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  1. No they won't, they will just say they will. Osborne has already burnt landlords more effectively than any socialist would.
  2. Oh they will - as the Who sang new boss, same old boss Thats why I don’t have a lot of sympathy for upper end of the younger generations say 30+ who should really see through their red flag swinging heroes
  3. Not sure Fence, most of my roles involve working with younger generations and goldbug’s comments do ring true. Not saying it would achieve anything but get your priorities right - as my Dad said ‘The poor can’t help the poor or the weak the weak’ focus on improving your lot first
  4. Or because who gives a tinkers that your a robot who can regurgitate facts ? Plenty of industries where the old boys club but doesn’t operate, of course I am biased but technology being my one with thousands of niches and opportunities for bright, hard working ambitious young people. Expecting anything just because you have a degree is just entitlement thinking. Of course it can be very useful as part of the wider picture even now but on it’s own just a piece of paper.
  5. But plenty in all forms of retail, and to be slightly provocative if your competing with people to do jobs you could of done when you were 18, I would suggest you haven’t added many skills in your 30+ years.Youngsters deserve the job. Pitting generations against each other as many on here have said is exactly what the 1% want
  6. At last something we agree on ??? now what about that goon of a chief constable saying even if your a mile over the speed limit you will get done.....?
  7. Until very recently it was always thus wasn't it. Unless you were 100% physically fit and assigned a job as a displaced person in the late 40's from Europe you were thrown back to be 'looked after' by Stalin. We actively recruited workers from the Caribbean in the 50's and 60's who again must of been profiled against what we required as a nation. So as you say nothing to do with colour or creed
  8. +1 in fact abs is often mistaken for a braking device, it is actually a stability and steering device to aid control under heavy braking I read a stat that said tyre technology has advanced so so much that a car can stop better in the wet today than the dry 25 -30 years ago
  9. And what are those impatient cars doing ? Going to appointments, delivering samples or goods , service engineers on calls. Ever since beeching axed the rural inter connectivity of the radial network (ie you used to be able to go from Hertford across Hertfordshire to Welwyn Garden city and then St Albans) the only rail alternative is into London and out again. No doubt there are hundreds or even thousands of examples of this short sighted thinking across the country. So people are pushed onto the roads. Settlements ! Says it all D. Unfortunately our modern service economy does not allow the time for all of us to meander on roads that were designated as 60mph by planners 60 years ago when car technology was no where as advanced as now - the skill to use the machine as I have posted is probably more debateable.
  10. I know I have sampled those roads on TT week - happy days ?? my favourite Lycra lout story is being up town with my wife in the West End and it was a Lycra w***** gathering blocking the roads - whilst we were going to the theatre in my ‘ Sunday car’ some goon tried to block our path and then put his sweaty little hand on the bonnet of my car !! My wife calmly lowered the window and explained if said Lycra lout didn’t remove his paw immediately it would probably be his last act on this planet....
  11. Do you ? Massive hub of economic success isn’t it ? Humans can go out and about - I walk, Cycle, motorcycle and drive. I have no problem finding places to enjoy any of those modes what I don’t want to do is impose my choice as a minority on anyone like the cycling mafia appears to want to do I agree with 20mph limits around schools and 60mph on suitable country roads Your salary and way of life are supported by modern transport methods - not backward tax havens with peculiar little rules that being small they can indulge in Why not try living there ? Oh your not an multi millionaire RR Phantom owner - rather ironic ???
  12. ‘Based on the total numbers of jobs alone, ‘Professional, scienti c and technical activities’ was the largest sector in London in 2015 (Figure 1.14). However, when measuring economic output by GVA, ‘Financial and insurance activities’ can be seen to have accounted for just under a fth of all activity in London (Figure 1.18), thereby constituting London’s most signi cant industry on this basis. GVA gures further show that the value of the ‘Financial and insurance activities’ industry has grown by 212 per cent since 1997 (Table 1.4). This is the third fastest rate of growth for any industry in London, surpassed only by ‘Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply’ (356 per cent), and ‘Real estate activities’ (305 per cent). In 2014, 51.8 per cent of the UK’s GVA in the ‘Financial and insurance activities’ industry was generated in London (up from 42.6 per cent in 1997). Indeed, London’s ‘Financial and insurance activities’ industry alone, made up 4.3 per cent of the UK’s total GVA in 2014. ‘Professional, scienti c and technical activities’, ‘Real estate activities’, and ‘Information and communication’ all also made sizeable contributions towards London’s economy, accounting for 11.2 per cent, 12.6 per cent, and 10.3 per cent of London’s total GVA in 2014 respectively (Table 1.5).’ The city is about 20% of the total GDP of London which actually shows if anything how different London is to the UK when an industry as powerful as finance is only 20% of the output. London is a world city it is different to its host nation like New York, Moscow or Paris et al. Even within financial services the report says 50% is generated outside London so not quite the vampire squid it’s painted otherwise the figure surely would be higher Public infrastructure is over subsidised in London for sure in spite of this TFL thread - CrossRail, HS2 etc but moving that investment to Manchester or Leeds - will that create powerful hubs - unlikely I should state I am 100% behind scrapping HS2 and investing across the war of the roses land from Liverpool to Leeds but will it draw much away from London - unlikely IMHO But with investment the North West and North East will prosper
  13. Demand side problem not supply side - If it wasn’t Carillion milking TFL it would be a Labour crony company. London is out of balance through unfettered immigration.
