to use my gym member's card to piss and shit? Is there a shared bathroom outside my weird shower-bedroom that I can go in? Who else is in there? Do they live in a miserable little shower room too? Do we meet each other in the hallway, eyes joyless, crossing path, me
  13. https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/8xenbk/london-rental-opportunity-of-the-week-streathams-1-public-shower "Traditionally I would describe a small room with a shower in it as a "bathroom", but you're meant to live in this, so in answer to your question: "not a bathroom";
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