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  1. If you own your share of the freehold it's effectively a freehold surely ?
  2. My daughter lives in a purpose built block, built late 60's in 5 acres. Covenant on lease so you can't rent out. 4 blocks, really well built - parquet flooring ,wide corridors. The blocks are 4 storeys high. Clever design bit like a spoke and hub effect no flat touches any other, whether outside walls, lift or service channel between flats on the same level,so just floor and ceiling. Each flat has decent garage as well. Each leaseholder is also a freeholder and the freehold committee members have to be owners. Seems to work very well, very low service charge and great place to live
  3. Its the worlds favourite kid in the playground including China's it's not going anywhere soon
  4. Agree so bit like a pig in python this will work through in a few days.
  5. I do it by 2% here and there just found a great gym and swimming pool with a working space looks nice on the invoice
  6. Unfortunately labour are so far removed from the mechanics of business they haven't a clue coming from unions and the state sector primarily. This is a no brainer because professional landlords can they just run it through a company so the only people affected are amateur first time buyer house stealers Starmer has been upstaged by the new Unite leader who has said I have better things to do supporting workers in labour disputes than attend the conference, he is a clown without a clue very much the same as Boris just better haircut
  7. This does seem a forum for life's losers sometimes - here's the news tens of millions are doing ok, and you will be in a £60k+ job soon for peanuts as a training fee
  8. I think there is an arc of travel which goes from the working class who are very patriotic, to the middle who think it's oh so clever to sneer at symbols and bravery onwards to the upper class who are again patriotic. Very unique to the British that division
  9. Whatever your politics its bad presentation, which perhaps to a less than incisive mind. Ken Clark would throw back any report that wasn't succinctly summarised on one page, his line was I expect you do the work not me. Mark Twain once said, “I didn't have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one.
  10. Cottoned on to what winners and losers? Sorry my fellow north London friend, the proportions change the split doesn't. I am at the wrong end of distinctly average youngsters pushing for 60-80k in creative media and IT, and most of them late twenties or early thirties, I admire them it feels like the 80’s - this forum actually isn’t representative, that pressure wasn’t there 2 years ago
  11. A pretty attractive choice in your twenties, trouble is peoples nature doesn't change and 20% of any generation will go for it so by the time the F4ck it crew get to 50 it doesn't look like the best choice
  12. Remembering the 80's and 90's with far bigger shocks prices were the same in 96 as they were in 91 and then went up again
  13. Not much mortgage rates have been de linked from central bank rates for years. It will of course soften the market but not sure it will cause dramatic falls. Just seen an article that says at least 50% of mortgages are now being taken out on a fixed rate of five years or more
  14. True - I am a little sceptical anyway of something coming out of Mearsk's mouth. Did some work in that industry a few years for a rival shipping line just as big from the far east the UK MD said the industry was the worst forecaster on the planet either in total glut of capacity or shortage of shipping capacity.
  15. I am but the trouble is the British public always want massive choice and premium quality but don’t want to pay for it. Look at the NHS, fashion and fast food The laughable thing is across all social classes we pronounce our love of Europe at an individual level but display a 100% American attitude to buying stuff - quite funny really If anything that’s the special relationship it’s not political it’s our culture.
  16. Well put - people are addicted to just in time deliveries and massive choice because they are lazy We admire countries like Germany but their shops are shut Sat afternoon to Monday. Aldi and Lidl are German and pride themselves on less choice but at good quality and price. In fact the Aldi U.K. MD said who needs three brands of baked beans to choose from ? Same in France and Italy of course there is choice in the hyper markets but they have nothing like a Sainsbury’s local , co-op and Tesco metro competing in the same little village it’s madness and a visible display of our gluttony
  17. I agree with the sentiment, in addition many people also reviewed their lives realising they could live on less and I suspect tens of thousands have gone part time or exited the workforce. Not sure re drivers. There are many factors that led to a shortage over years and these won’t disappear overnight. However demand will drive wages higher and improve conditions so in the medium term it will resolve itself
  18. The complexity of trying to run a business in 21st century UK. The common person has no idea what reliefs, allowances or schemes are available and certainly do not understand the difference between tax avoidance and evasion. The vast majority of 'informers' will be employees bearing grudges or petty people who are just plain old envious. I do not condone fraud but the responsibility is with anyone designing a system to ensure it is minimised, there will always be some fraud and it is the responsibility of HMRC to root it out god knows it's easy enough with AI and data mining these days.
  19. LOL I am used to the The Times comment section ! believe you me when I come back here and have a chat with some old faves including you it feels very cosy !
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