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  1. Bus drivers to HGV drivers already happening apparently
  2. We all have different needs but we have found our VW GTE plugin hybrid a great bit of kit. It runs on electricity for local journeys which are the majority but of course has an engine. The mpg is 50+ even in hybrid mode when not on electricity. We have had 2000 miles out of its small tank. They aren't for everyone but it seems to work for us. In fact probably a good supplement to a full EV
  3. Because we are all different and you bang about it quite a lot my friend. It's a bit tongue in cheek but why build a life you want to escape from at the end ? Just my experience seems to clash with your view of the world but these places are known as God's waiting rooms for a reason Interesting people are everywhere but they do congregate in certain places If your ambitious its not finite in my experience either My personal experience is boomer retirees contribute very little, mirroring my experience of those parents when running a Scout Group and Youth football teams in my 40's Read Bowling Alone by Robert Putham about the collapse of community
  4. Because they are nearly dead - As Mickey Flanagan said in a show I get out at the train station at the top of the hill in Brighton , take a breath and feel all my ambition draining away As onlooker said so few actually contribute back with all the time they have. Actually pretty selfish just taking now. I can understand people wanting to escape from a job they don't enjoy, trouble is they aren't the most interesting of people
  5. I still enjoy work but not always fun ! winding down next 3 years I am 60. Trouble is things keep coming along, I will be out in Qatar next year for the world cup which is kinda fun. It's nice someone else paying you to travel intend to see a lot of the region. You are right, I think the pendulum has gone too far and our focus should be on the having to work adults the classic group 20 - 60. It is faintly immoral to me its not. .
  6. Thanks but not quite sure what you mean by the last sentence. Too much emphasis on the boomers and the generation above ?
  7. Tend to agree, it will be choppy but outside the stories of wage inflation in the news not sure it points to a recession. I have first hand experience of wage pressures with people asking for more money. I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing, even though as the boss its a pain in the backside. Lets not forget every boss wants to pay as little possible and if that is subsidised by tax credits or a flood of cheap labour they will take it. I think it's agreed on here that the wealth gap was getting obscene and social mobility had all but stopped. The only way to reverse that is to ensure a larger proportion of capital earned goes to the workers as happened post 45 to late 80's. In the short term prices will rise but that in most sectors that isn't the answer long term because of market competition so could we see a greater proportion of workers productivity being paid out in wages which would be a good thing. The past eighteen months will have seen millions re evaluate their lives and step down their hours or retire realising they can live on less so exiting the workforce, therefore the classic recessionary trait of not enough jobs imho won't happen in fact the opposite. Not sure if the German output story is around cars but the industry is their biggest and if not in their top 3 and 77% of its output is exported. It is also a global industry as a whole that is lazy, takes pride in ripping the customer off and slow to move off cash cows and into new tech unless it is forced to. The premium brands for instance saw it as a perfectly rational strategy to pump up production and flood the middle east and China with Stuttgart stars, Bentley wings and JLR with its trucks whilst the world was already thinking this has to change. The car consumer got savvy who would of thought ? must have sent shock waves through the board room. I think many people are now questioning the concept of buying more for the sake of it - Greta has had an effect. Bit like Covid this can't be modelled on previous experience
  8. Rode through North London last night on way home up through Barnet most places closed , little place opposite Highgate school open. Got into Potters Bar, Murco and BP open but went into Tesco’s no queues all fuel types and grade available In my limited experience 1 car fill up and 1 bike in 10 days Tesco have managed this well and others I spoken to have had the same experience This was about 730 pm
  9. I read an article 15 years ago that said the late 20th century was an aberration, the model will go back to the norm fairly quickly - it's not a new concept
  10. Yep same here, we need a more elegant discussion about this along the dignitas lines.
  11. Totally agree and I think you have seen my views a goodly proportion of my generation are greedy F3cks it is depressing
  12. Well lets get real then if we are the generation of takers ( too wide a generalisation, like all millennials eat too much smashed avocado so can’t afford a flat deposit ) give tax breaks to private health care and private education to encourage a wider take up and reduce the burden on the state I don’t agree with the care tax either just give me the ability to pay a one off fee £50k+ to insure against it. You can already hear the howls of protest against a two tier society
  13. Not me worked since I was 16 higher rate tax payer since 25 now 60, plenty of us - it’s a little more complicated. So I have always paid in Many boomers don’t like the care home tax thing - would of preferred an immediate one off payment which would of generated money
  14. I think you will find its nearer to 20k according to the RHA and IR 35 has had a bigger impact but hey don't let that get in the way of living in the past
  15. I am conservative with a small c and would agree some tory grandees are - so old message LOL Even Daniel Craig doesn't think that The cervix was a central point of policy which alienates me a little...😂
  16. Out for another 8 bless them, we just aren't listening hard enough to the message
  17. It's been run like that for fifty years and is mostly retired people seems to work fine. You aren't allowed to sub let as my other comment and being populated with retired people they are pretty hot on that
  18. I think its a great plan three flats with a share of freehold in one of those piles would be a great lifestyle choice - good luck
  19. This is spread out but I would guess 64 owners seems to work across the 4 blocks
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