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  1. Proving we are all different. Many of us really enjoy managing people in fact I would say taking the view that we are all dust someday - I don’t see how much else matters in a job sense. Coaching, mentoring , seeing people really grow is rewarding. It’s not unpleasant it’s tough because very few people can do it well and that pool gets smaller the higher you go. It pays well certainly beyond first line because of that. I don’t doubt many people enter management because the other stream which would be professional growth is badly defined and doesn’t pay as well. However most of them are unsuited to management, subject matter experts rarely are, a little too narrow in their thinking and focused. Management is leadership and requires a love of people and an acceptance of all their foibles, most people barely love themselves let alone anyone else. It also requires a rock solid self esteem because boy when you think you have seen it all, today becomes a school day again The final benefit I see once you reach Exec level is being in the room when decisions are made affecting other people. I read somewhere that execs actually suffer less stress than people believe because there is massive stress in being out of control of your earning environment. That’s also a driver for people to become self employed or run their own business I wanted to lead since I was an apprentice and had my first team at 25. Enjoyed nearly every minute of it from first line management to Exec for corporations and my own business Just putting the other side really it’s not unpleasant for many of us it’s tough because all your problems come on two legs 😉It can be very rewarding personally and professionally.
  2. I would say that’s a 20th century view of the world and based on ever increasing consumption which patently is unsustainable. In addition tech has probably reached a tipping point where it is now eliminating jobs faster than its creating them. Perhaps it’s a cycle not an ever upwards escalator ?
  3. Not my children since the two metrics you highlight are within any families control or are you saying it’s some sort of human right to be lazy and a poor parent ?
  4. I think you are spot on. My son and his wife have moved to LA and were thinking of buying. They have access to a decent mortgage and have a fair amount of capital. Looked at one over priced place the Realtor said sit it out kids go and rent this isn't going to last. So they are.
  5. We can do this all day. Yes so. I am not talking about Germany or Australia I am talking about the UK. Germany being split made a big difference, since Berlin's renewal as the capital it has grown quickly again. 1900 Manchester Population 500,000 London 5 million rising to 7 million by 1910 ! Because of our small size, London being in the South and nearer the continent and also being the hub of the empire it is always the vampire squid. A few billion spent in the provinces isn't going to change that.
  6. So no talented people go to private or public schools interesting and very chippy. In life most people exclude themselves. Look at the white working classes attitude to education compared to say Asian, Indian and many Black families. The country is in such a state through a multitude of factors our political leadership is only one of them. For ten of millions it sort of works very well and there is the rub perhaps it doesn't work for you ?
  7. The capital of any nation will always attract more hard investment and soft investment by way of private companies choosing to operate there That’s just the way it is as the song goes If London and the Home Counties pulled up the drawbridge that would be fine for us not so the provinces. It’s not just the city boys who pay more tax , it’s across all industries the most talented from Lawyers to technologists gyrate to London and hence are paid more
  8. Interesting thanks - so has an organised Labour feel in both cases rather than the often misused middle America sunburnt Trump supporting hilly Billy image
  9. Its not a patch on a public school but its a reasonable substitute and of course no where near in terms of confidence and self esteem building its too late in life. Remember reading about a radical academic who suggested children should do exams at the beginning of every year then you knew whether they had to study the subject or not.
  10. Had to note the redneck comment its been used out of context for years this is where it came from. "In 1921, black, white and immigrant mineworkers took up arms to battle the coal companies that controlled and exploited every aspect of their lives. United, they wore red bandannas to identify each other in battle. They called themselves the “Redneck Army”.
  11. Fair enough, because he has so much experience of building a new underground system from scratch right ? 🤣
  12. I would really be f**** off if any of the money I was paying as a Londoner was shovelled out to another city like some third world project, surely way out of his remit ?
  13. You would of been a hero at my children’s private school. They had a system of work being marked for effort and attainment. In a maths class one lad got an A for attainment and 5 for effort , 1 being the most effort. Apparently the class went wild took ages to settle them down again !
