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  1. Very well put. I do think older people should cough up some of their HPI gains. The fairest way is a fixed fee one off insurance which I would set around a sum not a percentage say £30-£50k. There will be quibbles but I think fair in the short term. Then phasing as you suggest
  2. Thats what smart meters are all about I understand will detect the very specific draw profile EV's have
  3. Totally agree most small business owners run their business through their cash book and even many medium sized ones. You know the ones 'Oh my accountant does all that' - I have always run my businesses' through the P&L and the balance sheet and todays tools like Xero and Sage etc make that easier than ever. So the loan is just another item in there its not profit. To counter that there is a level of customer demand I have never seen across many different industries which backs up anecdotally my roaring twenties theory. So that day of reckoning might be a little way off who knows ?
  4. I think so. The 2nd ring was the North/South Circular, and there was going to be an inner ring The M25 was a sort of mash up of the 3rd and 4th ring. Looked this up How the M25 was born
  5. I would make the A303 single track only leads to the West country where they constantly bitch about the clients of their one industry tourism
  6. LOL I do also remember that funny road pre M25 around Potters Bar that was incorporated into the M25
  7. First cliché totally agree 2nd cliché is just an urban myth dependent on too many factors. 'A study of Shell Oil employees shows that people who retire at age 55 and live to be at least 65 die sooner than people who retire at 65. After age 65, the early retirees have a 37% higher risk of death than counterparts that retired at 65' 'A German study is one of the few to find that healthier people who retire before the age of 61 may live longer than those who continue to work. But this study, like some others, may not fully account for differences in occupation – heavy manual jobs may take more of a toll than managerial ones' I suspect the early grave was coming to you anyway. There is no conclusive study either way
  8. Not sure about your thesis. The M25 was completed in 1986. I lived in North London late 80's I had to get on the M25 by say 7am to go round the North West stretch and onto the M4 in a reasonable time otherwise I was stuck in jams. I am not sure its much worse today - so perhaps there is a level of demand achieved and it just plateau's there ? I have also in the last 4 years driven to Brentwood from South Herts and nine times out of ten flown through about an hour door to door. What I would say when it goes wrong it is a real snarl up but that's not as often as people think. I agree there are plenty of other factors with people now working a hybrid model getting up early to miss the traffic isn't a hardship 2 days a week rather than 5. It will be interesting to see how demand settles.
  9. Not really just sending over £15k in Vat for our two man business we created after exiting our old long term business. That's a lot of meals. What's also lost is bigger companies are replacing old style onerous finance with these loans so that is good for business. The fraud is the shocking thing granted
  10. 🤣😉 Paid enough tax over the years and got zilch help otherwise so still sleeping ok, The new company wasn't the size to get any more but probably would if I could. My concern is like the other example is that it has just been ploughed into property. I know garages are but not fueling a resi boom. To counter it I know a number of businesses that have used the easier finance situation to save jobs and keep trading. Interestingly in one after being really caring, once that industry picked up a raft of resignations and I can say hand on heart that the company couldn't of done more. Somethings never change !
  11. Ours is in premium bonds probably buy a couple of lock up garages with it. Easiest finance we have ever got. There will be fraud not sure how much and certainly not on the scale The Daily Wail would say. In the end its cheap money over a long period you might as well pay back.
  12. Totally agree this non story has attracted the biggest collection of dumb comments I have seen for a long time in the The Times and that’s a low bar. The Brexit crowbar in evidence .Nice to be here on a sane thread. I think the reasons are complex like the HGV drivers shortage my take on causes are 1. Your view re new tech coming along 2. Chip Shortages 3. Manufacturers like JLR caught napping , 92% of output diesel FFS 4. collapse in demand short term. WFH why do I need 2 x pcp cars on the drive ? 5. The rise of sharing not buying 6. decline in younger generations even taking a driving test 7 Confidence in pre owned cars with manufacturers programmes and the rise of Cazoo and Cinch 8. The car industry has always had too much capacity 9. People realising how reliable modern cars are 10. People really starting to think about car ownership in response to climate change
  13. That worked LOL gave me an inordinate amount of pleasure thanks !!
  14. When I was kid way back in the early 70's, height of alternative thinking, CND etc I used to pass a house on the way to school with a sticker that said 'Live Simply, so simply all may live' stuck with me as a great thought throughout life
  15. The average Tesco customer doesn’t give a flying fig - they buy basket loads of shite go and stand in the fruit and veg section quietest part of the store, this is particularly noticeable in Morrison’s I have found yet their pie and pizza crap counter is mobbed.They buy battery farmed chickens by the millions for £3 or less. I am all for food inflation so people make better choices and there is less waste, and environmental damage from shipping food stuffs all round the world. People have come to expect stupidly low prices for food , creating waste and let’s face it an obese nation. Higher prices would drive better behaviour
  16. As the song goes the public gets what the public wants. 100% driven by the customer including yourself it would appear. Shop local and independent, grow your own and eat in season food . The British public have an insatiable appetite for rubbish food or want good food for unfeasibly low prices driving the supply of it from under paid suppliers and will tolerate rubbish service to get it.
  17. I bought bananas. a pineapple and some limes yesterday in a local Tesco we are a long way from a food shortage if luxury items like this are available. It’s like the Remainers have created their own project fear
  18. I would as well , I have bored people on here many times , I am a petrol head I pay through the nose in petrol duty and VED for performance machines and extra insurance. I don’t need them I want them the same logic should apply to 2nd home taxation
  19. Not wild at all my ex sister in law just bought a house £700k cash when the family home was finally sold.
  20. A thread about house prices how novel ! My two penny worth is a factor I think that is larger than people think is families splitting up and needing individual properties. I know 3 couples in their 50’s who have split up recently almost overnight you go to double the housing needs
  21. You are up early ! I have always thought that perpetual growth ie prosperity is like perpetual motion a sort of chimera . Have a good weekend 😉
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