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  1. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-02/deutsche-bank-s-slow-bleed-continues-as-a-pivotal-month-begins Quote: "Credit-default swaps on Deutsche Bank’s debt reflect a bearishness not seen with any of its major rivals. The contracts are now trading roughly in line with beleaguered Italian banks buffeted by their government’s turmoil."
  2. THIS IS GREAT NEWS ! 100% Mortgages mostly appear magically just before a major crash, its last ditch attempt by Bankers to save their sinking Balance Sheets ! The housing market is rigged by Governments and Bankers using various tools like HTB, low rates, 100% Mortgage etc. THEIR ONLY GOAL IS TO KEEP THE PYRAMID CHAIN GOING... But it reaches its breaking point due to unaffordability and collapses.
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-11/u-k-housing-market-hit-by-weak-demand-with-no-reversal-in-sight
  4. Agree it isn't happening at the speed at which it happened in 2008-09, but it is surely happening slowly. The prices are still very high around where I live, but most properties have been reduced 2 times, while some 5-6 times on Rightmove and are still there since mid 2017. Lets say houses aren't exactly flying off the shelves any more, like they did between 2013-2016, if at all we are far from that. Many young people are falling for Help To Buy as the only statistic they are seeing is "Rent amount vs. Mortgage Payment". They are not Stress Testing their borrowing to ensure it c
  5. Lets all not be under any illusion that Torys are any better at reducing immigration !!! Torys have point blank refused to commit to any immigration limits post Brexit, they never will as they are the party of Boomers, and Boomers have most their Retirement eggs in Housing Basket. Mass Immigration is the only way to keep Residential and Buy To Let demand. Hence all this snakeoil drama about transition, hence the smile on the faces of EU Beaurocrats. There is no end to this Transition, and if there is they are already working on a Visa class to bring in next generation of home buyers.
  6. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/jeremy-corbyn-free-movement-people-brexit-general-election-itv-a7735471.html This was also clearly reported on BBC.
  7. Not sure how long this crazy rises can go on, for the last 8 years the real incomes have fallen (substantially in some cases), the real inflation is much higher than reported (include energy, rail, education, tax hikes) there has been Mass Austerity imposed making everything worst or non existent, And while all this was happening the house prices here in outer west London have gone up 200%-300% in most cases. Not sure what kind of economics is this, or long can this go on when people working harder are getting poorer ?
  8. Basically the system is built to benefit the elite, full stop, we have seen that since Blair very very clearly.
  9. Seems like the only way forward now that Corbyn fully supports Brexit and ending free movement.
  10. I have a 10% deposit and my mortgage monthly payment will be 20% higher than what I pay in rent currently. At the end of first three years I would have only paid negligible principle but mainly Interest on a substantial borrowing. So at the end of 3 years I would be no richer than what I am now in terms of equity unless there is a "paper" rise in s prices. Not sure what is the best way forward, Rent from private landlord or Rent from the Bank ? This would be a no brainer in 2014 when prices were skyrocketing, but not sure what is the best way forward, wait or dive in. Your
  11. First time since 2011 ! Auckland is Buyers Market !
  12. Agree...Echoing many similar points on below thread that may have been missed here...
  13. Lying SOB! Will p!ss off to Canada when this UK SubPrime Bubble implodes.
  14. And a Massive one too, because Many countries around the world are absorbing skilled migrants from India, leaving the less talented behind in many cases. So its just not the price, but also the Quality of talent in India that is a huge issue. India is now planning to send 300K (3 Lakh) young people to Japan to train, as Western nations become more strict. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/india-to-send-3-lakh-youth-to-japan-for-on-job-training/articleshow/61041151.cms Japanese have volunteered to bear the cost of training India's Youth, Go Figure !!
  15. Agree, Londoners are not "Free Range" Humans, always battling the crowds, queues, arrogance, frustration and competition ... All this does have an effect on mentality and even the nicest people need to become arrogant to survive, even the brightest end up becoming dull, A single Wave in an River cannot travel in the opposite direction of the current, it has to flow with the current or will break.
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