  14. You need a roof over your head, you want a coffee it doesn’t have to be Starbucks in fact compared to say choice of operating system on your laptop there is a massive choice
  15. I am reminded of Bob Crow the underground union guy. Didn't really like the guy but when questioned on tube drivers pay said rather than attack that why don't people campaign to get all skilled blue collar workers money up, something I agreed with. All of today's youngsters will be pensioners at some point so attacking a not overly generous state scheme doesn't seem the brightest move. The cohort born say 46- 62 would of enjoyed the golden years of private pensions through the 70's,80's and 90's in company schemes. So I imagine a fair bit is private provision.
  16. It's a massive subsidy, £9k a year after paying in for 40. Total pension income of pensioners including private provision : 'In FYE 2020, pensioners had similar average incomes after housing costs (AHC) to FYE 2010, with £331 and £319 respectively ' Gov.UK Where's that cruise going around the Isle of Wight ?
  17. That's my beef as someone who created a business and gave tens maybe hundreds of youngsters a break. It sticks in my throat when property speculating is described as a business. It creates a few jobs but never high value skilled jobs. The flow of money into it is obscene. This has two really bad effects, the level of HPI and the diversion of capital away from real businesses. I agree with the global problem but at one level down. Lets tax capital gains higher say 30% on house price gains after a reasonable allowance (they even do that in the States) continue to put the screws on non incorporated landlords as well. This wouldn't fix things overnight but it would have an effect quickly I think.
  18. I didn't realise the Newcastle tube was built so recently I have used it, it's great. I am a tube rat big fan of the underground. My point is in an age of austerity will there be the will to do it especially as we are approaching peak car ? Newcastle was completed in the last great age of joined up thinking at least in some areas of local and central government.
  19. As my other post I think there are some fine lifestyles to be had, but in volume terms they are low. I live South Herts very easy into London but you pay with House Prices, however I only have to move to Bishops Stortford (get a place £200k less or same price and bigger) which is a good market town in itself but is only 45 minutes from London on the train (average so some quicker) and the look up said 93 trains a day say over 18 hours 5 an hour. Its effectively another hidden subsidy. Your mate has made a great lifestyle choice. I have always loved my city even though now I use it rather than live in it. I was born in Whittington Hospital N19 with a statue of Dick Whittington and his cat outside perhaps I was indoctrinated from an early age !
  20. I am very pro the distribution of jobs and wealth around the country, I loved working in Cheadle in the eighties before London became the vampire squid and started to really suck everything in. Trouble is there will never be enough money, the over investment in London for millennia won't be balanced by a couple of corporate HQ's. Your smoking something with the underground plan just looked it up £1.5 million spent on some drawings and its now 15 years away make that twenty. The investment would sink the city. Although its exactly what other cities need to really attract long term jobs and wealth. Not sure of the maths as well employees generate tax receipts that go to the treasury not the local council. The fly in the ointment is HPI, house price differential will always be a driver for people moving away from London and the Home Counties. Of course you can get more for your money but it doesn't seem dramatically more and of course less stock. Access to the capital is getting cheaper by the year with the Oyster card roll out extending into the home counties (another subsidy I guess) travelling into London on less crowded trains and walking to where you want to be avoiding the underground is very pleasant. I am not bothered either way about London its been good to me and continues to be so and its going to have to evolve of course but as Mark Twain said 'Just say the report of my death has been grossly exaggerated '
  21. Which is why you don’t need as much as @Frugal Gitsays if you own your own business - has to be reasonably successful though. The sums paid through PAYE at your level seem astronomical. I always reckoned legally (just about ) running your own show you would need around 60% or less of that gross figure. I never use the term earn for gross amounts 😉 although most people do, I think it suits the government. Your income is what turns up in your bank account every month. The savings to have the same lifestyle are myriad and add up, from putting your kids on the payroll to pay them allowances particularly in their uni years or of course splitting all income with your partner. I think this might be why there is a higher proportion of single income couples amongst those who own businesses, the numbers really don’t add up if the income generated was going through a single set of tax codes, it is like a high earner poverty trap 😉 The mantra generally is to avoid like the plague paying out anything out of taxed income. Of course you pay tax but comes out I have always reckoned around 25-28% overall which is fair I think for the risks taken and jobs created
  22. I am sure it’s more complex and perhaps your trade is only affected marginally by what you do, overall footfall patterns into your area have a bigger impact. Shops are location, location, location businesses as well sell the right thing in the right place and the customers will literally just walk in
  23. Totally agree the only USP for many local shops is convenience take that away and the offering isn’t that compelling
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