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  1. It's refreshing to see there's more than a few people concerned that we're sleepwalking into a totalitarian state with Big Brother Blair. If you've never read 1984, then do so; if you have read it, then re-read it, because it's never been more relevant. And remember laws that are introduced to make us 'safer' are soon misused for other purposes: 82 year old terrorist The Labour Party has apologised after an 82-year-old member was thrown out of its annual conference for heckling. Walter Wolfgang, from London, was ejected from the hall after shouting "nonsense" as Foreign Secretary Jack Str
  2. They are feeling the pressure because, like any business, they rely on regular income (commission payments) to pay their staff salaries, rents, etc. Few houses are selling and it may be a year or more until levels increase - although these will not be at anything like the levels of the recent boom, leaving all those recent new start-up estate agents having to carve up a diminishing commission pie. Many smaller/newer agents do not have the funds to weather the present lack of trade, and will go under - three smaller agents have gone bust in the last six months in my locality.
  3. So you have given up the right to vote (fought so hard for by our ancestors) supposedly to make a point about the BBC. It seems to me you are merely a skinflint (and a law-breaker) who tries to justify your meanness with a moral standpoint. The BBC is an organisation we should be proud of, broadcasting a large range of quality programmes and channels - for example, the CBeebies channel for pre-school children is excellent, and has undoubtedly contributed significantly to the language and literacy skills of my three-year-old. The BBC website is viewed by many people around the world as the o
  4. I (partially) agree with Marina. The recent housing boom has no significant link to immigration and any real shortage of property. If this was the case, why in some northern towns have property prices more than doubled in recent years, when at the same time they have been losing population year-on-year, and there is NO shortage of accommodation? BTL landlords have been a significant factor, as well as the FTB 'We must get on the ladder before it's too late' syndrome. There IS a correlation between supply and demand and prices, however, relating to the properties that are on the market at a p
  5. So why if people are fed-up with foreigners coming here, would they be keen to leave to go to a foreign country? This makes no sense - oh, unless what is really meant is people fed-up of black people coming here, and wanting to leave to go to predominantly white countries. (stand-by for further personal abuse by Marina!) Why does it matter whether there are any Asians in her class before teaching about Diwali? I thought the whole point of education was to broaden peoples' horizons, including their understanding of other people's cultures and religions. I was once invited into a class room
  6. The tenant also (generally) has to pay for the cost of gas, electric, telephone and water, but do you think they are all part of the 'product' the landlord is selling and should also pay for? And by the way, Central Government reimburses local councils for properties that are exempt from Council tax, so local services do not suffer. And I know, now you're going to moan that taxpayers are subsidising this.
  7. Sorry to spoil the party, but here's something to consider: A house price crash (and I agree it's coming) in a climate of rising interest rates does not necessarily make it easier for a FTB to get on the property ladder. If you compare the situation a year ago (when interest rates were at their lowest and many were already priced out of the market) with the possible/probable scenario next summer, there may not be much difference in mortgage payments. Eg. October 2003 BOE rate 3.5%. Say mortgage rate + 1% @ 4.5% House purchase price £200,000 25 year repayment mortgage (100% of purchase pri
  8. BBB Great thread you've got going here. Shame you're not taking onboard any of the good advice, though. Enjoy your picnic whilst you can, BBB. The storm clouds are gathering.
  9. BBB Seems to me you can't see the woods for the trees. You have personal evidence of the start of the long-predicted crash, and you are still in denial, convinced this problem is the result of a maverick surveyor. This scenario is almost certainly being repeated across the country, and will help to precipitate a crash. And of course, surveyors know that it is the poorer areas (which you must be dealing in at these prices) which stand to lose a higher percentage of their gains in a downturn. You don't say whether your comparatives were actually SOLD at those prices three weeks ago - but even
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