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  1. Think it’s a habit from my share forum. Everyone does it on there...
  2. Redundancies, No deal Brexit, Christmas, etc all happening now or in the short term. We are going downhill and about to pick up some serious speed. In my opinion, the last to realise or those in denial m will be the ones who have the biggest impact on negative sentiment. Come on let’s be having you! 2R
  3. I think we already have more than -10% in the South. If we get -10% on record, I think we will get -20% for sure. I know someone who just accepted 23% below asking price. I also know 3 or 4 people in negative equity of 100k who bought in the last 3 years (new builds) high end help to buy! 2R
  4. It has been on for the last couple of years, but I think this really is it. We are getting close to the exciting part of the crash. The perfect storm for so many reasons, now it is about to become common knowledge the market is going to crash, sentiment is going to plummet. Hold tight! 2R
  5. I don’t think he knows what he means. He didn’t even know what he was voting for in the referendum. I did, I was voting for our Sovereignty and nothing less.
  6. Not yet we haven’t. We will though. Hope you enjoy!
  7. We all knew what we were voting for, if you did not then I hope you never took part in the referendum.
  8. Do you think having: Remain parliament Remain PM Remain chancellor Remain biased media Representing the majority, frustrating the entire process is democracy? No? me either. That is why the Brexit party will now surge......
  9. 100% agree. I think 2019 is going to be a brutal year for the housing market....
  10. The majority people I chat with across a wide spectrum cannot wait to vote for the Brexit Party. 1. To teach the establishment a lesson. 2. To make sure democracy is honoured in future. Conservatives will get destroyed.
  11. The flat we are in started off at 1k pcm 18 months ago, we renegotiate every 6 months and keep contracts to a minimum length. Now paying £800 pcm some 20% lower .
  12. Another 50k - 10% knocked off the price of a house I keep an eye on. Think the Brexit extension is great news for us, prices will just continue to decline. Then into another winter, which may even coincide with a recession.
  13. Co-Operative do the best value for money wines (around £5) in my opinion and I have personally conducted a comprehensive study on this. Hereford is a particularly good red for the money, can be bought for £5 when on offer reduced from £7.
  14. Can you get double pie,mash and liquor up north? I know Manze deliver!
  15. It will be a very interesting area to keep an eye on prices going forward.
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/fcd81d56-376d-4dc4-a932-086fae147d33?ns_campaign=bbcnews&ocid=socialflow_facebook&ns_source=facebook&ns_mchannel=social&sfns=mo
  17. Either get some balls and use this opportunity to your advantage, if possible? or just take this guys advice? Sounds harsh I know. But it’s dog eat dog in the housing market. FACT.
  18. Time will tell I guess. I rent the cheapest flat in the best block in my area. All these supposedly rich people are Lidl & Aldi shoppers. It’s a mirage. Personally I prefer an old car ( I have the biggest shit heap) and Marks & Spencer dine for 2 = £20 Salmon & prawn stack Sirloin steak with garlic butter Billionaire desert bottle of red Beaujolais Can't go wrong!
  19. You are correct. My interest in airlines is minimal to be fair?
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