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  1. Well he purchased it with no intention of letting it out! Was his home for over 5 years and it’s only been tenanted for 6 months, hence selling it with them in situ. It made sense to test the water before jumping in, but now they want to take advantage of the stamp holiday. I’m just amazed how quick they’ve gone under offer. Not to mention how quick the houses they are viewing are getting snapped up...
  2. He met someone, they each had there own house. He moved into hers for a year to make sure it all worked out. Now they are going for 1 huge house of course! His sold without even going to the market with tenants in situ. Hers took 4 days.
  3. I know someone selling a house, accidental landlord. Called the estate agent they’re renting through to ask if anyone would want to buy it tenanted. A landlord offered straight away at an over the odds in my opinion. He asked for another 10% deal done just like that. I give up... What with landlords getting debt slaves to pay off multiple mortgages on there behalf and all the others turning houses in to hotels I’m not sure they will ever drop back. I am starting to think I have missed the boat for good.
  4. I’m definitely wishing. I don’t see it happening anytime in the next 6 months though. I have never known so many friends & relatives to be active in the market. All either upsizing or relocating. The New Forest & Cotswolds has gone crazy. I’ve seen posters listing plenty of other areas as well. I can’t work out where everyone’s confidence in the market is coming from, Low rate mortgages help I guess. We were so close to buying and now it seems like it’s just running away again.
  5. This is inline with my thinking. If no sign of them falling by New Year, then no doubt prices will start rising again into the summer...
  6. I really hope not. If they haven’t dropped by February then I give up. I will 100% be a buyer in the first quarter of 2021 if not before. I can’t wait any longer...
  7. I feel the same, good luck with your purchase. I am so fed up with all the wasted energy we’ve invested into it. We were really close to getting one the other day but we got gazumped. It’s just so depressing! I’m just hoping winter slows the market down a touch?
  8. Collector standard watch prices have moved like house prices. I’m now of the thinking this is the time to sell rather than buy. For example a new Rolex Daytona with a ceramic bezel would set you back £8750 rrp if you were at the top of the 20 odd years year waiting list. These are now fetching 20k in the open market.
  9. https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/1274956/house-prices-crash-coronavirus-housing-market-impact-recession
  10. https://www.ccn.com/did-the-fed-just-accidentally-trigger-a-housing-market-crash/
  11. Me bad, apologies. It come up on my google search. I did look for the article on mail online and could not find it, but the date in the top corner was today’s. Things do go in cycles.
  12. Maybe I am being to conservative? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-151551/House-prices-fall-30.html
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