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  1. I'm not allowed to say. If I tried, a tinpot idiot apparatchik (an avowed champion of democracy) would delete my post, which is why i'm outtahere.
  2. Clearly. The first time that I ever voted, after reaching the age of majority in my country of birth, was for the Liberal Democrats. I've voted for them nearly all my life - when I didn't, I voted Green (back in those days, Green candidates were few & far between - difficult to vote for). I'm very happy that my Brexit vote has bought untold millions to now vote for the 2 parties that I've voted for, for my entire life. The duopoly looks in peril. I only hope that these newbies won't end up as disappointed as I was. I'll never vote LibDem again, as I voted for them, for decades, based on their promise to hold a referendum on PR if they got into coalition. I agree with nearly all their other policies - when they come up with a manifesto that isn't as focussed on Brexit as that of the BP's. I will vote Green again after Brexit is resolved. I'm super happy that my Brexit vote looks likely to have destroyed the Conservative & Unionist Party, a major advantage of Brexit that I've been expounding on here since I joined. I hope that the decline of this centuries old political party continues it's current trajectory. This has been due to the focussing of responsibility on our home political layers, caused by the mere potential removal of the EU political layers - and we haven't even left yet. Circumstances that I'm not at liberty to divulge mean that the time has come for me to leave - HPC. I'd like to thank everyone for bearing with my posts, especially when I have been at my most irascible. I'd like to especially thank Jon B for his original ideas, CoVIs for sharing his knowledge, and especially Dave Beans & Dorkins for their superb research, insights and thoughtful posts. All the best, and Good Luck, all. May Brexit bring you whatever you wish for.
  3. My sister did PPE @ Oxford. Quite a few years after she graduated, I had to explain the concept of a high yield portfolio to her.
  4. Good point. Although the liberalisation of the PPV system is pretty new - each of the duopoly only introduced their versions roughly 5 or so years ago, IIRC. The Tories were twice as expensive as Labour until quite recently (when Brexit caused them to haemorrhage members) - £25 p/a is a comparative PPV bargain.
  5. It's not just that, winkie - if it's indeed true that both sides of the duopoly disallow full participation in our PPV* democracy, that's outrageous. I've paid the bu66ers for years for my votes - why should I only be able to pay one side of the duopoly to decide our next Prime Minister, but not both? * Pay Per Vote
  6. Don't know if it was when I signed up - IIRC, didn't read the T&Cs to be honest. Now you've bought the issue up, not sure I'll be able to sleep at nights - the thought that I may in the past have been somewhat economical with the truth with politicians is truly harrowing.
  7. Is it? Might have to reconsider my vote in that case. Try Google Image searching her name.
  8. I'm a member of both the Labour and Conservative parties. Have been for years. PPV is the only way of fully participating in our democracy.
  9. We've tried everything else - why not just choose the hottest PM? We could go full Love Island. I'll be voting for her in the unlikely event she gets down to the last two:
  10. That's kind of my point - politicians innately blame others. Gifting them such a byzantine myriad of excuses such as the EU is a recipe for disaster.
  11. CoVIs appears to think that it's due to our awful politicians hiding under the skirts of the EU:
  12. It's not just price/transport costs. If it was, then the German steel industry would have suffered as badly as the UK one - BMW & Mercedes would be building their cars with Chinese steel. Although an early Mercedes A that my parents were unfortunate enough to own seemed to have been - complete rustbucket.
  13. Sorry, to clarify - you're claiming that there is no overproduction in any globally traded commodity?
  14. Wow. Germany's steel production has remained constant since the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community. The UK's has plunged by about 70% And that's before the EU kyboshed saving British Steel.
  15. = joke ****** Found this interesting WRT EU steel over-capacity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_European_countries_by_steel_production Germany: 42 million tonnes UK: 12 million tonnes Belgium (drive across the entire country in 2 hours): 7 million tonnes ******* The EU Commission would decide whether to the grant a UK state aid application plea based on total EU steel production. If the UK government could decide, they'd be able to decide based on UK strategy.
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