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  1. I notice that a few posters on here are talking of relocating abroad. I would love to move to France but not sure if it is an option for me in reality. We go every year to the south for a month or so on holiday, there lifestyle seems fantastic.  We have saved so much waiting for house prices to drop I've started thinking it would be a very big chunk towards a property abroad. I have looked at the Isle of Man as well.  It's not only the house prices in this country that are a downer it's the shift patterns,  unpaid overtime, only using contractors through agencies so they can use and abuse the workforce. It just seems to be getting worse for everyone I know. Life in England is just becoming very expensive for a poor service. Every move you make is heavily taxed. Crime is getting worse and widespread. Just can't help but think sometimes I could be happier somewhere else. I like to hear of other plans?

  2. Barratt homes are so desperate to sell their overpriced apartments in Battersea (Lombard wharf) they have dropped the price of one beds from £721,000 to £599,000  just so they can try and sell to a even bigger fool using help to buy. I believe help to buy is capped at 600k max property value. 

    Some owners must already be 121k under on a 1 bed with no parking and they're only just moving in....OUCH!!!!!

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