  14. That’s why the Brexit vote which ever way it went was a sham. London seems full of non EU/non commonwealth immigrants - how did that happen ? In truth with Eastern European heritage and the contribution Eastern Europeans have made to our economy - Poles, Latvians and Lithuanians. I can live with some retired Poles perhaps the price of their economic contribution. As I have said on here before the Baltic States and Poland are completely different from Romania or Bulgaria. Whenever people complain about the non contribution Romanian Gypsies make to our economy some soft headed left wing journalist trots out a Polish doctor or Latvian pharmist as an example of the miracle of freedom of movement complete propaganda. The simple issue with housing, schools/transport/the NHS is that it is a demand side problem not a supply side problem. However it seems this simple statement seems to enrage otherwise intelligent people when debating the subject (in my day to day life) But I feel as the son of an immigrant ( I add that for irony ) - I have no natural home for those views and more importantly a party or campaign I can join. If I decided to campaign on my own I would have to probably divest my business interests because there are so many really spiteful pieces of s*** out there it would affect those and I have partners. I do not identify with the little England b***** and have always described myself as a British European. I do love to enrage liberal left wingers by saying to me the vote was about an admin system nothing more - I cannot be anything other than European by blood. We have a saying ‘ because your born in the sewer doesn’t make you a rat ‘ The leave vote was such a surprise to the muddle headed left because the demographic was not understood )not unsurprisingly by people that live in the Cotswolds in £1 million cottages ) was that a significant amount of 2nd generation immigrants voted leave as well Turkish, Greek, Indian and Ghanaian as well as Eastern European . The trouble is to articulate it opens you up to stupid simplistic ‘ ladder up barbs’ when in fact we were raised in families who valued our country so much more than some people who have been and bred here for generations and realise what a wonderous place it could be and was for us. It’s rather like the shots of the earth you see from the moon. Our families came from the moon 60 and more years ago - we have perspective. I have never heard on of my friends parents trotting out the drivel that all immigration is good and all people from even their own countries were all good people who deserved a passport - Each case on merit They built lives based around British values infused with their own not the other way round, they left countries and worked in menial jobs for thirty years because they believed in the UK. It’s time we were listened to before it’s too late.
  15. Not sure the circumvention is much to do with Uber ( although a factor ) Travel cards wrongly priced for commuters from Home Counties. So massive upsurge in people who come in mainline then walk - weirdly many found out how easy that is from the TFL campaign around the 2012 Olympics to prevent over crowding on tube Cycling gone through the roof Motorcycles allowed in bus lanes - safer than ever. Anecdotally all bays now busy in the West End by 830 even two years ago wasn’t like that Fkexi Working - less days or off peak hours Activity trackers - why rush home to a gym when 2 x 30-45 min walks a day do the same job and you save money Smartphone maps - people belatedly have realised what a small place London is to navigate on foot I am sure Uber is a part of it but economically doesn’t really add up - max tube from Barnet ( zone 6 )a day with Oyster about £9 unlimited journeys - Uber at whatever level can’t compete.
  16. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3522026/Latest-menace-roads-s-smartphone-zombies-Three-quarters-drivers-say-seen-pedestrian-veer-pavement-staring-device.html What constitutes a bystander ? My first reaction was only 4 actually - harsh as it may seem They are also making a value judgement when driving at speed - no speeding fines but if something like that happens normal rules apply. I applaud them and thank them for taking that responsibility on - most people wouldn’t
  17. Ha ha fellow biker - I can suffer from the ailment that cabbies do ! BMW R1200RS - my second ridden through the winter , the electronic aids make it feel so much safer. I fell in love with the boxer engine about 4 years ago nice torque and unusual beat probably why you like your SV?
  18. Thank you but apparently I am an apologist for BTLer's and like monopolies and a cabbie to boot according to Locke I wouldn't drive today Locke the drugs or alcohol are still in your system !!
  19. Not sure what you are saying ? There is a level of skill to most physical tasks. Add numerous inputs, a complex machine that can kill and then why wouldn't you take the using of it seriously as in a craft ? I am not a cabbie. Just someone who enjoys fast road driving and wants to be better at it legally Not sure what BTL has to do with it or a monopoly skill based learning that is cheap and accessible for everyone is surely the opposite? It is a craft and aptly titled Roadcraft - have you seen a police car or a fire engine attending an incident at high speed in a busy area making maximum progress and yet safe progress - I admire that and continue to learn in a small way how to emulate them.
  20. A squirqle you might be onto something there ?
  21. I have voted in every election - but never for the let’s spunk our kids money, go on cruises and blame the millenials party The effects might be as people describe - still think it is too easy to blame everyone else rather than your own family ( who if they are ‘lucky’ boomers can choose to help at any time ) but the majority of us didn’t map out the consequences Bit old fashioned I know but we were raising kids and trying to do the best for own family irrespective of any government policy
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