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  1. 15 minutes ago, thewig said:

    Just been texted the front page of the evening standard:


    Redundancies, No deal Brexit, Christmas,  etc all happening now or in the short term. We are going downhill and about to pick up some serious speed. 

    In my opinion, the last to realise or those in denial m will be the ones who have the biggest impact on negative sentiment. Come on let’s be having you! 


  2. I think we already have more than -10% in the South. If we get -10% on record, I think we will get -20% for sure. 

    I know someone who just accepted 23% below asking price. I also know 3 or 4 people in negative equity of 100k who bought in the last 3 years (new builds) high end help to buy!  




  3. It has been on for the last couple of years, but I think this really is it. We are getting close to the exciting part of the crash. The perfect storm for so many reasons, now it is about to become common knowledge the market is going to crash, sentiment is going to plummet. Hold tight! 


  4. 4 hours ago, Peter Hun said:

    Which is their democratic right to do so.

    The referendum was advisory, the government called a election and presented their plan to implement that direction. The government LOST the election because it's plans were unacceptable. 

    The Leavers voted against Brexit. As did the DUP who have THEIR mandate.

    It's all perfectly democratic. Just shit, but remainers know that.

    Do you think having:

    Remain parliament

    Remain PM

    Remain chancellor

    Remain biased media

    Representing the majority, frustrating the entire process is democracy? No? me either. That is why the Brexit party will now surge......

  5. On 13/04/2019 at 12:57, Spindler said:

    i don;t think these are small percentages we are talking in reality ..a flat i mention in se sale going throuh 305k now 235.....i doubt a 450k house is gettig sold at 425k...i read on wolf street a poster saying in toronto the quoted small percentages are not realistic...real world already talking 20-25%actualy to sell unless its so blooming marvellous and an anonomoly ...for there and here we are already talking 15/20 percent from fanatsy valuations...the ****holes prob even worse....i had aconv last night with good friends.....not enough houses...i said its to do with credit and were maxed...out showed an analogy of buying one gys plate for a fiver borrowed from the other mate....now do it again and tell me you wont lend me a fiver sayin 3 quid....other mate eiter keeps the plate or takes the 3 quid thats how it works.....price discovery is on the margins.....most homes are bought with credit...as the market falls credit becomes tighter it becomes sel fulfilling....this is where we are now....sentiment is already changing thats also a powerful factor ...price falls tightening credit....negative sentiment...keep the faith simon its the end game ...forget the figues from VI's and medi....this market turned end of 2015 and the next few years is going to be brutal for those with big loans on property irrespective of if rates remain low...if they rise calamity....all pyramid scheme all bubbles correct....we know its a bubble...and moron economists havent even seen its a bubble...as for the not enough houses don't make me laugh i'm not even sure thats true...regardless this market is going to fall worse than the 90's...housing from here is going to be a spectacular bad investment...lready the htb mugs areutterly ******* where do you think they'll be as the falls gather pace.....those horrible full recourse mortgages they have(and dont know it) plus HTB are going to sink them....the HTB will end up prob written off and that wont even save them

    100% agree. I think 2019 is going to be a brutal year for the housing market....

  6. On 19/02/2019 at 22:44, Orb said:

    That's exactly what I thought. I went to check property prices there, and the first thing I saw was a 1 bed end of terrace LEASEHOLD slave-box on at £88k for 40% share (so £220k for 100%). By 2022 £88k might be for 100% lol. 

    It will be a very interesting area to keep an eye on prices going forward.

  7. 1 hour ago, mrtickle said:

    Make them agree to reduce the rent by £100 month from now on, until you move out nomatter what, in return for allowing the first viewing. Don't make it conditional on "during months when there are viewings". There could be no viewings, yet they expect you to keep the place tidy in case there are some.

    The rent reduction should be permanent even if they decide not to sell it.

    OP you are in a STRONG position, this is rare. Use your strength.



  8. 2 hours ago, Bluestone59 said:

    Walking past our local Aldi, the vehicles nearest the car park entrance were -

    A Jag. A hybrid Toyota. A Range/Land Rover.  An Audi. All newish, large, up market vehicles. I didn't carry out an intensive study, think I'd seen enough.

    But wait. Are the people who drive these shopping in Aldi because they're feeling the pinch OR have they been shopping cheaply in Aldi for so long that they found they can afford fancy motors?

    Just asking.


    Time will tell I guess. I rent the cheapest flat in the best block in my area. All these supposedly rich people are Lidl & Aldi shoppers. It’s a mirage. 

    Personally I prefer an old car ( I have the biggest shit heap) and Marks & Spencer dine for 2 = £20

    Salmon & prawn stack 

    Sirloin steak with garlic butter

    Billionaire desert

    bottle of red Beaujolais 

    Can't go wrong! 



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